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Formatting and working with Date objects in JavaScript

Recently I have posted a new article on C# Corner about date objects in JavaScript. I have always found more questions from beginners about Date objects in JavaScript, as compared to questions for Date objects in a server-side language. 250 more words


Python date/time libraries

This is an overview of the various date/time implementations in Python (that I know of) and why they aren’t good enough. I’m not mentioning why they are… 545 more words


And thats a wrap on the Film Limerick Trilogy

The production on the final film, Date:Time, of the Film Limerick Training Trilogy has finished. With a tired cast and crew it is now down to the Post Production team to work their magic and deliver the trilogy in the coming months. 85 more words


subtract a day from a python date

When working with dates, I prefer the order yyyy-mm-dd (e.g. 2015-07-10). Its main advantage is that if you use it as a prefix and sort your entries, you get them in chronological order. 149 more words


DateTime in Database and BreezeJS client

I use Dan Grossman’s daterangepicker as my date picker and date range picker, which gives me one or two dates of current system timezone. If it single date picker mode, it gives me a date with the end of day time( 23:59:59) of the current system timezone. 472 more words


Custom Date time refiner template for SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 OOTB display options for DateTime refiners are very limited. By default there are four  display options available for DateTime refiners:

But these refinement options are often not suitable as the range for each refinement value is too big and there is no option to refine the results between 2 specific dates. 144 more words



This function will create a scheduled task that will display a message. It is a great way to set reminders . The benefits of this function to programs such as outlook is that there is no program that needs to be open for the reminder to be displayed. 153 more words

Stand Alone Script