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Make My Heart Race

I had been in love with Mack since I was 17 and had kicked my family out of my mother’s house so I could make her Kraft Mac & Cheese for dinner on our first date. 1,279 more words

Dating Fails

Interview with an Ex

Thus far, I have shared stories of the utter failures of my dating experiences. But every dating story has two perspectives of what happened. And because I’m a fair person (and a bit of a masochist,) I reached out to a woman I dated to get her side of things. 832 more words

Dating Fails

Super "Romantic" Date Ideas

What you do on a date can make it or break it. But so can things like your personality, your interests/hobbies, your looks, and beliefs/values, etc. 488 more words

Dating Fails

When they say:

“Why is your dog so weird?”

You say:  “Check please!”

Yep. True story.

So I have a wonderful dog. She’s a bit wonky, but she’s also a Lab, so it comes with the territory. 323 more words

Worst First Date(s)

First dates are the worst. They’re awkward and anxiety-inducing. But (almost) every great love story starts with a first date. Then again, so does (almost) every awful and disastrous heartbreak story. 1,181 more words

Dating Fails

Birthday Date Gone Wrong

Tequila is not my friend. Tequila is my mortal enemy. This is a lesson I had to learn the hard way. I’m fairly certain this is the way everyone learns that tequila is out to hurt them. 1,063 more words

Dating Fails

Awkward. Anxiety. 

I am so painfully awkward at times it’s nerve racking just thinking about it. I do not know how to communicate face to face with people. 592 more words

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