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All or nothing?

All or nothing…is that how dating works?

So I’ve had enough encounters with the scheduled second dater. And, I’ve talked to the first dater a few times. 315 more words


The Date!

Sorry for the delay internet is down so am at a Mc Donald’s using their Wi-Fi :)

So Thursday arrived and it was time for my date. 525 more words


Tinder project - the emotional artist

Who is he?
The emotional artist is trying to attract you by posting a picture that is artsy and metaphoric. Like dear Marco here that is using natural sunlight to give the expression of emotional and deep. 100 more words


1FineVideo- Dating Someone Overweight

The question for today is a heavy subject… what to do if you think your 1FineD8 needs to lose a few pounds? If you’ve have a problem with your date’s weight, you need to watch this video! 51 more words


The Bachelor: Gift Exchanges and Comedy Shows

Last week on The Bachelor… We finally had some real “success” in the bedroom, we “cuddled” and went bowling with a decently large group of people I am friends with.   1,065 more words


"This Hurt That I've Been Going Through I'm Missing You, Missing You Like Crazy"

Heartbreaks are the worst. You cry all day and night, you feel empty, vulnerable, sick, the list of the bad feelings goes on and on. All you do is the miss the person every single minute of every single day. 497 more words


The Bachelor: Date Night #? and Family Bowling Night

Last week on The Bachelor… after a little mind-altering substance use and some piano time, we had retreated to the bedroom which failed to yield any results due to my untimely passing out.   993 more words