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Love and Dating When You’re Living and Dying – P.S. I Love You

In my very first story on Medium, “Online Dating: No Nipples Required!” I went straight up to the elephant in the room and smacked him in the face. 37 more words


Taking Fun Seriously

I had a blast writing this piece for the Pursuit NYC blog

Our wedding was in two days. It was ten o’clock at night, and we had a million things left to do on our checklist. 932 more words

Real Life

Leave Now & Forever Hold Your Peace | Breakups 4 & 5

Post breakup #3, we maintained communication and would eventually meet up to hang out. The first couple of times though I was harsh and was holding onto a lot of angst against him, but that rubbed off and I moved on from those feelings. 1,212 more words


Why I Quit Instagram

When Instagram first came out, I was all over that. Hashtagging tf out of my pictures, following all my faves, just constantly using the app. And then one day out of the blue – I got over it. 698 more words

Dating & Relationships

Goose Vs. Elephant

We all have that one friend that after a drink or two wants to fight someone.  Well that’s this goose, although I’m pretty sure he’s sober. 72 more words


How To Be An Unforgettable Woman

“You’re a woman. Use it. Bring every man you meet to his knees.”

Rule #1: Never seek validation from anyone, no less a man. The woman who doesn’t require validation from anyone is a… 380 more words

Dating & Relationships

Heartbreak Collision

Crash & Burn

You can be completely over someone in a relationship but the damage and mark it left on your heart will remain for years to come unless you learn how to grow from it. 418 more words

Dating & Relationships