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You Don't Get to Make Me Miserable Anymore*

*Ironically, writing this post has made me feel sick & I shed a couple of tears. But that’s okay. I’ll be okay soon, and you’ll still be a selfish bellend.  514 more words


Another Postcard from Russia

Today’s postcard is another short story from Russia:

“My first date and kiss happened July 19, 2015. It was like a holiday romance. My birthday on January 19 and bday of my partner’s – 19 February! 45 more words

Dating Stories

Not Crying Over a Boy

I don’t think I’m the only one to have those days in my life where the smallest things are considered achievements. Like remembering to pack my umbrella in case it rains, managing to change out of my pyjamas when I’m having a crappy day, or not crying over a boy. 429 more words


Short one

A little bored today, I went online to check out what’s been going on on my account.  I’ve received a few messages and a few likes over the past couple weeks – no ‘Spank me’s, fortunately.   404 more words

The Irishman: Part 1

I have been inspired by my friend Bunny over at SouthernGABunny to recall past conquests. For me, I have been in more “almost” relationships than real relationships. 1,181 more words

Female Courage

Happy Sunday.  Today I’m “forgetting about boy addiction” to discuss a topic I promised my good friend battling stage 4 cancer I would write about in her honor.     349 more words


I’m struggling to write this one. I’m not sure what to think or what to believe any more.

It’s never been easy with you. But I thought we were there last week, in a moment when I finally thought you did care, and that you could see my worth. 380 more words