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Online Dating Field Notes


  1. Boy, has this site changed since I was last on it back in 2010. Apparently, the company figured out a sneaky way to wrest more money out of their customers.
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What Not to Expect From Online Dating

Don’t Expect Too Much

Don’t expect truth and honesty, simplicity and easy silences, satisfying sex and ready-made intimacy, trust and transparency, straight-forward, no-games relationships. Do these qualities or destinations even exist? 786 more words

Do You Have Realistic Relationship Expectations?

The dating struggle is real and a lot of times it has to do with the disconnect in people’s view of how a relationship functions: the mystical versus the reality.  409 more words

Dating Requirements: At A Minimum

I told you yesterday how I believe that women shouldn’t have to audition for the wife role while in relationships with men and the reasons why. 617 more words