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Optimizer Bugs and Issues

I wrote before about optimizer changes after upgrades, so this is a quick post about some more information related to this topic. 213 more words

Database Tuning

Scanning an Index

The internet is full of information about indexes, and for a reason. Indexes in a database is probably the most important performance related topic. There are so many cases, properties, and different ways to use indexes that there is simply a lot to write about. 1,419 more words

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05 Simple Tuning Rules

Select Consideration

select * from sales_history


Select s.order_ID, s.product_ID, s.price, s.product_name

from sales_order s

The simplest rule is to select only the data you need… 292 more words


Indexing Tool : Database Engine Tuning Advisor

Related article : Indexing Tools for Microsoft SQL Server (You might want to read the article before this one to get a better picture)

The other indexing tool available in… 4,609 more words


Indexing Tool : Missing Index Dynamic Management Objects (DMO)

Indexing Tools

When it comes to indexing, Microsoft has two tools built into SQL Server that can be used to help identify indexes that can improve database performance. 3,074 more words


Oracle 12.2 Cool New Features

As you know, Oracle Open World is over (for me at least), and one of the major topics there was Oracle 12cR2 (or 12.2). It looks like a really cool version, the downside is that is currently available on Oracle cloud only. 1,149 more words

Database Development

The Problem with autotrace

There are few ways to see the execution plan of a SQL statement. One of these ways is the autotrace option in sqlplus. It is a very easy-to-use feature and people use it quite often. 1,312 more words

Database Tuning