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Reasons to Swipe Left

In a moment of curiosity, I abandoned POF to venture into unknown territory: Tinder. What a weird and wonderful place it is, but there has to be something in it. 307 more words


Top 5 Ways to Get Your Online Dating Message IGNORED

I’ve found some of the worst messages lurking in my online dating inbox. There are many things you can type that make people dismiss you as dating potential.   338 more words


The Fourth First Date: The Name Dropper

When: June

How We Met: Online Dating Site

Location: A Town Carnival. This was my idea, mostly because I wanted to go and didn’t have anyone that could or would join me. 545 more words


First Date Number Three: Artsy Underwater Hockey

When: May

How Me Met: Online Dating Site

Location:  A restaurant in the Highlands/Denver that he picked out. Yay for actually having a plan!

Pre-Date Jitters:  423 more words


Where are all the normal men?

I am now completely convinced that there are only 2 “normal” men left in this world…and they are dating each other.

I woke up yesterday morning to a text from “Jim” (see  950 more words


Let's NOT talk about sex...

I seriously CANNOT make this stuff up.  I am rolling my eyes and honestly questioning my life choices with this whole online dating thing.  Do you have your popcorn ready?   791 more words


From red hot to ice cold

Where do I even begin?  I had high hopes with “Mike.”  Things seemed to be going so well.  He invited me to his friend’s engagement party, I met all of his friends, he came over and cooked me dinner.   1,205 more words