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Police break up romance scam gang that fleeced women of $1.5 million

Online romance scams are among the oldest in the conman’s arsenal, but sadly we see them all too frequently.

In 2014 alone, scammers operating through online dating sites defrauded thousands of people out of more than $86 million in the US and another $14 million in Canada, according to the… 635 more words


Check out this online dating scam

Buyer beware on Match.com?

Each week, readers send in their most outrageous tales of online dating scams. Some are good, some are really bad and some are ugly. 395 more words

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Roller Coaster Not Dating Life: Men, learn some manners

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It’s time for some updates on my strange singles week. Let’s chat and enjoy an Arugula Greek Salad.

As you may recall, when we last connected I was riding the roller coaster world of dating – or not-dating — and had ended the week with a mixed message from one man and a rejection from the other. 1,166 more words

Baby Boomer Dating

A Curious Addiction

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We have all heard of computer game addiction, social media addiction, and online dating addiction. Online dating addiction refers to people who can’t stop searching for the next best thing – someone new to date even if they have met and started dating a great match. 621 more words

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Tinder hack tricks men into unknowingly flirting with each other

In yet another example of how very hackable Tinder is, a programmer rigged the app with bait profiles, identified men who “liked” the phony female photos, and set them up to fling lust-filled come-ons at each other. 545 more words


How To Avoid Dating Scams

Dating scams are grabbing more and more young men by the wallet than ever before. Scammers know that some people enjoy have a little anonymity when they seek out their thrills, and because of this they have a direct line in to your personal information and even your money. 304 more words


Security Check: Tips for Safe Online Dating and Avoiding Dating Scams

As someone who watched TV detective shows in the ‘50s and ‘60s, I entertained a fantasy of being a private investigator – a female version of… 1,950 more words

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