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Memphis not on White House's list of cities pushing for community trust

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The White House just announced its working with 21 communities, vowing to improve transparency and police issues in their communities.

Memphis however was not on the list. 426 more words


The Second Languages Of Every Part Of The World In One Incredible Infographic

The website MoveHub.com, experts in international moving, is a resource for people looking to move abroad. It has released this eye-opening infographic that shows the second language of every region across the globe. 18 more words


The Largest Vocabulary in Hip hop

35,000 words covers 3-5 studio albums and EPs. I included mixtapes if the artist was just short of the 35,000 words. Quite a few rappers don’t have enough official material to be included (e.g., Biggie, Kendrick Lamar). 8 more words


Not persuaded

IT IS almost impossible to change people’s opinions on divisive political issues by arguing with them. This is rather depressing for opinion journalists and others in the advocacy business, but the social-science research is fairly conclusive. 9 more words

Stop me before I fake again

In light of the news on social science fraud, I thought it was a good time to report on an experiment I did. I realize my results are startling, and I welcome the bright light of scrutiny that such findings might now attract. 748 more words

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Is Healthcare Industry Ready for Big Data?

More and more companies are talking about big data these days—but it’s more than a buzzword. It might just change the way healthcare works.