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Death and Marriage

I read this story today. I heard about it last night but fell asleep before the news came on. It’s not the first time I’ve heard a story about a couple who had been married for fifty or seventy-five years dying within hours of each other. 945 more words

Naked Tea Sipping

Dating Do's and Don'ts (For Men)

Somewhere along the line, dating changed. I don’t know if people just stopped giving a fuck about other people. Or maybe standards were lowered. Or maybe we all just got lazy. 1,470 more words

Naked Tea Sipping

Online Dating Dos #1

Use current pictures.

I think the number one concern men AND women share is that the person they meet won’t look like the pictures they used online. 165 more words


Divorced And 50 Years Old - Dating Tips Needed

It’s taken me a long time to get to where I wanted to think about dating after my divorce.  I knew myself better than to jump into it when I wasn’t fully healed.  435 more words


I Want A Boyfriend! Why Don't I Have One?

Ok, I’m not there yet in my life.  Sure, at some point, I’d like to start dating again, but I need some more me time before I get involved with someone new.  694 more words


Online Dating 101 - the unauthorised, unrequested rules from a Rookie.

Right, so I’ve really committed to this whole online dating thing. Just for fun really. Just to get out and hopefully, have an interesting conversation. I never would have thought. 718 more words


Kissing Strangers

When my marriage ended, I went online right away for a number of reasons. I wanted to distract myself from the crumbling foundation of my life around me and wanted to meet men to see what was going on eleven years later. 299 more words