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Creative job titles can energise workers

Creative job titling can improve workers’ attitudes and boost recruitment. Well, that’s what a study cited in the Harvard Business Review reckons anyway.

Whether you agree that a creative job title is beneficial (and there are those who don’t), it’s fun to brainstorm possible new titles for your current role and to have a sly chuckle at titles that have actually been adopted. 125 more words


Let’s talk about climate change

Um, maybe not. The topic of climate change is a bit controversial these days so we will keep our lips firmly locked on the subject. 403 more words


Do beards keep men warm?

Yes, they do, according to science. And interestingly, beards do such a cracking job at keeping your face warm there is a slim chance it could overheat your brain (where is that razor when you need it!). 193 more words


3 things you didn’t know you could find in your library

Have you read the definition of ‘library‘ in the Urban Dictionary? It’s an amazingly accurate description of our campus libraries.

So much so, it should really have a picture of Griffith Library beside it (wait, while we Snapchat them our photo). 427 more words


What's New in ClinicalKey!

In February of this year, ClinicalKey (Elsevier) unveiled their first mobile app. Orlando Health Library Services is a subscriber of ClinicalKey, which means team members can… 202 more words


SQL for JSON Rationalization Part 5: Projection - Specific Functionality

The last blog introduced SQL JSON projection and this blog will discuss some of its finer points.

Demo Data

Here are the JSON documents from the collection “tinycoll” used throughout this blog: 988 more words


#SafetyLit (Injury research and prevention literature update)

SafetyLit (short for safety literature) is a free database service of the SafetyLit Foundation in cooperation with San Diego State University and the World Health Organization. 125 more words