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8 Clear Warning Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

This is a very difficult topic to discuss – because you’ve got to be sensitive to people’s feelings, but at the same time, give them a dose of reality. 788 more words


7 Things Public Relations Can Teach Us About Online Dating

One of the most frequent concepts people bring up to me in their questions or comments, is online dating. For better or worse, your online presence online dating websites. 1,193 more words


Six signs you aren't ready to be the queen to his king...

There are some signs in a person’s character that exhibit emotional immaturity and many of them don’t do well to preserve a healthy relationship.  How do I know?  987 more words

Dating & Relationships

Simply Stronger

As I was watching Hua Mulan, the Chinese version of the Mulan movie that is actually historically accurate and does not contain a talking dragon or a lucky cricket, I realized something about myself. 542 more words


The Grossies

When alone, I think that we all, at one time or another, have done something that would be considered gross, but what about the guys (and gals) that do it in public?  724 more words

Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage - Nobody's Head Explodes

Just in case you’ve been completely disconnected from civilization today and haven’t seen the 5 gazillion Facebook posts and news articles, The Supreme Court has officially legalized gay marriage (or as I like to call it…marriage) across the United States. 109 more words


"It's Okay To Be Afraid, But It Will Never Be The Same" : On Breaking-Up And Moving On

Just over a year ago I wrote about my first experience falling in love. In an instant, the entire solitary lifestyle I imagined for myself completely evaporated to make room for this passion and happiness that could be described as nothing else but “love.” 757 more words