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5 Lessons on Love That I Learned From One Night Stands

There are a lot of preconceived notions when you broach the subject of one night stands, and most of them aren’t positive. Some of the reasons are valid, because it can be a highly negative thing, but for the most part, I think this mindset is a result of the slut shamming culture we live in, where anyone who chooses to express their sexuality in a less than traditional way is inhairently wrong. 798 more words


Bloom Where You Are Planted

Have you ever noticed that various types of flowers grow in only specific areas around the world? Whether you are hiking in North America, trekking across the Sahara on camelback or biking along an Island shoreline off the coast of Thailand, natural beauty is present all across the globe. 1,181 more words

Relationships: My Girlfriend is Losing Interest! What Should I do?

Dear Sybersue:

My girlfriend of 2 months is starting to pull away from me with no reason that I can think of. She just started not returning my texts and saying she was busy all the time. 436 more words


Ask Babs: How to be truly happy being single

Too often with dating we spend our time living in the future. Therefore, when we are single it can be difficult to live again in the present. 628 more words


What it REALLY means when a young, Black woman says "I'm fine"

Man oh man. Dating is something else! Recently, I found myself in a situation where I was BEYOND PISSED, but when asked “what’s wrong” (by the same person who pissed me off – might I add) I said “I’m fine”. 456 more words

Black Girl Magic

Only Insecure Dudes Make Women Feel Bad About Being Sexual Beings

I’ve always been the guy who has a lot of girl friends.

Growing up with a single mom and three sisters, I felt I understood and… 544 more words

Where to meet women?/ My take on one night stands.

So I have tried the online dating scene and I have to say a couple of years ago when I first did it , it was pretty good. 361 more words