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Fitness Freak

I have recently started dating a new guy and my god, he has to be one of the most beautiful men on the planet. I couldn’t believe my luck when he showed that he was interested in me and wanted to go on further dates. 290 more words

Dating Stories


“Hey!  What time are you off work?  I’ll come pick you up and we can hang.”  (Three dates in. First message after a week since our last date) 541 more words

Boys can be 75 plus...

Happy Sunday.  I have had some funny things happen these past few weeks leading me to blog about boys who are older than 75.  Yes, they are out there.  517 more words

What's my number?

Last night my lover fucked me into oblivion.  It was passion at it’s rawest and most animal-like.  There was no tenderness except afterwards in his words.   122 more words

I'm a bitch and I like it:)

I think I might be a bitch after all…hehehe.  I’ve been talking to this guy for a couple of weeks now.  We had gone out on a meet and greet coffee date way back in May of this year.   240 more words

Apple for the teacher

Last year as part of my university course, I was sent into the reception class of a primary school to carry out a two month work placement. 371 more words

Dating Stories

Dudes. Chill.

Two tales. One moral.  

Preface: Both the men in these stories said they were looking for more serious relationships.

Tale #1 Scrabble guy

Second date.  Naϊvely, I met him at his place to play Scrabble (I know!).   791 more words