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#39: West Valley City, UT 7/26/16

Maybe it was the summer heat or the moon in the Seventh House, but the 6:30 p.m. West Valley City council meeting felt more like an 8 a.m. 442 more words

Xinyan, Block Chain And The New Chinese Contribution To New York's Real Estate

China’s contribution to U.S. and the world economy

For years, when it came to China and the U.S. real estate things were very relatively straightforward Р American business went to China to find cheap labor, while Chinese companies, investors and private citizens were increasingly pouring their money into American real estate. 834 more words

Real Estate

What's it like to excavate shell midden?

Our 6 weeks in field has come and gone, and we have realized that we have been extremely lucky to have worked in a very rich archaeological site. 542 more words

Storing and Querying Tree-Structured Records in Dremel

In Dremel, data is stored as nested relations. The schema for a relation is a tree, all of whose nodes are attributes, and whose leaf attributes hold values.

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Yedalog: Exploring Knowledge at Scale

With huge progress on data processing frameworks, human programmers are frequently the bottleneck when analyzing large repositories of data. We introduce Yedalog, a declarative programming language that allows programmers to mix data-parallel pipelines and computation seamlessly in a single language.

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