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Introduction to MongoDB

Hello everyone, I want to mentionabout MongoDB which is one document database of NoSQL databases. This post includes what MongoDB is, terminology of MongoDb, Replication and Sharding mechanism and useful information/notes. 973 more words


Shellscript: Which database is this service_name from ?

Strange question, right? You should know you applications and databases and how everything works, right?

Happen that some days ago a client requested me to identify from which database is a service_name. 534 more words


Get to Know AcademicOneFile

If EBSCO is a bear, then AcademicOneFile  is a friendly otter. Did you know otters hold hands while they sleep so they don’t drift away from each other? 821 more words


Geomatics Day 2017 : Save the Date!

Save the Date! June 23 : Geomatics Day 2017
TU Delft, Faculty of Architecture & Built Environment, Orange Hall

Edition 2017: Point Clouds and Internet of Things. 113 more words


Gotta Love That LIKE

Start: (‘abc%’)

Ever heard of “Osmosis”? You know, the…

process of gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas, knowledge, etc.

For the longest time, that was how I thought people learned in SQL Server. 

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Dynamic Query


we  often changes table column and datatype and insert a records. These records need to copy same table or another table .Every changes  a updating stored procedure in Insert statement. 161 more words


How to use Row wise Aggregate function in SqlServer

SELECT ID,(SELECT MIN() FROM (VALUES(col1),(col2),(col3)) x()) MINDATE  FROM Tablename 6 more words