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Geography much?!

Ok. So. If you’re going to try to pick someone up…dear god please have a fucking clue of where places are. Especially with respect to what is a state or a city. 708 more words


Meeting the Boyfriend

I met Bethany at a fundraiser for a nonprofit I volunteered with in town. The fundraiser took place at Mongolian BBQ, where she worked. If you never made it to a Mongolian BBQ restaurant before they closed, let me give you a quick synopsis. 1,247 more words

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Red Flags

They say hindsight is 20/20. I don’t know who “they” are, but I do know it’d be helpful if “they” spoke up before I was in the hindsight space of the timeline, realizing “oh shit, this person is definitely not meant for me—or possibly anyone.” What I’m asking for is help identifying red flags when they are waved the first time. 933 more words

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Unicorns exist.

I pinky swear promise.

Ok, I should interrupt here to say that it has been a ROUGH past week since the election and I am personally still reeling. 794 more words


Awkward AF

So, many of these posts are probably a little accusatory of other people’s awkward moments. Just to show that I’m not some snob who feels everyone else is the weirdo, here’s a perfect example of my own evening this past week where I’m sure I created a fantastic story for the other person (and all of you). 782 more words


No Way Cupid

After my last serious relationship ended, I was left unexpectedly single. I quickly realized that I had no idea how to get back out there (“out there” being the dating world) and meet other single people. 1,350 more words

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That time when...

…I had just finished saying that I adore sci-fi movies…and my date said:

“Shit! I hate sci-fi movies! All those lasers going ‘pew pew pew.’ Uh. 25 more words