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SQL Server - Difference Between DATETIME and DATETIME2

I came across the article written by Pinal Dave about the difference between DATETIME and DATETIME2. In my years working as a database administrator, I did use DATETIME most of the time for database structure design. 97 more words

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Angular2: Creating custom sort filter pipe for datetime column ngFor directive

As you are aware of the fact that, Filters in Angular 1.x have been replaced with pipes in Angular2, most of the time we have datetime value in our array of objects(in easy terms dataset), so in order to display our data on front-end in the form of ASC/DESC datetime column, I have implemented a custom sorting pipe, please note that code is customized to handle both Ascending and Descending option… 148 more words


MIM 2016/FIM 2010 R2: Using DateTime field as Criteria set conditions

When you use a DateTime field as criteria for a set that set becomes a Temporal set. Add a DateTime field to a set, go to advanced view and you will see that this is checked. 195 more words


Vouliagmeni Lake

Hello everyone,

Sundays are fundays, coffeedays and datedays so me and my boyfriend decided to go for a coffee at Vouliagmeni Lake. The fact is that I’m 23 years old and I’ve never been there again so I was really excited. 108 more words


C# Html String Helper For "a minutes ago"

Sometimes, end-users prefer to see date in “X hours ago” or “X days ago” format. We can easily create an HTML helper class, call the method from any view. 128 more words


I’m Learning C# – Part 10

The following is a code to determine how many days have passed since I was born.

DateTime current = DateTime.Now;
DateTime myBirthday = DateTime.Parse(“1900, 01, 13”); 337 more words

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From SQL Server 2008, the datetime2 datatype was introduced, with greater flexibility for precision and also with an added bonus that it was truly compliant with ANSI and ISO 8601.   249 more words

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