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I have a date!!

Just a quick update. I now have an OFFICIAL date with Spaghetti!!! :D 129 more words

Becky - [Tinder Gone Wrong]

Steven invites Becky over for dinner on a first date after meeting her online. The events that occur are more than they bargained for.

Think Tinder…Gone Wrong!


I Cannot At My First Hook Up

Good lord if I had to type up every sordid detail of this weekend I’d write up a whole novel. So much happened. It’s nice to know my gay social life has finally picked up in my mid-20s, which let’s be real is… 821 more words



“I must see you,” she whispered. “I’m glad,” he said, “because I cannot live without you a moment longer.


Desis Datinglife Episode X

Ihr habt heute noch nicht gelacht? Dann hab ich hier eine kleine Episode aus meinem Datingleben für euch. Einer meiner persönlichen Horror-Szenarien: (vielleicht klingt das oberflächlich, aber für mich ist das einfach sooo ein No-Go, ein KO-Kriterium!) wenn die strümpfigen Füße des Kerls beim Öffnen der Tür in Birkenstockschuhen stecken! 309 more words

I'm Not Sold On Relationships

I’m not sold on relationships.

I’m not sold on the idea of only being with one person for the rest of your life. Because I’m only in my 20’s and feel like I’ve been 10 different people already. 212 more words