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50 shades of nay

When you date people, you are obviously looking for someone who is quite similar to you and into similar things. So when I started dating Barney, and discovered that he was a fellow book nerd, you can not understand my happiness. 331 more words

Dating Stories

Job dating...

I am happy to report I have decided to leave a job relationship I have been in for over 16 years. I am able to leave thanks to “job dating.” I’ve been sharing this concept with many I speak to and decided that it is blog worthy. 545 more words

Two dates too many

I hate living in such a small town. In fact, it’s not even that small, yet somehow I always run into people, who I definitely don’t want to see, at the most inappropriate of times. 460 more words

Dating Stories

Misreading signals 

I’ve been thinking about Mr NP (as he is now known) and I. When we spoke and I asked him what was going on as was getting the vibe that things had changed, he said he hoped he hadn’t mislead me. 254 more words


He was actually Mr NP

After such a promising start with the nine hour date, constant contact, two over night stays, the two mix CDs and the long distance not being an issue, turns out it is all too much effort and Mr AP is just not that into me. 262 more words


Saying 'I do...'

The dating world is a minefield. An exciting minefield, but definitely a minefield (I have now said the word minefield too much…I don’t think I have ever had the need to use it so often!) 402 more words

Dating Stories

Feeling blue

After a fortnight of not seeing each other I was really looking forward to seeing Mr AP for a long weekend.

Hadn’t made huge plans but kicked my house guests out for the weekend, planned some nice meals to cook and was generally looking forward to spending time with him. 288 more words