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Ann Reichardt talks with Roger Nichols of Cover to Cover about looking for love after divorce.

“There’s a big difference between someone in their early 50s and even someone in their sixties when it comes to dating and what are we looking for in a relationship,” says Ann Reichardt. 25 more words


Where Are All the Good Men?

After a divorce, some women become gun-shy and swear off men for good (or for a little while at least). It becomes difficult to see men in any other light than what we see our ex as. 317 more words


The Suitors in My Life

Dating after becoming separated was initially daunting. I was scared and unsure of how the dating world had possibly changed over the past 8 years of being with my ex – I was terrified that I would not be attractive to the opposite sex because of my situation or because I was now (dare I say)’old.’ However, after the first date I went on, I knew that life would move on and that the world truly hadn’t changed into some morphed, sexed-up dating game. 955 more words

Dating After Divorce

Dear Online Dating Account: DELETE

Dear Online Dating Account,

I’ve decided to terminate our relationship. No, it’s not because I found someone. It’s not because I expected you to drop Mr. 302 more words

Growing Pain or Growing Problem?

As the new man in my life becomes more of a fixture, I find that we are butting heads on certain topics. As these small exchanges are discussed and resolved, I find myself wondering if they’re real arguements that couples experience as they grow together and merge their lives, or am I trying to pull the best aspects of my husband out and instill them into another man? 584 more words

Dating After Divorce

The Bachelorette and I

Several seasons of The Bachelorette have now seen me through the end of my marriage and divorce.  While it may be superficial and unrealistic, there’s nothing like clinging to the idea of a fairy tale when your own is going down the tubes.  696 more words


Living Learning Loving Book Launch Team Invitation

An invitation from Gail Cawley Showalter to join the launch team

for Living Learning Loving, Lessons of Insight & Encouragement

on the Path of Motherhood… 465 more words

Grieving A Loss