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Staying Grounded While Being More Social

Underneath it all, I’m still lonely and miserable, but I’m doing my best to focus on the moment and be my best self in each situation I’m in. 675 more words


Ask Liz! Is flaking bad if I’m feeling anxious or unwell? Do I have to tell them exactly how I’m feeling?

“Is flaking bad if I’m feeling anxious or unwell? Do I have to tell them exactly how I’m feeling?” -Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for submitting your question! 286 more words


The Galway Guys

It started with a phone call. My Galway Guy and I hadn’t made concrete plans for our rendezvous. I had said I would let him know when I arrived in Galway and had checked into my hotel. 1,086 more words


What Do You Want?

So cut the crap, D!  WHAT DO YOU WANT? What do YOU really want? Not what do you believe? Or what you know. What do you want?  575 more words


Confessions of a Breakup

I feel stupid. For introducing him to my mother & having her give the “son-in-law” title to another failed relationship of mine. And I feel bad for her now, too, because she was so happy for me & she really liked him. 579 more words


Youthful Desires

Someone showed me an interesting Tumblr post today. It was a “story-time” regarding the blog “authors” experience. For context, this blog is heavily riddled with nudity and other adult-content and could arguably be stated, promotes and invokes sexual desires. 1,345 more words

The Writings On The Wall

Selling Out For Love

Life creeps up on you pretty past; one moment you’re a 17-year-old boy with no worries in the world and the next moment you’re a 37-year-old Black man trying not to offend people with your mere presence. 2,372 more words

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