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Detecting Change

That’s a one word blog isn’t it? “GoldenGate!”

Well actually, no. GoldenGate is a fantastic product and like many other Oracle acquired products has an enviable array of non-Oracle connectivity. 823 more words

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Q&A: Seven Questions with Andy Palmer, Co-Founder and CEO, Tamr

Q: For readers unfamiliar with Tamr, how would you describe the company and its value proposition?
A: Businesses have mission-critical questions to ask. They have the data assets they need to answer them. 1,975 more words

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The Joy of Null

Recent Tweets passing across my iPhone reminded me of conversations a few years back with Dawn Rigby on NULLs and why the Oracle COALESCE function was potentially faster than the more frequently used NVL function. 919 more words

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What is the fundamental difference between “ETL” and “ELT” in the world of big data?

By Ralf Goetz

Initially,  it seems like  just a different sequence of the two characters “T” and “L”. But this difference often separates successful big data projects from failed ones. 1,001 more words

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Ditching MMIS full-system procurement for a “services-only” approach: A quick “how-to” on administrative operations

Adopting a service-based Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) approach may require that you reorganize some of your administrative operations. For example, you’re probably using your MMIS for capitation payments and the collection of encounter data — but you don’t have to. 129 more words


Business Key too specific

One of the first things learned at any Data Vault training is the importance of getting the right business key. Preferably an enterprise wide unique business key -that business key uniquely identified and used throughout the entire enterprise. 421 more words

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Twitter, LinkedIn use this hot technology that makes data crunching look easy

Twitter makes it look easy to give its users a constantly updating scroll of news links, advice and whining from everyone they follow. LinkedIn seems to hardly break a sweat when it pings users about their connections landing a new job or “liking” an interesting article. 844 more words