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A Postcard from Russia

Today’s postcard shares a cute little story from a woman in Russia.

“Last summer I had a really fantastic date that has changed my life completely… I had a date with a man who I hadn’t never seen before this day. 53 more words


Poor Mr. Nice Guy

We usually tell you the stories of the truly outrageous guys that we meet. These are hilarious and are basically the whole reason we created this blog. 916 more words

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Time to Let Go (Finally)

If I treated you the way you treated me, would you still be talking to me? There’s your answer.

I’m ashamed. I’m not embarrassed I’m letting go of someone else who was a disappointment, but embarrassed to admit how many chances I gave someone who truly did not deserve them.

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He told me he wouldn’t sleep with anyone else before he sleeps with me. He said he didn’t want anyone sleeping with me either. He told me I gave him pleasure when I sent him a nude photo at 2am. 451 more words


The Bechdel-Wallace Test

The Bechdel-Wallace TestFor a given work of fiction to pass the test, the work must 1) have at least two women in it, who 2) talk to each other, about 3) something other than a man.  

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I never knew you, you never knew me

Been reflecting a little lately about my relationship with my ex husband. Partly because he is getting married next week (to the woman he ‘definitely’ wasn’t having an affair with when we were married, did I mention she was my ‘friend’). 341 more words

Dating Stories

The BEST Vacation Ever

Today marks 5 years since I got home from the BEST vacation I’ve ever gone on.

A friend of mine said he was getting a bunch of people together to go on a Trans-Atlantic Cruise. 1,254 more words