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Dating Stories: The Vegan Lady

I took a vegan to KFC. Not on purpose, it was just near the car park where we planned to meet.

Mum said KFC was appropriate for a vegan, “Because they can’t fucking cook.” 401 more words

Dating Stories

Dating Stories: The Banana Lady

I hate it when people assume things about me. Especially when they’re right. Like the time I was at the supermarket near me. It has free fruit for kids. 370 more words


The Snake and the Mantis

I try Tinder. I download it at work, in the lull between customers and coupons. I upload a few photos. The aces of the bunch. Everyone has exactly five photos they look good in, and it is up to you how you play them. 733 more words

Short Stories

The World's Worst One Night Stand: Part I

So a lot’s been going on the last few weeks, and I have to say, this one I thought was maybe the craziest experience I’ve had yet. 1,046 more words

Dating Stories

Dating Stories: The Saddest Story Lady

Often before a gig I hear people say they’ve practiced their new material on their partner, just to check it wasn’t shit first. I don’t have a partner. 234 more words


Anita The Ugly Werewolf

A week or two ago, I’m talking to my friends about our dating lives — because that’s like our major topic of conversation. Plus it’s always the most entertaining. 668 more words

Dating Stories

The Nurse Who Lost Her Husband

A while back, there was a nurse I was trying to get with. I met her at work – I’m a first responder so I’d run into doctors, nurses, and other hospital employees on a semi-regular basis. 892 more words

Dating Stories