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Checkpoint Operation

Checkpoints operation flush dirty data pages from the buffer cache of the current database to disk. This minimizes the active portion of the log that must be processed during a full recovery of a database. 382 more words

Database Administrator

SQL Server: Security concerns!

I think, for SQL Server Security, the Defense-in-Depth is the best strategy. Defense-in-Depth is an information assurance (IA) concept in which multiple layers of security controls /defense are placed throughout an information technology system. 938 more words

Database Administrator

SQL Server – Mirror Backup

As a DBA it’s a TOP PRIORITY to make sure that all database backups should be useful in case of any Disaster and should know how to recover database from a Disaster. 149 more words

Database Administrator

SQL Server: The Best Practices on Indexing

Here, I am writing some indexing related the best practices during index creation with SQL Server DB’s tables.

  • Periodically, run the Index Wizard or Database Engine Tuning Advisor against current Profiler traces to identify potentially missing indexes.
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Database Administrator

Career as a Database Administrator

The Database Administrator or DBA is the professional-in-charge of all activities involved in database design, development, installation, security, backup, and retrieval. The DBA uses the database management systems software to manage their works.

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Karla Tucker

Title: Executive Director of Strategic Programs
Company: MGM Resorts International
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An information technology professional with more than three decades of experience, Karla Tucker specializes in database operations and architecture, data warehousing and security, and compliance. 223 more words

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