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Investigatory Powers Act gets royal assent and is now law

(Source: arstechnica.co.uk)

Updated, November 29: The home office confirmed on Tuesday that the Investigatory Powers Act—which avows and widens the scope for UK police, spooks, and a swathe of public bodies to spy on Brits’ Internet activity—had received royal assent. 585 more words


Conference Conversations: Measure for Measure

One of the interesting discussions I had at the Patient First Conference this year was around measurement. There is a real kick back against tick boxes, for obvious reasons. 627 more words

Technology is In Style, But Are Ethics?

From Google Glass to smart watches, technology is becoming more of an accessory than ever. It is no longer limited to a handheld device or desk setup. 283 more words


SOPA, PIPA, and Censorship

If hacktivism, as mentioned in my previous post, can be defended under the first amendment, then where does that leave SOPA and PIPA? The intentions of both bills are applaudable; SOPA and PIPA seek to eliminate or at least hinder the theft and distribution of intellectual property online. 387 more words


How to find a fact

“5% of British businesses export to the EU.”

“5% of British VAT-registered businesses export to the EU.”

“5% of British VAT-registered businesses export to other VAT-registered companies in the EU.”

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How to find a fact: vanishing asylum seekers

“REVEALED: Britain’s immigration crisis laid bare as 12,000 asylum seekers VANISH”

We spotted this headline last month. What was going on here? Had 12,000 asylum seekers actually disappeared into thin air?

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