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Wardrobe Change!

My boyfriend and I were recently talking about how ridiculous being in your 20s are. The only sole purpose of living through them would be to get to your 30s and beyond. 493 more words


Day and Night - No excuses

I have always been told if you want something you will find a way. If you don’t want something you will find a excuse. Until recently, I never considered applying that same principal to dating. 102 more words



I’ve learned that it’s risky, to show myself to the world.  Risky to wear my heart on my sleeve and to be vulnerable.  But that’s how I’m made innately.  526 more words


Drivers Are the Worst

In honor of my love for my boyfriend, I thought I’d blog vent for him.

He comes home every single day complaining about the exact same thing: people who don’t use on-ramps properly. 120 more words


Boring Me

I haven’t had any idea what to write about lately and I was certain it’s because my life is as boring as any could get. 291 more words


Dark Chocolate

I noticed him immediately. Immersed in his own world. Cell phone up to his ear, hoodie half way up, showing only the silhouette of his face.  385 more words


Addicted -10.2.17

Easy to be addicted.

Addicted to being alone.

Easily became a workaholic.


Why do you ask?

I am far to busy to pursue anything. 179 more words