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Forms Are Our Friends

Forms are our friends. Why? Funny You Should Ask…

Deciphering Code

I have known medical doctors who have better handwriting than some church members. All of that handwritten information has to go somewhere. 502 more words

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CCB Lead

I’ve had a chance to play with the CCB updates today. I’m impressed.

How do you like these updates?

Lead – a great tool that capitalizes on your churches digital strategy { CCB users }.

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Ministry vs. Marketing

Ministry vs. Marketing

Job is defined as:

a paid position of regular employment.

Work is defined as:

activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result. 332 more words

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The problem can happen if the database has been upgraded from Oracle 11gR2 to Oracle 12c 

COMP_NAME                                     STATUS                           VERSION
------------------------------------- -------------------------------- ------------------------------
Oracle Database Catalog Views                 INVALID                
Oracle Database Packages and Types            INVALID                
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When You Don't Like It

Let’s face it. There isn’t a lone single Church Management Software that will fit every church. If there were, there would be no marketplace competition. There would be no comparison charts. 773 more words

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How to clear SQL Server backup and job history

SQL Server makes a record of each backup and restore it performs. This information is recorded across the following tables:

msdb.dbo.backupset… 267 more words

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How to set up SQL Server System Alerts

In this article I will be sharing the TSQL Script I use to set up SQL Server System Alerts. Prerequisites for this script to work are you have database mail set up and working and have defined an operator to use. 1,070 more words

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