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So, I may have mentioned previously that I’m dating someone.

I know…

Since I’ve been gone so long I never really mentioned it.

But I am. 795 more words


Voice Mail from an Ex

The voice mail message sat on my home phone answering machine for over a week before I listened to it.

“Hi Nadia, this is Z. We went out once or twice. 816 more words

Spoiled Milk and spoiled friendships. Throw them out.

Here is the scenario :

Female has birthday a month before Male Birthday.

Male gets female nothing for her birthday.

Female sends text stating I am taking you our for… 299 more words


Divorce Isn't a Death Sentence

Divorce sucks but divorces happen. Some would even argue that divorces are happening more and more these days. We certainly hear about it more, especially with people in their 30s and 40s. 1,184 more words



There is a woman of interest that I want to see.  She may end up being a waste of time, she may not be.  What I know is that she is very active, loves the outdoors and exercise, is willing even to try a “scary” mountain bike trail.  184 more words

Yesterday Was National Lost Sock Memorial Day

Yesterday was a little known holiday -not recognized by bank and post office closures- called National Lost Sock Memorial Day. I heard about it on Supertalk MS. 500 more words



I wrote the title of today’s blog before writing the blog.  I know what I need to write about.  Time is indeed a key word in my thoughts, has been for a while, maybe since my relationship with D started last November.  907 more words