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Database Management System

This project is just to illustrate the MVC architecture with secured login feature

1.) Created two tables customers and orders.

2.) Created a ADF fusion application using Jdeveloper. 57 more words

Database Management System

How DBMS Vendors Admit to an Architectural Limitation: Part 2 - Teradata Intelligent Memory

This is the second post (see Part 1 here) on how vendors adjust their architecture without admitting that the previous architecture was flawed. This time we’ll consider Teradata and in-memory…. 670 more words

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What is DBMS

DBMS stands for “Database Management System.” In short, a DBMS is a database program. Technically speaking, it is a software system that uses a standard method of cataloging, retrieving, and running queries on data. 113 more words


What is MySQL and Why Do You Need It?

MySQL is a simple but robust and powerful open source Open Source Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). This may seem may be too much to chew all in at once. 377 more words

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An IT professional and management consultant with a career that spans 17 years, Timothy Valihora currently serves as the president of TVMG Consulting, Inc. He specializes in all facets of computer data warehousing and data conversions. 120 more words

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Fourth Normal Form (4NF)

When attributes in a relation have multi-valued dependency, further Normalization to 4NF and 5NF are required. Let us first find out what multi-valued dependency is. 323 more words

DataBase Management System


Boyce-Code Normal Form (BCNF)
  • A relationship is said to be in BCNF if it is already in 3NF and the left hand side of every dependency is a candidate key.
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