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Generating UTC Time-Stamps & Incremental Times.

The following article covers the generation of time-stamps in a specific UTC format and have dedicated methods for getting current date-time value as well as incremental date/time-stamps. 361 more words


Converting week numbers to dates

While working with time series dataset, sometimes you’ll only get the date as week number of its residing year. This articles presents easy way to convert it to datetime tuple and datetime object in Python. 145 more words

Format a PHP date for a given format

You will need some formatting for php date strings when you echo them or populating to db and other functions as well. You can first convert that accurate string to DateTime field in php and then format can be applied. 14 more words


.NET Datetime vs SQL Datetime : Comparison, Issues and Workarounds

Hello All,

Recently, in an application where we were saving the .NET DateTime value in SQL database, we had to compare this DateTime later in the .NET application. 1,094 more words

C# 4.0

Updating Help In a Timely Manner


The command to update help (yes, help files should be updated) is Update-Help. Pretty simple right? The problem comes in remembering to do this. I had it in my $Profile script but that really slowed down starting Powershell. 499 more words


Culture aware DateTime formatting

There are various DateTime.ToString() format specifiers which are culture aware, which can be very useful to show the date in a native format, e.g. Christmas day 2017… 31 more words