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The Divorce Dating Dilemma

“I’m pretty sure my divorce lawyer is into me,” Eric announced out of the blue as he opened the carton on his tray and stared at the Big Mac contained within. 1,007 more words


Profile Pics - the Portal to Perfect Pairings?

Selfie culture has overtaken us all and I used to cringe a little when I saw friends putting them on facebook.  However as a singleton I suddenly realised I was the one out of step and could I really afford to have that hilarious but rather unflattering picture of myself as a Pirate Queen on facebook for all future love interests to see and surely flee from?!  738 more words


Thanks For The Info I Was NOT Asking for.

You don’t ever want to date me?! Did I really ask you to? No. So don’t tell me my flaws when the information is not warranted. 507 more words

Please...get a room!

So – drunk or not things are good. I feel calm and happy and steady and did I mention happy?

The only problem is that the third date has been and gone and although there’s been lots of amazingly good kissing – no sex yet, not because we don’t want to, there’s a logistical problem. 209 more words


Attractive Communication!

I have never been the type of girl/woman to dwell on things that have been said, interactions had, or waiting for a text or call from a guy; however, since I am a bit self-conscious and unsure of the dating world nowadays, I do find myself worrying over this sort of stuff. 499 more words

Flirty Forties

Flirting is fun and infectious.  Previously the much-maligned terrtory of the frivolous, or perceived as the behaviour of an anti-feminist floozy, this gentle social skill is a useful one to learn and practice at any age.    175 more words