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Just Call Me The Bachelorette

I’ve talked about my Auntie ReRe with you all before. She lives in Michigan. When my parents moved to Delaware twenty-four years ago. Auntie ReRe and the rest of my family would look out for me. 418 more words

Single Mom

BM Headache

I like to think I’m the ideal “Baby Momma”. I put my kids first, I’ve accepted raising them alone, I don’t do drama and I’ll never EVER drunk dial you with some sort of middle of the night raging fit. 438 more words


Jaw-Dropping Year

Today, is my one year anniversary with my handsome boyfriend. (You’ll need to get used to my mushiness regarding this man if you’re going to keep reading my blog! 611 more words


My Summer of Zero Dates

I decided at some point that this was going to be my summer of zero dates.

Well, mostly.

I was online and on apps a lot. 245 more words


Sometimes Nice Guys Stand A Chance

I sat at a table, well two tables pushed together, with my friend Lisa’s computer geek friends. I understood none of their computer jokes, yet they were friendly. 1,517 more words

I Want A Boyfriend! Why Don't I Have One?

Ok, I’m not there yet in my life.  Sure, at some point, I’d like to start dating again, but I need some more me time before I get involved with someone new.  694 more words


Paper Anniversary

I don’t consider myself a girly girl and I think my boyfriend would back me up on that. I also don’t think I’m a tomboy. I think I am just me. 487 more words