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Today in HisStory - August 23

Mount Vesuvius began stirring on feast day of Vulcan, Roman god of fire. The next day, it destroyed Pompeii. (79 AD)

William Wallace, Scottish patriot, was executed for high treason by Edward I of England. 643 more words


Pokemon Masters release date news and Nintendo Switch reveal following Pokemon Worlds demo

The Pokemon World Championships held in Washington DC this weekend included more than just the usual Card Game and Video Game action as past years. The 2019 competition also gave fans the chance to see a Pokemon Go Tournament put through its paces. 16 more words


Inexpensive Date Night Ideas For Parents

If you are anything like my partner and me you barely get any time to yourself never mind time together. My whole life feels like it revolves around my 1 year old son who I love to bits but would love some mummy time or a date night with my other half. 432 more words

Diablo 3 Season 18 start date and release times for D3 Season of the Triune

A new season of action is coming to Diablo 3 on PS4, Xbox One, PC and now Nintendo Switch. Blizzard has announced new seasonal rewards and Legendary item updates for their latest D3 event. 25 more words


Oh Caleb!

Oh Caleb!

And oh how I wish that was a response to some orgasm provoking move… but it is not. Instead, “Oh Caleb” is in response to something drastically different. 541 more words


Yellowstone volcano: 'Overdue' claim sparks USGS admission for next super eruption date

The Yellowstone caldera is chillingly referred to as a supervolcano due to its ability to inflict devastation on a global level. Located below the states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, the supervolcano is constantly monitored by the USGS (United States Geological Survey) for signs that a supereruption is on its way. 13 more words

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I migliori profumi da uomo per un appuntamento: Designer

Parte 1 su 2

Finalmente quel momento è arrivato, dopo meravigliose ed estenuanti giornate passate a flirtare con colei che vedete già come la vostra “dolce metà” è tempo di affrontare il primo appuntamento. 1,909 more words