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Monica And Chandler - The classic 'FRIENDS' couple!

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, as I lay staring at my computer screen trying to work out what to write for some time and started thinking about the  on-screen couples, their chemistry and relationships, and realized that I can’t leave mentioning one of the best TV romances: Rachel-Ross and Monica-Chandler from Friends. 1,059 more words

Dating & Relationships

Worst Dates Ever – Butch Edition

aka Maria please make this anonymous. (All you all are so cute!)

One of my friends met a cute femme on match.com. They talked for about two weeks when they decided to go out. 1,772 more words

Of Fries and How To Be In The Relationship of Your Dreams (3 of 5)

Lesson #1 here. Lesson #2 here.

Lesson #3 Embracing the ‘V’ Word

Get your mind out of the gutter, guys. The ‘V’ word I’m talking about here is Vulnerability. 537 more words


If I Said Yes.

June 1, 2015.

This is the date that I got asked to be someone’s girlfriend for the first time in my life. You would have thought I’d be excited about it. 350 more words


Things that Make You Go...Hmm. And Then Call Bullsh*t!

So time and time again, Black women are cast aside for women of other races. Many black men are turning up their noses at us like they weren’t raised by or grew up with us. 420 more words


Bars & Pick-Me-Ups 

I was at the bar with a few friends and a bunch of acquaintances. We were talking about favorite bars throughout the city and the beers they offer. 385 more words


I Don't Know Why I Don't Want To Date

This past weekend I was at a flea market with my mom & cousin, and I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see a guy I’d ‘hung out with’ in college. 833 more words

Dating & Relationships