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My Bad Luck With Women: A Brief History

I had not planned on spending more than one post on my past dating woes, but there was some interest in hearing more, so what the hell? 1,169 more words

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A Surrey health farm on a Saturday afternoon

I had enjoyed (or not, for a lot of the time) my longest relationship of my life for approx 2 years but with a 3 month break in between, whilst I went to South America to do the Inca Trail. 602 more words

Dates From Hell

A rather exhilarating Art Fair!

This one you couldn’t make up! …

At this point I’d obviously been on jdate for a while as I was rather jaded by rubbish dates. 1,242 more words

Dates From Hell

They say 'love is blind'...

So I’d been in Israel a while at this point and was rather despondent I’d had a series of dates that, not only hadn’t got beyond the first date, but that were positively dull. 1,183 more words

Dates From Hell

Less than 6 degrees of separation!

The sad thing is that if you’re trying to date in the Jewish world (especially in places outside of New York/USA and Israel) it can be a very small world – actually this is an understatement! 1,048 more words

Dates From Hell

Dates from Hell

Meet my new blog, Dates from Hell!

This is a blog where everyone – yes, you, too :) – can write to their heart’s contempt/content about horrible dates. 58 more words