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How Studying in the US affects Chinese Students' Leadership Style?

Highlights of the Research:

  • US-educated graduate students from mainland China develop cultural intelligence that equips them as professionals to facilitate understanding between Eastern and Western stakeholders…
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Career Success

International Students: Three Social Adaptability Types

Highlights of the Research:

  • The study identifies three categories of social adaptability styles of students: confident optimists, appreciative optimists, and apprehensive optimists.
  • The study finds out that acculturation processes for graduate students may differ by gender, cultural discrepancies between the country of origin and the host country.
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Relationship between Acculturation and Career Beliefs for Asian students

Highlights of the research:

  • The findings show that approval of others, influence of others and comparing oneself with others play a prominent role in Asian international students’ career decisions.
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Three Suggestions on International Students Career Counseling

Highlights of the Research:

  • For Asian international students, the level of career certainty is positively correlated with the intent to persist through the academic program.
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A Career Development Profile for First-Year International Students

Highlights of the Research:

  • New research finds a strong link between career choices and high earnings, prestige and rapid career advancement for international students in the US.
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Institutional Strategies

The Story behind International Enrollment Growth Numbers in the U.S.

Excerpt from the full article published in Forbes, co-authored by Rahul Choudaha and Di Hu)

Higher institutions in the U.S. command strong aspiration among international graduate students. 209 more words

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