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NSA Will Destroy 14 Years of Archived Metadata When Program Stops

From The Intercept, by Jenna McLaughlin, Jul 2015

Four months from now, at the same time that the National Security Agency finally abandons the massive domestic telephone dragnet exposed by whistleblower Edward Snowden, it will also stop perusing the vast archive of data that’s been collected by the program over the years. 205 more words


Paperless and warning free

As a quick follow up to my post on the new process for endorsements following the demise of the paper counterpart driving licence.

First, a clarification, the change in the DVLA is for the paper counterpart to the photo id licence, not the paper licence that existed before the photo id licences. 159 more words


Color Decomposition

This site let you visualise frame by frame color decomposition, accompanied by an audio track.

It’s a lot of fun to play around with the different settings. 60 more words


Data Visualisation in 4D

I stumbled across this cool data visualisation tool created by a guy named  Nicolas Belmonte.

Hopf Vibrations

It is a tool that lets you visualise data sets in some pretty cool ways. 41 more words


How to make custom attribute in Html5 ?

Hi all,

You can make your own custom attribute using data-. It allows possessive exchanged information between HTML and its DOM representation. It can work with javascript also, every browser will let you fetch and modify… 83 more words


Mentioned in despatches

oldWeather does not produce that many research papers: The process of science is changing fast at the moment – moving away from individual researchers and small groups working independently, and towards much larger consortia working together with big datatsets on major problems – fewer small papers, more big science. 123 more words



Last week I received a #blimage challenge from @debsnet aka the édu flâneuse. When I came to the photo she had posted to inspire her challengees, it only took me a moment to link those overflowing hands with the data we researchers love to gather. 784 more words

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