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Napoleon: The Keys Trip

Last week, in the Napoleon saga, we had ended our “courtship” and decided we were done dating.

Well, I had decided we were done dating.  He had decided to avoid me – because that’s a super grown up thing to do. 693 more words


Napoleon: When You're Right, You're Right.

When we last discussed Napoleon, I had come to a realization that he didn’t seem ready for dating me/hanging out with me.  I was super predictable and called him out on it, in what I consider to be a nice and honest way, and sent him home to think about it and let me know.   609 more words


Napoleon: Are You Ready For This?

Last week in our Napoleon saga, I had gone on our weekend trip solo.  He had spent much of my time there texting me letting me know he felt as though he’d made the wrong choice and should have joined me.   885 more words


Napoleon: The Trip and The Touching

Last we discussed Napoleon, I had made him pancakes for National Pancake Day and he had made me corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day.   912 more words


Myths vs real life from a escort perspective part one.

Life as an escort (regardless if you are trash or high class) is nothing more than an illusion. A illusion of class, money power and sex served on a silver platter of temptation. 355 more words


Napoleon: Holiday Cooking and The Offer

Last I left off in the Napoleon story, I shared our second sushi date, the time I made him a home cooked meal and then he stopped me from getting handsy with him in bed.   714 more words