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Don't text my kids!

When people get married, have kids, get divorced, and then move on to date or marry other people…sometimes things can get messy.

The ex is a bit of a player. 316 more words


Day 18 of the 90 day Men fast

Date with my little people

Today I took my little people on a date to see a stage play about bullying. It was a great event. 117 more words


Day 17 of the 90 day men fast

Spring is nearly here.

I am looking forward to spring cleaning. Packing up winter clothes, getting rid of the things I don’t need and just a nice clean, open, organized space. 47 more words


Day 16 of the 90 day Men fast

I don’t owe you anything!

“I see that you have changed your number.”

“Yes that is true.”

“Can I have your number?”

“You have my Google number.” 139 more words


Dating after divorce- My first date... (in 37 years!)

This week’s post is kindly written by a former client  and now dear friend who I have the pleasure of meeting a few times a year to share stories, check in and hear where life is taking her! 1,117 more words


Day 15 of the 90 day men fast

I’ll be there

Today I was unable to go to the appointment with my best friend. Monday’s are always busy in the customer service world so I couldn’t get off. 115 more words


3.15.2015 ~ Relationships Are Hard...

By the time the 3rd ex called, I knew what demons were going to be haunting me this Friday the 13th.  As I was relaying my dilemma to my good friend, Katie, these were the only words of encouragement she could offer me: 680 more words