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Ruby on Rails : Date.today differs from Date.current

Date.current also returns Date.today if timeZone is not set other wise returns Today's Date of current time zone. We can verify this by changing the timezone. 59 more words

Ruby On Rails

A Car By Any Other Name

Steve bought his car on a sunny Wednesday afternoon. It was a small sedan, used, with air conditioning and power windows but no other fancy additions. 371 more words

Short Story

Awkward First Dates

Kendra sat at the pub table, jiggling her leg. She reached up, moved the fork and knife away from the plate, straightened them, pushed them up the napkin, moved them closer to the plate. 180 more words

Short Story

5 Languages of Love

My last post I talked about love and how a person falls in and out of love. This post is going to be about communication in relationships. 535 more words


Psychology of Love

Ever want to know why you fall in and out of love? What makes you attracted to a person? What attracts them to you? Well, I’m going to tell you about it! 743 more words


How to Get last date of any given month with Simple use of Date logic

For example we are given Month June as input and we have to find out the last date of June. In two simple line of code we can do it. 117 more words


Getting to know a new girl - second date this afternoon. 

It’s actually the first time in my life I am actually putting some effort into trying to get to know her as well as I’m trying to get to know how good (and crappy) I really am inside. 171 more words