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Cleaning "your" private data: gmail inbox

So you have decided its time to clean “your” gmail inbox because it is becoming highly cluttered with long time forgotten or marketing emails which are just obfuscating real messages out there from real people. 341 more words


Doporučovací systém se Sparkem

Protože se učím PySpark, respektive Spark jako takovej, dostal jsem se k základnímu zadání: napsat doporučovací systém. Ten na základě hodnocení filmů vybere takové filmy, které se uživateli budou nejpravděpodobněji líbit. 1,779 more words


Goldman Sachs wants to become the Google of Wall Street

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

  • Marty Chavez, a top executive at Goldman Sachs, has outlined a radical future for the Wall Street bank. 
  • He has said he wants Goldman Sachs to be for ‘risk’ what Google is for search.
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Money Matters

OpScoop Issue 9: Revolutionization of Indian Railways

The digital India campaign has led to a revolution in the entire nation, and henceforth in almost every sector. Any sector not being digitally compliant would become obsolete over time and lag behind in the emerging scenario. 316 more words


Conditional Image Generation - Conclusion

In this last post regarding the course project of my Deep Learning class, I go over my final thoughts and expand on some possible other work that could be done in the future for improving results. 431 more words