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Mistakes prior to a date!

Everyone has made mistakes, its ok. It’s an important part of learning, making mistakes, as long as you realise them and learn to correct them. This applies in everyday life – not just dating. 425 more words

Mr Money Money Money

I kid you not, I have just received a messaged from a 21 year old ‘actively seeking a relationship’ asking me about money, more specifically, if I was on more than £25000 a year. 327 more words

Swings Both Ways: Nerd Alert

The past few months I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster with a sadistic driver that wouldn’t let me off. So, I decided to take the metaphorical dive off the side and hope for the best. 427 more words

Dating Like Dudes

Bants in Bed: Fancy Bartender

Fancy Bartender and I had only been speaking for a few weeks when one weekend he suggested we hang out after work. As both of us were busy, it seemed like the ideal way to spend a quiet Saturday night, so we grabbed a quick drink at a local pub and then jumped in a cab to his for a takeaway and film. 369 more words

Dating Like Dudes

Swings Both Ways: Mr Blonde (Part 6)

My worst nightmare was unfolding right in front of my eyes. Things were becoming pretty perfect between me and Mr Blonde. Yes, we still hadn’t DTR’d but he made me happy and fulfilled. 294 more words

Dating Like Dudes

Bants in Bed: Olympic Lifter (Part 2)

Olympic Lifter and I had a funny situation going on. Whilst we were very much ‘casually’ fucking, he had this weird possessive thing where he wanted me to be… 255 more words

Dating Like Dudes