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How To Be A Gentleman (Tip #13)

“Ghosting” is never an option.

Okay maybe sometimes. But almost never.

I’m not talking about flirting with a girl and then stopping. I mean after you’ve gone on a couple of dates and you don’t think you should continue, don’t disappear. 132 more words

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Accepting while kicking and screaming

“I’d rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right.” – Albert Einstein

My life is not all about dating, but in dating it seems is where I learn the most lessons.  1,336 more words

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The Dos and Don’ts on Your First Date Encounter.

First dates can be really exciting and at the same time timid and most probably you really don’t know your first date very well. To others, you might have encountered a first date experience and it didn’t end quite okay. 1,016 more words

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Why We Can't Blame Aziz Ansari For What Happened

I know I’m offering a controversial view, but hear me out.

For as long as we can remember, men have generally played a more ‘active’ role in the dating game. 685 more words


Courting Vs Dating – a love-sick colloquy

I am a hopeless romantic. Having born into and growing up in that transition period from courtship to dating, I believe I can rightfully talk on both sides. 511 more words


我下麵給你吃 [wǒ xià miàn gěi nǐ chī]

我下麵給你吃 <Expression> I will cook some noodles for you to eat. The expression was originally a classic line in Hong Kong TV shows, but in Simplified Chinese, 下面 “below, down there” and 下麵 “cook noodles” are both written as the former word, so mainland Internet users have developed a new interpretation of the line: I will let you eat me down there. 14 more words

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床上運動 [chuáng shàng yùn dòng]

床上運動 n. On the bed+exercise. Exercise in bed. This Internet slang term is a euphemism for sexual intercourse. 8 more words

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