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Datatemplate Triggers

Sometime we need to display different values on user element than what is stored in corresponding data bind element. Such as we may store the status code in the form of integer or enum representing different states, but display some user defined string. 644 more words


Difference between Control Template and DataTemplate in WPF

  • Very basically a ControlTemplate describes how to display a Control while a DataTemplate describes how to display Data.
  • Control Template: Represents control style. Data Template: Represents data style(How would you like to show your data).
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Custom data templates in M3 lists with JScript

Changing the appearance of M3 list cells with conditional styles is easy but in some cases you need to do things that require logic that cannot be expressed with conditional styles alone. 1,526 more words


App Studio - Design-Time Sample Data

If you’re like me, you like to fiddle and tweak things to get just the right result. Recently, Microsoft has really beefed up App Studio… 1,125 more words


The Deal with Data Binding and MVVM in WPF

Data binding is an awesome idea. The problem is that it’s stupid difficult to learn (for me), not only in the syntax of it, but also in the… 1,021 more words


#1,012 - Using a Different Data Template for the Face of a ComboBox

When you define a data template to use as the item template for a ComboBox, this item template is used to render each item in the dropdown list when it appears.   324 more words


#1,011 - ComboBox Data Binding Basics, Part III

To display the items in a ComboBox using something more than a simple string, you set the ItemTemplate of the ComboBox to define the layout of each item.   187 more words