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How To Win At Dating

Are you playing the dating game? Do you know the rules? Are you winning or losing? Dating isn’t actually a game, but the zest with which people approach the search for a partner is comparable to the energy invested in any sport. 805 more words

When You Never Have The Closure You Need

I had a feeling something was up, not just a sudden moment then but that something had been there, subtly, achingly, for a few days. Something that wasn’t the same like the first time we met, not the same in the way we usually spoke, not the same how we always found time for each other. 756 more words

4 Big No-Nos on a First Date

First impressions are everything. Whether it’s clinching a million dollar deal or meeting a potential life-mate, first impressions are remembered, hence should be carefully plan and executed. 518 more words


Holy Matrimony

Love, love love these videos.  They are from Pastor Keith Battle of Zion church in Virginia.   Funny but informative … n’joy :)

You can find other videos on YouTube or their website: … 6 more words

Dating & Relationships

19 Great Drake Quotes That Will Make You Feel Like No One Understands Your Pain Better Than Him

I went to a lit reading a couple weeks ago in Brooklyn that combined music + literature by making the reading themed all things Drake or all things ~inspired~ by the emotional poignancy of his lyrics.  389 more words

Why I'm Grateful For The Almost Relationship I Had

Before I say anything further, I will be honest with you: it hurt. Yes, it hurt big time the moment I realized the relationship would never be what I wish it could be and he was never going to feel for me the way I felt for him. 723 more words

Why Do Some Women Leave Their Dreams Behind to Follow a Man?! Find Out How Loving Yourself First is Truly the BEST Remedy...

Many women now a days in relationships don’t put themselves first.  Pretty simple statement, right?!  Right.  What I mean by this is that they’re so focused on their man and what they bring to the relationship, they loose sight of themselves and what they had planned their future! 370 more words

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