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Running Oracle on Docker

Docker Installation

Before you can consider creating an Oracle Database docker container you need to install Docker. If you yet to install Docker you can visit one of my previous posts  2,481 more words


Recovery MySQL-Slave Crashed

In this article i will explain step if mysql-slave crash cause of shutdown suddenly or data corrupted

Scenario :

  • 3 node multi master percona-xtradb-cluster57
  • 2 node slave percona-xtradb-cluster57 (per node running docker-pxc57 4 instance) with port maping… 220 more words
  • Linux

    ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error

    ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error


    Oracle classify this as a ‘generic protocol adapter error’. In my experience, it indicates that Oracle client does not know what instance to connect to or what TNS alias to use. 493 more words


    Adaptive Query Optimization: SQL Plan Directives Causing High CPU after 12c Upgrade

    Hello all!

    As DBAs we are always being recommended by Oracle and also recommending to clients to update their databases, but we have to be aware about new features and their effects. 767 more words


    GtoImmuPdb: technical update March 2017

    The 4th alpha-release (v4.0) of the Guide to IMMUNOPHARMACOLOGY was released on 23rd March 2017. This blog post summarises some of the main features of the release and other developments as we moved toward our first public, beta-release in Spring 2017… 624 more words


    Pengertian Basis Data (Database)

    Bagi mahasiswa yang kuliah pada jurusan berhubungan dengan komputer mungkin tidak asing lagi dengan istilah database atau basis data. Namun tidak semua mahasiswa tersebut tahu dan paham apa sebenarnya database tersebut. 365 more words


    ACID explained

    Acid: Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability

    Isolation Level Explained:

    Assuming that there is one read transaction (with two exact same read) and one write transaction, the time sequence are (read1,  write1 + commit write, read2 + commit read) 168 more words