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The Micro Penis

Oh my god. Do I really need to explain?? Hard pass, but here goes. . .

Met this guy online. He started texting me. He asked if I wanted to see his dick. 229 more words

The Fun Sucker

So, I dated this guy for several months this past summer. It was so nice going out with someone who didn’t try to get into my pants. 127 more words

The Naked Reject

I was on a first date at Texas Roadhouse. I’m totally digging my delicious food when out of the blue he asks me what the first thing I look for in a guy is. 70 more words

The Gambling Addict

On a first date this guy told me he loved to go blow money in Vegas or Wendover. Already that’s a HUGE red flag to me–especially because I like money and I definitely don’t have enough of it!! 50 more words

The one that called me fat

This guy totally called me fat and then tried to play it off like he didn’t.

Funny thing is that he’s heavier than I am. What a dumbass. 6 more words

The Wannabe Boyfriend

This guy started talking to me on Plenty of Fish. He was super sweet. I wasn’t super attracted to him, but hell, attraction can grow. And I’ve never been a head turner, so I definitely would never write someone off for that right off the bat. 106 more words

The Jail Bird

I had gone on one date with this guy when he texted me and said he was in jail. Three days later he gets out and tells me that he wanted me to bail him out because he was scared. 51 more words