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Binding DateTime and TimeSpan to one property

As we know together, it take different properties to record what user input into DatePicker and TimePicker. DatePicker requires DateTime property, and yet TimePicker needs TimeSpan. 847 more words

Did you know…you can’t do arithmetic operations with datetime2 like with datetime?

I’m currently working on a SQL code migration from Firebird to SQL Server and I hit an error that I haven’t seen for some time. 425 more words


Filtering data on date in PowerShell

When working with large data sets, being able to effectively filter the data is essential. A common exercise where you might need filtering on date is when reading logs, and in this blog post I will show you how you can perform the typical “ 466 more words


Code Quickie: Fun With Dates - 2018-03-08


How do you compare dates in a JavaScript?

You’re working with a program that deals with dates, and you need to know if a deadline, or an event is coming up. 553 more words


JavaScript: add month to Date object

Here two simple snippets useful to add (or subtract) months to a Date object:

function add_months(dt, n) 
    return new Date(dt.setMonth(dt.getMonth() + n));      

dt = new Date();
console.log(add_months(dt, 10).toString());  
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Find maximum value of time in list containing tuples of time in format ('hour', 'min', 'AM/PM')

I have a list of of tuples that represent different times

timeList = [('4', '12', 'PM'), ('8', '23', 'PM'), ('4', '03', 'AM'), ('1', '34', 'AM'), 
('12', '48', 'PM'), ('4', '13', 'AM'), ('11', '09', 'AM'), ('3', '12', 'PM'), 
('4', '10', 'PM')]
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Format Date on Server Response from REST API not working

I have a method that gets data from REST server. The method returns the date in this format “2017-08-14T17:45:16.24Z”. i also wrote a method that formats date in the order “dd/MM/yyyy”. 413 more words