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What is doctrine?

  • Doctrine 2 is an object-relational mapper (ORM) for PHP 5.4+
  • Provides transparent persistence for PHP objects
  • Uses the Data Mapper pattern, complete separation of domain/business logic from the persistence in a relational database management system…
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Mysql : misteri max dan min

berawal dari sebuah masalah..

kenapa saya coba lakukan query max kok yang keluar malah angkanya lain. jelas-jelas yang kecil itu 9 dan yang gede 101… ini kok kebalik-balik…

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According to wikipedia, COMPOSER is an application-level package manager for PHP, and we will learn few more features about it.

Download & Setup

  • Windows : Download and runĀ 
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GRID upgrade FREEZES - 11g to 12c

Hey guys,
Upgrading is always something critical and a delicate operation but when you have no feedback on in the screen even harder.

I was working on an upgrade and using the GUI to upgrade the GRID from 11g to 12c. 248 more words


CfP: Clerics in Church and society up to AD 700

CfP: Clerics in Church and society up to AD 700

The Presbyters in the Late Antique West is a 5-years project, run at the University of Warsaw and investigating the role of the middle clergy in the Church and society. 161 more words


How to Leverage Data Lakes

One of the promises of big data is to power the Artificial Intelligence revolution. One of the realities of big data is that it is big. 3,010 more words