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At 30, the Struggle is Real

This is me whenever I see a studly man with a ring on his left hand and I’m trying to get a better look to see if it’s a wedding ring or a purity ring. 122 more words

The Hardest Part of Dating After Divorce

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This might sound strange, but the hardest part of dating after divorce is being so bad at it. I have been trying to go out with different people lately and the only thing the “dates” seem to have in common is that I do something stupid and regret it afterwards. 364 more words

What it Feels Like...

On Most Days… Most Nights… Most Hours… Seconds… Mili-Seconds…

Okay, perhaps not so much but there are days where it feels like it…

“Looking for Another You…”


Dating, it wasn't what I expected.

After nine years of marriage, finding myself back in the dating pool wasn’t quite what I had expected. I started dating my ex-husband at seventeen– long before the days of cell phones, text messaging and internet dating. 323 more words

Dating After Divorce

I'm So Royally F*ck*d! (Explicit)

A week ago I fell flat on my Face! Gravity just grabbed me and Body Slammed my ass to the floor. I was just mid-air when it hit me that I  was about to hurt like hell. 406 more words


Why Is It So Hard to Find Relationships?

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When my husband of six years decided that he wanted a divorce and left me to raise our daughter alone, I was devastated. 314 more words

Two tickets to paradise

For the first time in over two years, I’m going on a real vacation. I’m excited, but I’m also really nervous…

Excited because, well, who isn’t excited to have a vacation from the every day grind of work (and school, for me) and responsibility? 264 more words