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Data warehousing, what is she like?

Although the answers are probably obvious, and to be honest, compared to the Big Data hype-circus this is a walk in the park, I have often wondered why Data Warehousing attracts such a surfeit of lazy, socially inept and shallow-thinking chancers. 613 more words

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Top 10 Cool Things I Like About Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse

I have now been with Snowflake Computing for a little over two months (my how time flies). In that time, I have run the demo, spoken at several trade shows, and written a few blogs posts. 70 more words

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The Shuttle, connecting data

A new Data Vault construct to connect to the Big Data Environment
In my former post I wrote that if you really want to create and maintain a connection from a Data Vault model (or almost any kind of Ensemble) to the big data environment you need to search for an elegant way to solve this. 902 more words

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Fire Sale #2: Loading Your Data Vault with Informatica

As I mentioned the other day, Dan and Sanjay have been hard at work re-vamping the Learn Data Vault site and have relaunched it. In celebration they are offering amazing deals on their world class Data Vault Implementation classes. 205 more words

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Speaking at the St.Louis Business Intelligence UG meeting on 2/9/2016

I am speaking at the St.Louis Business Intelligence User Group meeting on 2/9/2016. This user group meeting is focused on ETL topics. The Topic for my presentation is “ETL in DataWarehouse As a Service Enviornment”, and I will be briefly going over the current and future state of the ETL setup at Lumeris . 61 more words

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Data Vault2.0 vs Data Vault, a battle?

Main differences between Data Vault and DataVault2.0

I get more and more questions about the difference between Data Vault (DV) and Data Vault2.0 (DV2.0). In this article I try to explain the differences between the two based upon my knowledge and experience. 1,127 more words

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Subject Oriented pada Datawarehouse

salah seorang teman bertanya, kenapa program data warehousenya disebut subject oriented, data warehouse itu subject oriented, tapi programnya kan oop (object oriented programming – pemrograman berorientasi objek) pake java, dmn subject orientednya? 141 more words

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