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Swings Both Ways: Mr Blonde (Part 5)

I was broken woman. I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep; forming sentences was even a struggle and all I wanted to do was sleep. I may have broken his heart, but I broke my everything in the process. 357 more words

Dating Like Dudes

What are the chances?

I went on a ‘coffee date’ with a very eccentric maths teacher whom I met online. I arranged to meet him at The Barracks. I even told him where to park. 590 more words


Swings Both Ways: Mr Blonde (Part 4)

As you know, I initially decided to go with my head (Transport Hero), which was a mistake. After calling that off, due to his serious lack of judgement, I knew I needed time to sort my thinking out. 462 more words

Dating Like Dudes

The TitSucker

I liked the Pilot, I adored Mike and the Baseball Player was still looming in the background, so I wasn’t actively looking for another guy to factor into the equation, but one came along that sparked my interest. 838 more words


Bants in Bed: Bearded Deserter

Bearded Deserter was a boyfriend of mine once. When I was young and naive, he was an older, more confident guy who pulled me in with his charm and his undeniable desire for me. 347 more words

Dating Like Dudes


Sex was still something I couldn’t fathom, but all the dancing and flirting senior year of college did a lot to build confidence. It was on one of hopeless romantic nights when I set up my  1,444 more words

Cookbook Memoir