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Are You a Serial Dater?

In today’s video Dear Sybersue discusses the topic on being a serial dater. Are you addicted to dating?

  1. Do you always want that initial excitement that a new person brings to the mix?
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I Need My Own Show

Is Logo still a thing? Because I think you all are missing out on great femme reality TV moments like that one time when:

– I went commando to the supermarket and only when I was back in my apartment did I realize my zipper was down the entire time (you are welcome, Harlem!). 2,229 more words

How To Date Successfully

Let me clarify the title a bit before we get started. This post is for those of you who have trouble finding someone to get into a relationship with. 859 more words


Don’t Get Surf & Turfed this Valentine’s Day: 5 Ways to Protect Your Wallet

When I was 23, young, broke and stupid I learned this term. It’s when you generously take someone out to dinner on a budget and they unexpectedly order the two most expensive things on the menu, the steak and the lobster. 797 more words

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The Married Gals Guide to a Singles Valentine's Day

I know what you are thinking right now…a big F-you you married lady!!! What the hell do you know about being single on Valentine’s Day???!!! Well listen here people, I was once single on days such as Valentine’s Day, and I actually kind of miss it. 41 more words

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Could Social Media be a trigger for attachment anxiety among teens in dating relationships?

Could Social Media be a trigger for attachment anxiety among teens in dating relationships?

Social media has started to play a large, significant role in dating relationships among high school students. 607 more words

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9 Date Ideas For Valentine's Day

So it’s that time of the year again where we’re all rushing around  to get valentine’s dates and stressing to get the perfect date to take them on. 322 more words

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