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Date to DateTime

There are a number of methods in DAX2012 that need the input of Datetime. While they will work by sending a date value, they will generate a warning message during a compile. 36 more words


Parse Date From String In JavaScript

Suppose you have a string representation of a date, e.g. “2015-05-15T22:43:35.0962104+02:00″ or “5/15/2015″, and you need to parse that string into a JavaScript Date object. Here’s how to do it: 51 more words

General Programming

Iterate over a date range in VBA

After years of VBA development, I’m still learning about the language every day. I was absolutely surprised when I tried this today. You can iterate over a date range just like you can iterate over a range of integers. 61 more words


Custom functoid: DateToUTC

Below is a basic example of a custom functoid. The functoid has three parameters, which are not defined separately, but simply added as input parameters to the functoid method. 645 more words


Find Keystone Dates, such as Midnight Yesterday or Last Day of Next Month

“Keystone Dates,” such as start of the month, end of the month, end of the year, and so forth, defined:

--- First Day of Last Year…
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SAMPLE: Jelly-proof date range query

var start = gs.daysAgoStart(daysAgo+6);
var end = gs.daysAgoEnd(daysAgo);
var query = "resolved_atBETWEEN" + start + "@" + end;
var gr = new GlideRecord('incident');
while (gr.next()) {


Sitecore 8 ServerTimeZone - my dates are all wrong

This issue appeared when I upgraded from Sitecore 7.5 to Sitecore 8. Suddenly my dates on the website were 2 hours behind – on my development server it was one hour behind. 186 more words