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Merchants in clerics' clothing

Sorry: marking, a conference overseas and the finality of the semester’s teaching have kept me too busy to be active here; it’s not really catching up, is it? 1,442 more words

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Database paper background: What can the future bring?

After the new paper got out the question remain what the future of palaeo sea-level and ice-sheet databases will look like. As this can be a wide-ranging topic, I would like to start with what I think will be the next developments, before talking about possible long-term aspirations. 351 more words


Search UpToDate from OvidSP with One-Click

If you haven’t noticed the Search UpToDate feature from within OvidSP yet,
check it out the next time you are searching in one of the Ovid databases. 123 more words


How to drop active session from postgres db

SELECT pg_terminate_backend(pg_stat_activity.pid)
FROM pg_stat_activity
WHERE datname = current_database()
  AND pid <> pg_backend_pid();

Mac : Installing Mysql on mac using brew

Look, if you just want to try out mysql only for learning then there is not need for local installation, you can try it out free at this site :  123 more words

C# - Capturando pilha de execução de uma Thread com método de execução genérico

Pode ser que em alguma determinada situação queremos tratar as exceções de forma mais genérica, ou simplesmente executar um trecho de código em modo seguro e caso ocorra algum erro, sabermos por onde passou o fluxo de informação até onde foi lançada a exceção. 308 more words