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Culture aware DateTime formatting

There are various DateTime.ToString() format specifiers which are culture aware, which can be very useful to show the date in a native format, e.g. Christmas day 2017… 31 more words


101 for REST API with Swagger, ASP.NET and C#

Short summary about my lessons learned for a REST API with Swagger, ASP.NET and C#.


Open the file SwaggerConfig.cs. For the first demo, we name our app and enable the UI: 375 more words


Solutions to Date-Time Issue between Server Clients at different Timezone

After Investing lot of time in solving the date-time difference problem between Server and Clients due to them being at different Timezone, I understood few things which I would share with you. 528 more words


#VS2017 – Xaml Converter to display local UTC date times

Hi !

Visual Studio Live at Austin will start soon, so I’ll pick up some of my drafts for a quick post.

How to create an XAML Converter to display a DateTime value in the local current format of the machine running the App…

34 more words

#VS2017 - Xaml Converter para mostrar fechas UTC en el formato local

Hola !

Hoy toca post rápido que ya empieza Visual Studio 2017 en Austin y mejor sacar los posts que tengo en modo “backUp”. El primero es uno simple: 146 more words



Un operator este un simbol care semnifică o anumită operație executată asupra a una sau  mai multe expresii operand. În SQL Server există următoarele categorii de operatori. 301 more words


Splitting h2o data frame based on date time value

Sometime we may need to split the data frame based on date time values i.e. one split is above certain date and another split is after certain date. 107 more words

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