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Minus a +1

Does a blowup doll count as a guest?

People like to say that in life, there are no guarantees. I beg to differ. While death and taxes are the most obvious rebuttles, there is another one: most of your friends will get married and it will most likely all be within a few years of each other. 644 more words


Patience is a Virtue

6 hours later…ta-da!

I have wanted to dye my hair red for quite some time now, so the other day I enlisted my friend to take on the task of making me a fireball. 666 more words


Off they go! WeeeeeEe!

Just as Uncle Geoffrey summarised Bridget’s relationships with men, right in her face, off they go, weeee!

So Andy from my previous post just moved to London, two weeks after we met and a day after we made out. 86 more words


Low Expectations

You’ve got to have low expectations with Tinder. That’s my first piece of advice for any of you singles who are yet to try it. So, when my Tinder date walked into the bar standing at about 5’6″, my heart didn’t sink as I had already set the bar considerably low. 593 more words


Return to Sender: I need your subby resume

This gem comes from FetLife:

The message (my responses in italics): in what ways are you sub?

Well gee, random stranger who has never met me or had a single conversation with me, this matters to you why?? 259 more words

Return to Sender: Skype me baby!

The message: Hello, my name is Skype-Fan, are Italian, but now I’m in Mexico for work, next Tuesday, 18 August I come to San Antonio, I watched with interest your profile, I would love to know you better. 504 more words

Return to Sender: The Overview

Human courtship rituals confuse me. Or, at least modern courtship does. Sometimes I yearn for those old fashioned days where there were very clear cut rules on how men should approach women and how they should conduct themselves in the dating stages. 309 more words