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Oracle Merge and ORA-30926

As a sometime ETL coder I love the Oracle Merge statement. The ability to both insert and update in a single DML statement is great, and also gets around that age-old development question of which goes first the “insert” or the “update”? 481 more words

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Testing Times

We all test our stuff before we put it into production, don’t we?

Oh, that’s not a 100% “Yes, of course! that I hear”. I know, testing is hard, it takes time, and besides it never finds the bugs. 894 more words

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BI Apps has an Universal Data Warehouse

BI Apps data warehouse design is based on an assumption that the data warehouse schema design is independent from OLTP system.

The staging schema is an universal staging and the data warehouse is an universal data warehouse. 218 more words

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Vendor Spin: What is not Metadata... What is not open...

I recently listened to a pitch by a vendor that was well spun. Let’s use this post to consider some spin around what is not metadata and what is a proprietary interface. 361 more words

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Data Warehousing - Types of Facts you must know..!!

Just a note on Data before we get started, i loved this quote which i recently got to read –

“Data are not taken for museum purpose; they are taken as a basis for doing something. 628 more words


Solar eclipse update

Indeed, as expected, FUNcube-1 entered the shadow of the moon around 10:00 UTC

This is what happened to the solar panel currents, they dropped to almost zero. 29 more words


Integrating Hadoop and the Data Warehouse

The objective of any data warehouse should include:

  1. Identification of all possible data assets
  2. Select the assets that have actionable content and are accessible
  3. Model the assets into a high performance data model…
  4. 934 more words
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