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An Alibi is a Lie

When people start to give an alibi to justify whatever they have done or are about to do which pertains to not keeping agreements or abuses boundaries, I don’t bother to listen to the verbal garbage. 292 more words

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Emotional Roadkill

There are many causes for disease but it seems too much of a coincidence that quite a few people I’ve encountered who have developed breast cancer have had spouses who were unfaithful to them. 392 more words

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Ridiculous Bewilderment

According to the perspective of each person, they do not deserve whatever misfortunes happen to them. It might be true in some cases but it is not for the person themselves to determine since when we judge ourselves, it can be wildly biased. 345 more words

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Invalidation and Disease

As humans we have a basic need to be validated and feel that we matter and that we are important to the people who matter to us. 221 more words

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Sometimes There Are Eureka Moments

I am a bit brokenhearted and my ego is a little bruised. Typically this gets me thinking and I suddenly get the urge to write.  I will save the reason for my broken heart for a later time.  550 more words


How Soon is Too Soon?

Timing is a personal issue, most especially when it comes to life choices such as getting married… There are people who know immediately that they are with the right person already and there are people who take their sweet time and there is no right or wrong as long as the person is of age and lucid with decision making and not under the grip of mental obscurations. 417 more words

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Essential Boundaries

In a perfect world, people would have respect for the emotional and physical boundaries of others. However, we exist in a world which is still in the process of learning how to better itself and whose inhabitants think have the slight problem of differentiating their business from other people’s business. 113 more words

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