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Query Fundamentals

A query is a request for data that is stored in SQL Server. A query can be issued by using several forms:

  • An MS Query or Microsoft Access user can use a graphical user interface (GUI) to pick the data the user wants to see from one or more SQL Server tables.
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Transact-SQL Reserved Keywords

Microsoft SQL Server reserves certain keywords for its exclusive use. For example, using the Transact-SQL BACKUP keyword in anĀ sqlcmd or SQL ServerĀ Code Editor… 173 more words


Comments are nonexecuting text strings in program code, also known as remarks. Comments can be used to document code or temporarily disable parts of Transact-SQL statements and batches being diagnosed. 328 more words

Using Operators in Expressions

Operators allow you to perform arithmetic, comparison, concatenation, or assignment of values. For example, you can test data to verify that the county/region column for your customer data is populated, or not NULL. 331 more words

Expressions (Database Engine)

An expression is a combination of identifiers, values, and operators that SQL Server can evaluate to obtain a result. The data can be used in several different places when you are accessing or changing data. 252 more words

Functions (Database Engine)

SQL Server provides built-in functions that can be used to perform certain operations.

Functions can be used or including in the following:

  • The select list of a query that uses a SELECT statement to return a value.
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