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Time zones in Java 8 Date and Time API


I know for a fact that all programmers love working with time zones. Chances are high that you, as a reader of this blog, are also a programmer so I bet you also just love time zones. 526 more words


How to get a current date in a specific time zone on Azure with c#

One simple DateTime.Now could become a big headache when you run your application on clound(e.g. Azure) and you need to know about the server location settings. 74 more words


Date:Time Screens on RTE

So the final of the Film limerick Trilogy; Date:Time, screened on RTE 2 last night and is now available on the RTE Player. This marks the end of the journey for me on these three films as editor. 85 more words


T-SQL date time formatting in English (UK)

We’ve all had fun with dates in SQL server, especially if you’ve worked on a brownfield project where someone else has done the installation for SQL server and hasn’t realised that when selecting “English” for the Language option, this actually means “American English” as opposed to “English English”. 144 more words


Buat Rekap excel menggunakan PHPExcel

Alhamdulillah… kali ini dapat kesempatan buat nulis lagi cacatan ilmu yang sudah didapat.
Tema kali ini adalah phpExcel, mulai dari membaca isi file berekstensi .xls sampai membuat rekap file berekstensi .xlsx… 2,482 more words

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Truncate a DateTime in C#

Occasionally you need to truncate a date to the nearest year, month, day etc. E.g. you need to transform the date 2015-06-05 15:33:30 into 2015-06-05 00:00:00, i.e. 154 more words


Adjusting the date in Java 8 Date and Time API


We saw a couple of new concepts in the Java 8 Date and Time API on this blog: