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I’m sure anyone who has been single for a reasonable amount of time in the last couple of years has dabbled in Tinder or some kind of ‘dating site’, and myself being socially inept, am no exception. 712 more words

Welp, I fucked up

So the dude from the last post didn’t text me the following week as he said he would. I messaged him and eventually we got onto that he’d be going to a gig with some friends. 187 more words


My First Time

Let’s travel 14-years back in time to my junior year of high school. (yikes) I was not yet out as trans, but I had come out about liking women. 827 more words


A Very Cupid Easter

I start this week’s post with a thought provoking question; can Easter be the new Valentine’s Day? You probably already answered, “No, Jay, no! Easter cannot and never will be the new Valentine’s Day. 825 more words

Dating Fails

The Best Pick-Up Line Ever

Before I came out as a transgender man, I used to perform as a drag king. My stage name was GQ Joe and I performed to the tunes of Justin Bieber, NSync, and other terribly bad pop songs. 642 more words

Dating Fails