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The Fastest way to BACKUP SQL Server Database

Now days, as it’s very common and normal trends, The DB size as 100~150…. n GBs are being considered the normal, and even many databases are crossing the terabyte range. 282 more words

Database Administrator

IT Jobs Available in Fulltimejobs.com

After completing study, all you do is looking for a new job so that you can get a suitable job soon and start earning for yourself and for family.  210 more words

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L.A. Offers A Prime Job Market For Database Administrators

As more companies in all sectors of the economy continue to increase their data usage, the number of vocational opportunities for database administrators (DBAs) is projected to skyrocket in the coming years. 375 more words


SQL Server HARDENING best practices after Installation

Hi Guys, Now days Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) is a preventative standard intended to reduce the risk of payment card fraud and information theft. 510 more words

Database Administrator

Finding Transactions count per second

As we use PERFMON – Performance Monitor to identify real time happening on SQL Server, Here using a DMV “sys.dm_os_performance_counters” may be used to calculate number of transactions on SQL Server as… 62 more words

Database Administrator

101.4 Database Administrator _ Boca Raton, Florida

Duties include assisting in the maintenance and administration of our global, 24X7 database environment consisting of Sybase ASE RDBMS, Sybase Replication Server and QlikView BI software. 132 more words


Maintenance: Cleanup Time – Listing EMPTY Tables

As a Developer / DBA, it’s a very frequent day to day routine task to delete unwanted objects – commonly Tables from SQL Server Instance. There may be different people have their own perception as per their system/environment to find unwanted objects, but here I am just discussing about empty table which belong to 0 (zero) records/rows and to list out those table here we can use any of below queries. 104 more words

Database Administrator