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Beta Orbiters from the Gal Side

You may recall I have written about Vixen, my former neighbor before, and an update, and her latest… Well this morning I talked to her and probed further to try and understand why the Alpha/beta orbiter thing, and by golly I think I may have struck a red pill goldmine! 874 more words

Red Pill

8 days

It’s been 8 days since my mom died.
When I say it out loud, I say “passed”.  It sounds nicer.  But either way, it’s been eight days since life changed forever, eight days since we gave up hope and let her go. 871 more words

He Loves Intimacy

Here’s a look at me and Mr. C in the beginning. Trying to navigate the dating world by surrending to a nice man. Find out what I thought about him.

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Divorced life....

These days many people have been married and divorced several times, and no divorce is exactly the same.  It doesn’t matter if you wanted the divorce, were blindsided, knew it was imminent, or just devastated by it. 721 more words

Dating Diary: Treat Em Right

I am always looking for new ways to work on my relationship with Mr. C and just trying to be a good girlfriend. I’ve never been a girlfriend for long and I wasn’t concerned about my exes feelings and we were young  that it didn’t matter. 675 more words


My First Date!

I probably should not have put the exclamation point on there, my first date since I became single was not that exciting but it was a pleasant experience and was a good way to break the dating “ice”.   1,320 more words

Letting The Cat Out Of The Bag

In case you missed my background story and why I am here, I will give you a quick refresher. I was with the same guy for nearly 7 years with a break in there and married to him for just over 3 years. 669 more words

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