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Men and the Lost Art of Subtlety

Guys don’t always get the importance of subtlety.  This failing can prevent them from achieving their dating goal – whether it ends in the bedroom or the altar. 443 more words

What Food Items Can You Eat When You Have Gout Pain? - Best Gout Diet Plan

In case you really think about it, what is the reason for acne? Does it really simply spontaneously form out of simply no where? Or are all of us doing something to ourself to provoke it? 375 more words

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A Very Cupid Easter

I start this week’s post with a thought provoking question; can Easter be the new Valentine’s Day? You probably already answered, “No, Jay, no! Easter cannot and never will be the new Valentine’s Day. 825 more words

Dating Fails

Which College Meets Your Requirements?

As the illness progresses and more and more skin damage takes place, more symptoms begin to appear. You might notice inflammation in the legs and ft (edema) or bloating within the stomach (ascites). 449 more words

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The Best Pick-Up Line Ever

Before I came out as a transgender man, I used to perform as a drag king. My stage name was GQ Joe and I performed to the tunes of Justin Bieber, NSync, and other terribly bad pop songs. 642 more words

Dating Fails

How To Take The Long Term Approach To Fat Loss

Inside of the elbow : very few people realize precisely how sensitive the inside area of bones are. The inside of the shoulder is sensitive, but not since sensitive as #4.. 311 more words

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Make My Heart Race

I had been in love with Mack since I was 17 and had kicked my family out of my mother’s house so I could make her Kraft Mac & Cheese for dinner on our first date. 1,288 more words

Dating Fails