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Den samtalen

Du veit korleis det er når du sit der på eine sida av bordet med ein mann på andre sida og du kjenner deg gradvis dratt lenger og lenger innunder skalet ditt. 640 more words


The Last Times I Tindered (Part 1)

In reading back through previous blogs (and feeling like a piece of shit that I haven’t been writing as often as I once did) I realized I never finished talking about my post-Owl Tinder-ing.   542 more words


Jamaal pulled the blanket out of his backpack. He shook it open and spread it out on the grass, then gestured.

Ines, looking at him shyly, kneeled on the blanket, carefully arranging her skirt. 456 more words

Short Story

When a Panda Learns How to Dismantle The Owl's Bomb

After inviting The Owl over to have a stay-at-home date of dinner and a movie, The Owl was full of amazing bacon-y goodness and beer, and we started making out.   676 more words

When a Panda Invites an Owl to Vegas

There I am, all smitten kitten about The Owl.  Driving back home to take Gizmo to therapy/work, I couldn’t stop smiling.  I tried.  It didn’t work.   538 more words

When a Panda Cinco's With an Owl

So we were off to meet my friends at Mindy’s annual Cinco party.  I was filled with anxiety over this because that last time I brought someone to meet my friends…well, he was awkward, and weird, had no idea how to play bags…and had nothing to talk about with any of my friends or the guys. 507 more words

When a Panda Goes to Have Drinks With an Owl

Where we left off in our story, The Owl and I had been having a rough go of making plans to hang out with each other.   745 more words