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The Pharting Phase

I once set up an entire date, while I was on the toilet. Spoiler Alert: That date went to the shitter. Before you judge me about this, let’s consider the fact that we will each spend an average of 6,718 and ½ hours pooping over the course of our lifetime. 505 more words

Dating Fails

Job interview (j/k. lol.)

So a few years ago, I was awarded a fellowship for the year following grad school. In this position, I was able to do a lot of networking. 885 more words

Awkward Valentine's Day

Oh, Valentine’s Day. We’ve had some awkward times, haven’t we? I could probably write an entire book called “Hearkward: Embarrassing Valentine’s Day Stories.” Instead I’ll share one from my past. 1,004 more words

Dating Fails

My First Girlfriend

The summer before my freshman year of high school I decided to try out for the school’s basketball team. I joined the conditioning camp, dreaming of shooting swish after swish shot and learning tricks that would surely gain me a spot as a starter. 1,065 more words

Dating Fails

Overprotective Friends

If you read my post on Deal Breakers, then you know I have a long list of qualities that immediately disqualify someone from dating me. 921 more words

Dating Fails

In the Name of Love...

Love can make you do stupid things. There is research behind this, which I can only conclude was conducted because some scientist was in love and stupidly decided to do research about it. 671 more words

Dating Fails

Tinder Hearted Fool

I’m going to be single forever because five months ago while using Tinder, I swiped left on my soulmate. She’s gone. I will never find her and she will never know that I would have swiped right on her every single day for the rest of our lives. 566 more words

Dating Fails