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Two sides to sharing my data

When we share data with services we do so with a clear view of the benefits.    Sharing requests with Alexa or Google Home makes life more convenient for example.    253 more words


Advantages of the New and Improved Doctor Consultation Program under Project Healthureum

Doctor consultation facilitates assessment of the patient’s problems regarding an illness which enablesthe physician to come up with a diagnosis and a plan of care. The doctor creates a rapport with thepatient to promote smooth discussion of the patient’s concern. 718 more words


Give Me Some Data, Are We Trending?

            Social Mention is a site that does social media search and analysis of user-generated content from across all forms of social media and compiles them into a single stream of information for people to see (Social Mention, n.d.).  969 more words

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Crucial Techpoints to Watch out for in the Upcoming Project Healthureum

Interoperability is vital for the development of medical institutions. Without proper data sharing, research programs do not meet their objectives as their progress is hampered by slow systems and illegal information leaks. 852 more words


Here are some of the ways Project Healthureum Aims to Address the Lack of Patient Data Integrity in Today's Healthcare Scene

Did you know that the US and UK have jointly lost over $279 billion in resources due to the ongoing fraudulent cases rocking the healthcare sector? 722 more words


Here’s How the Implementation of Healthureum is Going to Unfold

Look around. Healthureum is on course of being one of the most disruptive and revolutionary global inventions of the 21st century. There’s simply no denying this, mainly when one puts into consideration the level of groundwork, technological infrastructure, and operational planning that has so far gone into the venture. 686 more words


Valuable Blockchain Opportunities in Healthcare as Fronted by Healthureum

Whereas there are many famous things that blockchain associates with, the use of healthcare is probably not on top of the list. Just right when we thought the technology was done with innovations, we are set to witness a new revolution with blockchain now incorporated into our healthcare system. 703 more words