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Top 10 Wacky Things Women Do that will send a Good Man Running

Usually, us women are so used to talking crap about men and giving example after example as to why they ain’t shit! But, have you ever thought about us women being the problem sometimes?   565 more words

Ziggy Thunder

DATING: The Secret Way To Get Them To Stop Texting You

Can we all agree that it’s easier to get along with someone that has similar texting etiquette as you? Someone with whom the conversation just flows effortlessly, starting and ending naturally? 662 more words

Recycled Novelty

Memo To The Clueless Butch 3

- if a femme you just met is sick, you offer to bring her soup, and she declines, don’t keep asking. It makes you sound like a creep who wants to know where she lives to stalk her. 1,544 more words

A little inspiration

From time to time I need a little inspiration. I find it in many places, but often watching inspirational YouTube videos encourages me to stay on track and keep the faith. 293 more words

Dating & Relationships

Why Understanding Our Everyday Behaviors can Predict Our Future (Good or Bad)...

Ever wondered about how you became the way your are?  Why you behave the way you do?  Why you seem to tolerate the nonsense that you do, or why you keep making the same type of mistakes over and over again?   534 more words

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25 Things I Did Instead of Getting Married at 25

Today a friend of mine sent me a link to an article entitled 23 Things to Do Instead of Getting Engaged When You’re 23. The author of this article seems to face a similar Facebook thread to mine: people my age are getting engaged, having babies, and posting pictures of their weddings… 1,037 more words

Life Lessons


Back in the day, religion, tradition and culture ruled the society we live in, everything was done according to the way our ancestors lived their lives and everything else took a backseat. 752 more words