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I’m Learning C# – Part 10

The following is a code to determine how many days have passed since I was born.

DateTime current = DateTime.Now;
DateTime myBirthday = DateTime.Parse(“1900, 01, 13”); 337 more words

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From SQL Server 2008, the datetime2 datatype was introduced, with greater flexibility for precision and also with an added bonus that it was truly compliant with ANSI and ISO 8601.   249 more words

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Sage 300 Date Utility


Microsoft’s DateTime Structure is an object that represents an instant in time, typically expressed as a date and time of day.

In Sage 300’s Web Screens, we use this object for dates and times in our C-Sharp code. 553 more words

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Oracle's INTERVAL Datatype Basics & Usage Examples

Oracle “Interval” data type is a new data type that was introduced in version 9i.

In simple, terms, prior to 9i, if one needed to find the “duration” between a start time and end time, the query syntax was not too awkward but results were not human friendly. 595 more words


Date time format in Ruby

The most common uses of date time format in Ruby for reference Code Output Description t.strftime(“%H”) => “22” # Gives Hour of the time in 24 hour… 174 more words

Limerick Short Film Flies with AerLingus

Following their recent successful broadcast screenings, one of the three short films of the Film Limerick Trilogy, DATE:TIME, is now currently screening on Aer Lingus flights to and from the USA. 53 more words


Time zones in Java 8 Date and Time API


I know for a fact that all programmers love working with time zones. Chances are high that you, as a reader of this blog, are also a programmer so I bet you also just love time zones. 526 more words