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Smooth Operator 4.25.15

“Hey there cutie! Would you be interested in having a threesome with two men?”

Like really? Is there any where on my profile that indicates I’m interested in that?

Bants in Bed: The Virgin

Oh, I have sinned. Last weekend, I officially took a man’s virginity.

Let’s just let that sink in…

It started out relatively innocent, with a bottle of red and way too much conversation about his job. 284 more words



Have you ever had your friends say something like “but he can’t handle me” or “I want someone who can handle me!” in regards to the boys out there that seem intimidated? 282 more words



I usually block out an online douchebag’s name, because I’m not an asshole. BUT this dude deserves to be shamed with such a fucking disgusting question. 15 more words


How many times does someone have to FaceTime you in a 20 minute period to be considered a Stalker? #byetinder

Tinder and I have had a back and forth affair for awhile. I would download the app and swipe away for a month or so and then some “charming” (and by charming I mean-disgusting pig) would do something to creep me out and leave Tinder. 639 more words


stop with the aimless texting

I am getting so tired of dudes who want to text you all day like they know you yet never initiating a date. Or when you do have a date set, they cancel, without rescheduling, but continously text you or call you, without ever making new plans. 50 more words