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Butterflies in my stomach like elephants

I’m dying. There’s only a few hundred thousand butterflies in my stomach right now. I feel so funny. I feel so nervous. I feel jittery. All because of a girl. 385 more words


Tips for online dating 

You may have read my post about life before online dating, which concludes that online dating is here to stay and it’s the only way forward. 395 more words


Bro, No

The other day, I was explaining the brozone to my dad. Well, my version of the brozone that I implement in my own life.

The first thing that needs to be stated is this. 755 more words


A Residency Surprise

Sleepy tired eyes, slightly disheveled hair and visibly exhausted, slowly she came out of the post-op c-section ward ; scratching rather badly at her right collar. 1,594 more words


A Moment of Stillness

Red turns green,

The orange flickers,

The kites make their last glorious glide through the violet smog

Of a scraped metro sky that’s gasping for breath… 192 more words

The Great or Not So Great Bowling Date

I looked at the clock and I saw how I had an hour to get ready. I took a shower and got dressed. My phone lit up and it was a text about how he was on his way. 613 more words

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