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Just finished reading T”>The Wedding Date  by Jasmine Guillory, which is a great contemporary romance. The novel starts with a “meet cute” story and all the giddiness, butterflies, and miscommunication that ensues. 216 more words

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Island of the Misfit Boys

Don’t you wish there was an island where all the shitty dudes from your past could be banished, like the Island of Misfit Toys, but sub in Boys for Toys, as these clowns are definitely boys not men.  319 more words

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U Up? The Podcast

I love a good podcast and a random stranger recommended Betches U Up? podcast. Seriosuly, a random stranger, I was in a store and eavesdropped on two girl friends having a convo about dating and inserted myself into their convo. 456 more words

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First Non-Date of 2017

So I cried about TV Guy disappearing. Slightly lame, but I liked him from our conversations and one date, and finding someone who seems normal* while online dating is like finding a needle in a haystack. 146 more words

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Date # 1 of 2017

After starting 2017 off crying in my parents’ kitchen, I resolved to make the most out of remaining Match subscription (I had signed up for a 3 month plan). 519 more words

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Dive in!

Online dating. Everyone knows someone who met their spouse on match/eharmony/tinder etc. This past summer, I attended the wedding of an eharmony couple. I’ve dated from both Match and Bumble, but I’m currently a sitting alone on my couch. 91 more words