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Implement Stored Procedure naming conventions

I personally observed with various organisations or even within an organisation if multiple development team is working on projects , there might be the development team could follow ambiguous naming conventions. 369 more words

Database Administrator

More on why it's important for the whole Church to work together.

This evening I received an attendance reminder for an event.  An event that was canceled.  I’m listed as a group leader and with CCB, there’s an option when setting up an event, to have automatic attendance reminders sent to the group leader(s) of the group hosting the event. 271 more words

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Now Hiring| Database Administrator 

The Database Administrator will manage the administration of the organization’s database. Establish policies and procedures related to data security and integrity. Monitor and limit database access as needed. 230 more words


Which one is faster, COMMIT or ROLLBACK?

As we know COMMIT operation save changes made in a transaction to the database while ROLLBACK undo those changes. Its observed, generally COMMIT is a faster process than a ROLLBACK operation. 136 more words

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Checkpoint Operation

Checkpoints operation flush dirty data pages from the buffer cache of the current database to disk. This minimizes the active portion of the log that must be processed during a full recovery of a database. 382 more words

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SQL Server: Security concerns!

I think, for SQL Server Security, the Defense-in-Depth is the best strategy. Defense-in-Depth is an information assurance (IA) concept in which multiple layers of security controls /defense are placed throughout an information technology system. 938 more words

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SQL Server – Mirror Backup

As a DBA it’s a TOP PRIORITY to make sure that all database backups should be useful in case of any Disaster and should know how to recover database from a Disaster. 149 more words

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