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Refactoring Databases P2.75: REST and ORB Thoughts

I’m riffing on database design and modeling in an agile methodology. In the previous post here I suggested that we might cheat a little and design database schemas 2-4 weeks in advance of their use… further, I suggested that to maximize agility we should limit the design to a conceptual schema. 294 more words


Refactoring Databases P2.5: Scoping the Cheats

One of the side-effects of the little cheat posted here is that, if we are going to design early we have to decide what we will design early… and this question has two complications. 302 more words


Refactoring Databases P2: Cheating a Little

In this post I am going to suggest doing a little design a little upfront and violating the purity of agility in the process. I think that you will see the sense. 542 more words


DB can’t be accessed from other machines.

For e.g.:- <<PC-NAME>>DB can’t be accessed from other machines.


Start Menu>sql server configuration

Change db browser to automatic

Check for TCP connection

Open Properties… 31 more words

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TmaxSoft’s TIBERO database management system v6 launched in UK

TmaxSoft has launched a new version of its innovative database management system – TIBERO.

TIBERO 6 is a database designed, from its inception, to facilitate efficient and flexible integration of data and business logic, as well as providing various database management utilities. 221 more words


NoSQL Technology In Favor Of The Internet Companies And The Enterprises

A NoSQL is a non-relational (alternative model for relational database), distributed, open-source, scalable next generation database. The community often interprets it as ‘Not Only SQL’. It is the viable alternative for relational database management system (RDBMS) and widely deployed for interactive web and mobile applications. 34 more words

Best Nosql Databases

Make The Difference In Your Business With Mongo DB

Mongo DB, one of the NoSQL products, is a cross-platform document-oriented database. It is free and open-source software, embraced as back-end programming for various websites and services. 97 more words

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