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親親抱抱舉高高 [qīn qīn bào bào jǔ gāo gāo]

親親抱抱舉高高 <Expression> Kiss and hug and raise above the head . This expression is often used to describe one’s love for pets or loved ones. 16 more words

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Why Are Men SO Weak???

Does this go back to Adam and Eve? I guess it’s hard for me to understand because I’m a woman. Will there be a man to step up and answer my question? 654 more words



Ahhhh hello friends!!! Forgive me, but it has been quite a while since I last wrote something! I will get right into it! Today I wanted to speak on the topic of… 2,080 more words

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Currently Experiencing Writers block, This is an Overshare.

Currently listening to The Weekend’s Call out my name.

I am currently experiencing a block of some sort that I am making conscious efforts to lift. 855 more words


5 dating DON'Ts that lead to bad relationships

  1. Don’t settle for less just because it’s available. I think all of us have settled at least once for a relationship we knew wasn’t working. This could be even in friendships where your friends are toxic and only bring drama into your life.
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Why Dating Is Harder For LGBT People

Something I discovered after I came out of the closet was that like many of my peers, we had foregone traditional dating trends that were heteronormative for straight adolescents. 680 more words


嫁給了愛情的模樣 [jià gěi le ài qíng de mú yàng]

嫁給了愛情的模樣 <Expression> The appearance of being married to love. This expression is often use to celebrate a couple’s love. Their happiness are attributed to the fact that they are deeply in love. 11 more words

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