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Career as a Database Administrator

The Database Administrator or DBA is the professional-in-charge of all activities involved in database design, development, installation, security, backup, and retrieval. The DBA uses the database management systems software to manage their works.

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Karla Tucker

Title: Executive Director of Strategic Programs
Company: MGM Resorts International
Location: Las Vegas, NV United States

An information technology professional with more than three decades of experience, Karla Tucker specializes in database operations and architecture, data warehousing and security, and compliance. 223 more words

Information Technology

So You Want To Be A Developer? [Part 4]

I could not remember what was the fourth question the host asked the speakers. However, I would like to use this space to share my experienced being a .net software developer during my first three years. 305 more words

Experience Sharing

Enhancing securities with Row Level Security (RLS)

SQL Server 2016 has introduced Row Level Security (RLS) – it’s an enhanced security feature that enables control over access to rows in a table. For general security purpose there are also many features like “Always Encrypted”, “Dynamic Data Masking”, “enhancement of Transparent Data Encryption”, but RLS allows us to easily control which users can access which data with complete transparency to the application. 357 more words

Database Administrator

So You Want To Be A Developer? [Part 1]

As soon as the sharing session of the “So You Want to be A Developer?” at Google SIngapore’s office completed last week, I have the intention of writing my experiences as a girl in IT industry. 420 more words

Experience Sharing

SQL Database Security - Database Administrator, Database Products and Security, Personal Oracle7 and Security, Using Synonyms in Place of Views, Using the WITH GRANT OPTION Clause


Database Administrator, Popular Database Products and Security, How Does a Database Become Secure?, Personal Oracle7 and Security, Creating Roles, User Privileges, User Access to Views, Using Views for Security Purposes, Using Synonyms in Place of Views, Using Views to Solve Security Problems, Using the WITH GRANT OPTION Clause. 12 more words