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Shine's date

Beautiful heart with a gorgeous smile makes me lose in you for a while, When I get lose I see the shine eating every bit of dark with wine, I sit there on another chair while it eat I stare, I taste the wine in two sips then the devil standing beside ask for tips, I hand it the star which shines so bright and it loses it’s breathe at star’s first sight, Angel then bloom like flower and with bloom it gains all power, I want this shine to live forever so that darkness be no more clever.

-Dilpuneet Singh


A Date with My Sugar.

Yesterday my suga and I held each other as we trailed a footpath that led to the beautiful sides of the village. As we walked, the birds sang some oldies that sounded like James Ingram’s give me forever. 625 more words

Short Story

A Lunch Date

were we sat and ate our Zoie’s take-out

I have been having trouble sleeping. I know it is because I like watching subtitled Korean and Chinese drama. 247 more words


Orgy Group Rep

Henrik looked good, but it wasn’t his looks that got me to swipe right. He had a bunch of photos of what looked like sex parties. 787 more words


Mid-relationship Crisis

A mid-life crisis is an emotional crisis of identity and self-confidence that can occur in early middle age. So I think that would make a mid-relationship crisis an emotional crisis of identity and self-confidence that can occur in early mid-relationship. 334 more words


SQL Server Date/Time Formatting

Here are my favorite date formats in SQL Server. These work with older versions, in case you’re not able to use the new format feature: 57 more words