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Deploying a .Net application to IIS using UrbanCode Deploy via msdeploy

I want to showcase a sample .Net application deployment using IBM UrbanCode Deploy . I  decided to pick Employee-Info-Starter-Kit . Employee Info Starter Kit is an open source ASP.NET project template and uses a single database table ‘Employee’ – This seemed like a  perfect example . 1,555 more words


Trouble with Visual Studio's Database Project Deployment

Visual Studio gives you the ability to either generate a deployment script or directly publish database changes to a database directly from the Solution Explorer. 42 more words


Database Deployment. Hacking the VS database project. Part 2.

In the last article we looked at how, with the aid of pre-build  tasks, we could combine hand-written update scripts with the Visual Studio database project. 1,196 more words

Database Deployment. Hacking the VS database project. Part 1.

When upgrading an application, it’s fairly easy to deploy your changes; delete all the existing dlls and replace them with a new set. The problem with databases is that they are often infested with pesky data. 1,425 more words