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Chapter 5 (a preview)

Accidental One Night Stand

I don’t do one-night stands. It’s not that I have a huge moral objection to them or have never had one. If you like them, more power to you. 2,091 more words


An Introduction (of sorts)

We’re all just one ‘hello’ away from introducing ourselves to our soul mate. That’s the last thing a friend said to me before she found out we are all just one terrible piece of advice away from ruining a friendship. 1,035 more words


high school hottie

There’s always one. You know what I’m talking about – the hottest guy in school, usually older, that everyone wants a piece of. The cool guy, the sports guy, and just an all-round good looking guy. 648 more words


Why taking Tinder seriously was your first mistake...

Timehop reminded me today that it was a year since I was propositioned into soft S&M on a well known dating website. Let’s call it ‘Plenty more knobheads in the sea’ shall we. 1,326 more words

You made it weird 

There’s a thin line between flirting and being creepy. It’s odd because guys want to be cute and flirty, but sometimes it comes across like you might have intentions of murdering me. 167 more words


The Randy Who Cried Date - Part I

My first crush after He Who Shall Not Be Named.  Okay, not that dramatic, but I’m just respecting his privacy.  As one who likes utterly selectively, I don’t get crushes very often. 1,639 more words


Out of the Closet

This one took a little longer to emerge as a crazy person. We managed to actually sustain a few weeks of dates before he exposed his bizarre secret. 460 more words