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Simple Date Handling in Go

Package time provides functionality focused on managing times and dates. The package consists of a wide range of features designed to facilitate a Gregorian calendar. Here is a canonical example: 811 more words


Python Scripting : Get max Last Modified Date using os.walk

Below is the code that i have written to get the max Lsat Modified Date of the files in all folders that i can delete all the folders that are not not being used by me for a long time. 87 more words


SharePoint 2013 Search Query (KQL) fails for DateTime properties

Recently I faced with this weird issue when one of my customers reported an issue in one of content search web part. For that user the content search web part would throw the below error: 292 more words


Convert int to time (minutes)

Consider you have a duration of something (eg: break time ) as integer value(30) which represent the break duration in minutes that you want to convert into time format (00:30) 8 more words


Let There Be Light: The default create date

In my first proper post, I want to share with you the number one tip that (a) I wish I’d been told 20 years ago, and (b) I endeavour to tell as many people about as will care to listen. 858 more words


Función para calcular una edad (Uso de DateTime) | Powershell

En esta oportunidad, les traigo una función para obtener una edad en base a una fecha que ingresemos. En sí, la utilidad de la misma es mínima y muy simple, pero la idea es introducirnos en el uso de la estructura DateTime que nos provee el .NET Framework y es posible utilizar desde Powershell. 344 more words


Viewing partial log files with Python

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Log files contain a lot of valuable information. They can also contain a lot of lines. 571 more words