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King Size Bed & Him...

I have to admit that the last 5 days have been  different. I started pumping the breaks on a possible date Thursday afternoon because I wasn’t entirely sure where his mind was. 591 more words


Date Night: Balcony for 1...

This past weekend… my adventure didn’t start until late into the day when I stopped by my favorite place to munch on a Spanish dish called a Paella. 324 more words

It's Easier to Leave than to be Left

I’ve read that when you leave your dogs each day they think you’re never returning. I admit–that idea bothers me more than it probably should. But, I know what it’s like to watch someone leave and wonder if this person you are looking at is coming back. 1,434 more words

Dating: The Replacements...

It’s been a crazy week in terms of dating. Trying to figure out just who I really wanted to speak with and then having mixed emotions about the whole idea of Dating really made for an insane week. 192 more words



“If you can tell the tale, then you are not overwhelmed.”

Robert Stone

When I got divorced my confidence was at Kanye level. I think that was a motivator, beyond the constant arguing and the Mariana Trench of resentment, there was the underlying idea that I was wasting all my amazing qualities in marriage. 1,666 more words


Parking Lot Guy

This blog entry shall be about a handsome 37-year-old Mexican American man who asked me for my number in a parking lot. That was something like three weeks ago and since then we have been on three glorious dates. 264 more words

The Pretty vs The Ugly Men...

Pretty: They’re exactly that “Pretty.” Amazing light blue, green or hazel eyes. Perfect hair, facial hair and  eyebrows. Great skin that looks like a new borns. 604 more words