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13: Let's date

Blog Post 13: A date you’d love to go on to.

Of course, I’ve always wanted to go on an amusement park date. Nothing beats a great, fun and easy going date. 54 more words


Fantasy After a Few Good Dates

I’ll enter our bedroom to open
my laptop where I reserve
a French five-star dinner and
yes we have kids in this dream
the universe theirs to explore… 71 more words


Windows Explorer date search phrases

When searching for files in Windows Explorer there are some predefined filters. Some seem intitutive, while others are technical.

Here are examples of the supported date related filters… 138 more words


Vegan Cinnamon Cocoa Date Balls

I was hoping to make some treats for our daughter, who is visiting for Thanksgiving and is vegan. When our adult children visit we are always trying to show our love by feeding them. 277 more words


My preferred MS Excel date formats

Date manipulation is always a big problem for many across applications. The I/O format and the calculation somehow eludes us initially. As for me, I prefer to use dates in different formats depending on the application and its use. 203 more words


This Silence

Why you putting me on hold, Woman?
All I wanna do is get lunch with you and catch up.
Is that so wrong?
It’s not a date– 188 more words