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DateTimeOffset is the new DateTime

On my current work project, the system receives a document with dates and times in the local format (all Belgian local time). In the metadata however, we receive them in the UTC format. 271 more words


How to show Friendly Date in SharePoint using Javascript or using Server side code


You can use following javascript code in order to show Date field value in Friendly format

var yourDate = new Date();

var friendlyDate = SP.DateTimeUtil.SPRelativeDateTime.getRelativeDateTimeString(yourDate , true, SP.DateTimeUtil.SPCalendarType.none, false)


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SQL Formul to Merge Date and Time in datetime

For StartDateTime column


For EndDateTime Column

(dateadd(second,CONVERT(,substring(,(7),(2)),(0)),dateadd(minute,CONVERT(,substring(,(4),(2)),(0)),dateadd(hour,CONVERT(,substring(,(1),(2)),(0)),)))) 15 more words

South African ID Numbers Suck and working with Dates are weird

South African Id’s

South african ID numbers are formatted like this:

YYMMDD represents the date of birth (DoB);
SSSS is a sequence number registered with the same birth date (where females are assigned sequential numbers in the range 0000 to 4999 and males from 5000 to 9999); 552 more words

BizTalk JSON Decoder changing date-time timezone

While doing some work with JSON payloads being received in BizTalk we came across the interesting fact the the BizTalk JSON Decoder will in some situations change the time zone that the date-time was expressed in, even if we did not have a schema that specified these fields as being a date-time (either no schema or the field defined as a xsd:string) 259 more words


닷넷 Noda 시간관련 타입

Noda 라이브러리는 BCL의 단점을 보완하기 위해 작성됨.

유닉스 시간단위와 마찬가지로 1970년 1월 1일 자정을 zero point로 삼고 있으며, 100나노 세컨드 단위의 틱을 최소단위로 함.

Instant 타입은 이 글로벌 타임라인 위의 한 시점- zero point 로부터의 틱 단위 경과시간-을 표현. 29 more words