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Hello Molly!

Once upon a first date I met a guy who was really cute and grabbed my interest immediately. He was in good shape, had a nice butt, and was definitely chill. 597 more words


Mr. Grey

The story of the third guy started just a little over 4 weeks.  We were set up by a mutual friend.  Well, the guy he set us up actually works for Mr. 520 more words

There are Three Men

So now there are three men.  There’s sales man who I recently went on a second date with and it went well and there was a few pecks on the lips at the end which was really nice.   434 more words


Free Copies of An Alphabet of Men!

Until Saturday, February 25th, you can download the Kindle version of Alphabet for FREE! My book is being promoted through Amazon this week, so head on over and grab your copy today! 27 more words

Online Dating

The no-no square...

So, here is the story of guy number two…

But first a little back story, so this story will make sense.  I have a young adult daughter.   788 more words

TG - First guy...

Hello all –

So, after taking a two year break from the dating world I recently started to get back out there.  The first guy I encounter, let’s call him TG. 384 more words

Modern Dating Turned Me into a Psycho 2.0

So you remember that girl who M slept with back in the middle of last year? The one I found out about over Skype and then… 501 more words