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“I want to raise girls that can take care of themselves and never rely on a man for anything.  I want you to be able to support yourself”.  747 more words


I Know I’m Not Ready for a Relationship, So Why Do I Keep Looking For One?

So I don’t feel comfortable writing this post, but here goes. Yesterday I wrote about how I didn’t feel that I learned enough from my first marriage to prepare me if I ever get married again. 469 more words

Getting My Sexy Back

How can a woman that was always belittled feel good about herself again? Your self-esteem is diminished, you don’t like who you’ve become so how in the world could you ever get your sexy back? 191 more words



Sometimes little gifts fall out of the sky into my lap. That’s exactly what happened when my friend, Sister Wife, and blogger-buddy-extraordinaire, Samara, agreed to guest post here. 1,146 more words

Random Shizzle

Online Dating Prospects leave much to be desired...

I don’t think I’m unattractive. Or unappealing. I know I can attract men.

So why is dating so difficult for me?

I’m in a weird age/stage for dating…I’m 41 and I have teenagers and one preteen who are busy and involved with many activities. 574 more words

Life After Divorce

Strength or Weakness?

The other day I had a conversation with a friend about dating after divorce. She was concerned that I was trying so hard to learn from my mistakes and not wind up with the wrong guy again that I flat-out refused to date anyone. 357 more words


I’m waiting. Waiting for this guy. I am 46 years old, gave birth to and raised 3 gorgeous, hilarious, unique humans, I taught in the public schools for over 15 years, I’ve had surgeries, gone on adventures, faced deep dark depression, and the crumbling implosion of a 27 year long marriage. 567 more words