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The Hobbit

I tried dating a guy shorter than me. Which normally isn’t a big deal, right? But, I’m 5’10” and he’s 5’5″. I very much felt like Gandalf with Frodo Baggins. 81 more words

The Minor League Umpire

This guy and I had found each other on some chat website last summer (or maybe even two summers ago). We talked for a while and then, like usual, everything turned sexual. 216 more words

The Uncircumcised One

I’m not writing these guys in order, as this guy was like a year ago. . . however I FINALLY have some time to get caught up on blog posts! 270 more words

Hey Grace

“How are you?” Will suffice, gentlemen.


Girl Talk

Internet Dating

My dating life to this point can best be summed up as average: one wonderful relationship that ended in tears, a few shitty relationships that ended in flames,┬áthe truly unfortunate “straight” period of 2006-2010, and boatloads of mediocrity. 761 more words


The Fuck Buddy

I met this guy on Tinder. I’ve never said THAT before. He was handsome, funny, AND named after an excellent Classic Rock musician. My profile said all I wanted was someone to bring me roses because I had already gotten the pizza I wanted. 271 more words

Shit, I Have a Stalker

At the end of the week, I was heading home. I’m ready to see my chosen family-the loves of my life, and I’m ready to forget about Boston for a week. 2,093 more words