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If You Wanna Be Happy

Remember that song “If You Wanna Be Happy“?

I never really thought how misogynistic that song was until I heard on the radio during one of my drives from Iowa City to Des Moines. 405 more words

Dating & Relationships

The Dating Roller Coaster

I have been dating.  The kind where you go on dates with lots of different people in order to try to develop a connection and then….date them.   2,116 more words

Dating & Relationships

18 Reasons You're Lucky To Date A Midwest Girl

1. She has a laidback approach to life. She’s not very high maintenance when it comes to her style. She’s usually comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans but she also knows how to kill it in a little black dress from time to time as well. 790 more words

10 Lovesick People On The One Person They Wish They Would Have Waited For

We all have regrets. Some of us choose to accept what’s happened and move on with our lives while others can’t help but dwell on what could have been. 1,823 more words

The Ways We Drift Apart From The People Who Once Knew Us Best

Do you ever think about how many people we come to know throughout our entire lives? We form friendships, fall in love, hearts break, relationships end, distances are created. 601 more words

7 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Children

When each of us come into the world – we are a blank slate. We have the amazing ability to be formed and molded by our surroundings and the people who influence us in the most important of times. 1,088 more words


Fairy Tales and Muggles

On paper, Brian was just right: very intelligent, not bad to look at, and an astoundingly successful career for someone his age. I hesitated at first because he is a few years younger, but everything else seemed to override the age difference. 627 more words

On Being A Woman