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Facts to Remember About Dating Scams

Dating scams are based on the principle of tricking the confidence and trust of someone with the goal of making a financial gain. The scammers show feigned romantic intentions to a victim in the interest of gaining his or her affection and then use the goodwill offered for committing fraudulent acts. 459 more words

Dating Scams

Latest BigScammers.Com Updates About Online Dating Scams

Many users from everywhere around the world continue to post online scam complaints and Web crime reports in BigScammers.Com. This online community’s user-generated content shows that a lot of users are still being victimized by online dating scams, fake tech support schemes, ransomware and phishing fraud, credit card and identity theft, fake money making schemes, malicious applications and bogus investing opportunities among other Internet scams. 682 more words

Dating Scams

Warning to Widows and Other Single Women

I published a blog called “Just One Text” a couple of months ago. This is a continuation of that topic. Apparently, there must be a book out there like, “Scamming Widows for Dummies” because I am getting quicker at spotting them. 815 more words

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Online Dating Scams & Money Fraud

A lot of scam complaints against money scams have been posted this year by users of BigScammers.Com. A lot of these scam complaints also involved online dating scams. 667 more words

Dating Scams

Learn These Quick & Easy Tips to Safely Avoid Online Dating Scams!

Extortion scams on the Internet are rapidly evolving into more sophisticated schemes. A few years ago, cyber security groups in the USA reported the entry of ransomware scams. 694 more words

Dating Scams

Just One Text...

A few weekends ago, we passed the six-year marker of Tim’s death. Seven of my peeps and I went away for the weekend and the accommodations and weather were perfect. 1,302 more words

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Scamming the Scammers: Scambaiters Turn the Tables on Nigerian Scammers

Lest you think that Nigerian scammers (aka 419 scammers) are just some wacky, fun-loving, down-on- their-luck guys from poor African countries just trying to support their families, keep in mind that dozens of people, such as Norwegian millionaire Kjetil Moe, have been lured to Africa and killed by the person who was scamming them. 1,648 more words