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Dating App Crap

If you’ve read through my other posts you will know that I am on the new craze of ‘Dating Apps’. Although it’s not my craze in the slightest. 698 more words



Oh the things we do for dating and relationships…and society’s expectations. The primping, the filtering of comments, the late nights.

The removal of hair.

So in my last post, I mentioned that I got a very complete wax job for a guy. 885 more words

The Bro Cruise Disaster

I had started talking to Emily at the beginning of last summer and I was, despite my every attempt not to, falling head over heels for her. 1,851 more words

Book Chapters

The Friends With Benefits Sitch

I always swore I would never be that person. That person who sleeps with that one repeat customer (who is not their partner) because they show up. 745 more words

The Presidential Date

A Reimagined Debate

Monday night’s presidential debate is much more entertaining (and less scary) if you reimagine it as a disastrous blind date between Hillary and Donald, set up by the worst match maker ever, America. 1,483 more words

First Guest Blog Post!

🚨 Sound the alarm🚨  One of my friends has blessed me with an amazingly terrible online dating story. The topic is something I have yet to experience. 100 more words

Dating with a chance of puke

Good God does it suck to get sick on a date. I’m not normally a puker, but when I let loose, it’s loud and uncomfortable to be around. 1,009 more words