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Python code for calculating the difference between two time stamps

I was searching for a way to find the difference between two timestamps. My requirement is to get the difference in terms of years, months, days, hours and minutes. 44 more words

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Date Time format in Python

With my long experiences in programming, we have to do lots of deal with DateTime. Here basically I will demonstrate Python’s `string to datetime` object and `datetime to string format` 364 more words


Scraping PDF content without any scraping tool using python.

Scraping the internet.

What is it?
How it works?
And many more questions associated with it?
Well there are so many answers to it, like beautifulsoup, selenium (uh its a automation tool but you can use it for scrapping also with python ;) ), mechanise, and many more ways. 626 more words


objective-c date time in milliseconds

In order to get unix styled date time in objective-c you can use

timeIntervalSince1970 from NSdate 

So the current milliseconds since the UNIX epoch would be… 18 more words


TimeZone field format in CRM

I’m sure that everyone of us must have added the field of type Whole number with format TimeZone in at least one CRM implementation. But have you tried to set the value of this field using a custom C# application or a Plugin or Workflow? 429 more words

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Prelucrarea datelor calendaristice. Functiile DATE, TIME, TODAY, NOW, WORKDAY, NETWORKDAYS

Funcțiile DATE și TIME

Functia DATE permite compunerea unei date calendaristice din elemente introduse separat. Spre exemplu, daca pe trei coloane diferite avem introduse ziua, luna(ca numar)  anul, functia date ne compune data calendaristica ce le corespunde. 427 more words

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RTFM - JodaTime dayOfMonth or dayOfYear

Once I had the need of test data generation for elastic search. Since elasticsearch come with classes encapsulating JodaTime, I choosed it as my utils library for data management (java 1.7 is the target JVM in my project so no possibility to use new java 8 features for date et time management). 85 more words