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Hey Grace

“How are you?” Will suffice, gentlemen.


Girl Talk

Internet Dating

My dating life to this point can best be summed up as average: one wonderful relationship that ended in tears, a few shitty relationships that ended in flames, the truly unfortunate “straight” period of 2006-2010, and boatloads of mediocrity. 761 more words


The Fuck Buddy

I met this guy on Tinder. I’ve never said THAT before. He was handsome, funny, AND named after an excellent Classic Rock musician. My profile said all I wanted was someone to bring me roses because I had already gotten the pizza I wanted. 271 more words

Shit, I Have a Stalker

At the end of the week, I was heading home. I’m ready to see my chosen family-the loves of my life, and I’m ready to forget about Boston for a week. 2,093 more words


So Wrong

We went on 2 more dates and watched a movie one more time. First, we went to the beach in his car. He was boring and had nothing to say in the car. 2,400 more words



This past weekend I reached a low after being rejected by two guys in one day. I typically handle this well but not one after the other. 232 more words

Online Dating & Fort Kick Ass

This last week has been a whole lot of “what the fuck’s”. There are only so many times I can say that in a week without needing to inhale through a brown bag. 590 more words

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