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Data vaults with Wherescape



Data Vaults have been gaining huge attention in recent years all over the world. Invented by Dan Linstedt, Data Vaults is truly an optimal way to build enterprise data warehouses.  23 more words

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My Hot Tub Time Machine Summer

I’m one of those people who regularly keeps in contact with colleagues from the past…and by “past” I mean going way back to elementary school days in the 1960s and early 1970s growing up in Pittsburgh, all the way through professional colleagues and clients from only a few years ago. 964 more words


4 Ways to Defeat Dogmatism in Your Company

Unless you’re Donald Trump—a fellow who’s always right, even when he’s wrong—there’s not much benefit to dogmatism. That’s because some of the biggest breakthroughs come as a result of challenging assumptions; especially those that are commonly accepted. 638 more words

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工作日志 08252015

这就是我的工作日志开始的地方 :)


今天重新加载了之前给未来项目做的一个transactional的fact table的prototype。三个月前写的代码和逻辑(transformation process)如今不work了,很可能是数据源的日期格式发生了变化。日期总是个棘手的问题。对于这个fact table,日期的逻辑有以下特殊之处:


vendor_id        start_date        quarter
01                      06032014           S2


Date        vendor_id
03012014         01
04012014         01
05012014         01




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Do You Need a Single Version of the Truth?

A much touted benefit of business intelligence software is the ability to function as the system of record, to be the software that delivers the numbers that nobody can contest. 655 more words

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Designing a Data Warehouse from the Ground Up Webinar Recording with Q & A

Thank you to everyone that registered and attended my webinar Designing your Data Warehouse from the Ground Up webinar this past Tuesday. And I’d also like to give a special thanks to my good friend, Mitchell Pearson ( 492 more words


Who Should Lead Your Enterprise Big Data Program? (Part 4 of 4)

We come to the final entry of our four-part “mini-series” that discusses the characteristics someone leading your enterprise big data program should possess. Today: numbers 16-20. 994 more words