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15 Things to Consider When Dating Over 50

The latest census by the U.K Census Bureau confirmed singles in Britain are now covering 35% of the adult population. This number translates to a rise of dating sites targeting a mature audience such as yours truly. 67 more words

Rihanna Dishes Out Dating Advice To Guy Who Slid Into Her DMs

One Rihanna fan DMd her to ask how to deal with heartbreak and she replied with some inspirational words of wisdom. Rihanna has had some high profile relationships break-ups – but this time, she’s in the spotlight dishing out heartbreak advice. 9 more words

In Retrospect...

We’re interrupting this week’s regularly scheduled shenanigans for a brief trip down memory lane. Instead of dishing on my exciting journey in the wonderful world of downloadable dating apps (I’m being very sarcastic if you couldn’t tell),  I’ve decided to do a little reflection. 597 more words

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6 Reasons Introverts Are Better At Dating Than Extroverts

It might seem like extroverts have a leg over introverts when it comes to dating, but introverts are the ones who actually bring more to the table. 41 more words

People are paying private investigators to check out their dating app matches before meeting up

Julie Nashawaty was a couple of days away from a first date with a man who, according to their online dating profiles, she had a 92 per cent compatibility match with. 24 more words

Ouch! How does ANYONE afford crippling cost of midlife dating

Welcome to the crazy world of midlife dating. When did dating get so expensive? Research suggests the average Brit spends around £1,280 a year on date-related activities. 11 more words

Romance a single dad in this upcoming dating sim

Dream Daddy sees you taking on the role of a single, eligible dad navigating the dating pool in search of other single dads. In addition to raising your daughter, you’ll be able to customize your persona, play though a range of minigames as you discover a town full of hot dads to date, and perhaps best of all, deploy dad jokes. 10 more words