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Recycling points in Gravesham

A couple of weeks ago, the Pepperhill recycling centre caught fire. It is currently out of commission and will not be reopened until August 2018… 84 more words


Popular numbers used in leaked passwords

Last time we’ve seen some popular fictional passwords, and how they are used in Exploit.in – a collection of 739,861,478 leaked passwords. I wanted to take another look at some popular numbers and how they are used in passwords. 315 more words


Wireless Woes: How to Make sure your WiFi is safe and secure.

Do you live in an apartment or housing development and worry that your neighbors might be trying to mooch off of your WiFi so they don’t have to pay for internet themselves? 801 more words


Lesson 37

Be careful with what you put out there on the internet. There are a lot of people who know a lot of ways to deal a lot of damage to you. 25 more words



Kris: The company I started working for last month is cheap as fuck.
-You got a job?
Kris: Well, it’s not like I actually work, I just sit in front of a computer all day and doodle in my notebook while I listen to my iPod. 625 more words