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Sometimes you date, sometimes you learn.

Online dating can be exciting, in that, it’s exciting like watching a car crash.

You see someone you’re interested in, you message them thinking well they’ll never like me or even respond  1,526 more words


3rd date with Date No. 12

Date: Summer Theme: Seasick Steve – Sonic Soul Surfer; The Clash – London Calling Mood: Wonder
A few weeks have gone by and even though we’re still texting and speaking on the phone, there’s a change. 390 more words
Dating Stories

Dear M, I'm Falling for You. There I Said It ...

Where do I start? If I could tell you the things I really wanted to say to you, I’d be talking non-stop for days.

Because there are so many things I’ve come to cherish about you. 782 more words


Speed Bumps of Awkwardness Aka My First Tinder Date

“Maybe this is a great opportunity for us to get to know… how we each deal with awkward situations?”

That’s not something you want to hear on a date. 1,513 more words


When The Going Gets Tough, Take Time Out

It’s been a bit of time since I spoke about M, probably because not much has happened. (That’s usually a good sign since I only ever write when things aren’t going too well). 597 more words


So you're writing a blog..

Okay, I’m not exactly what you would call a “writer” or perhaps a “thinker” or definitely even “creative”, but I have been told on several occasions (at LEAST two, I’m very popular) that I should write a blog. 416 more words


2nd date with Date No. 12

Date: Early Summer Theme: Stone Roses – Second Coming; Massive Attack – Mezzanine; Janis Joplin – Pearl Legacy; Leftfield – Leftism Mood: 320 more words
Dating Stories