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Dating Stories: The Two Heads Lady

I went on a date with a woman from the planet Quarack. It was going okay. I was having an orange juice, she was biting the heads off pineapples, as they do. 382 more words


Dating Stories: The Misogynist Lady

For my niece’s birthday I bought her a book called The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat.

My date said, “That doesn’t sound like a very appropriate book for someone who should be raised a future feminist.” 613 more words


Is Harold really God's gift to women?

Whether it is bluff or bravado, Bachelor (again) and bon vivant, Harold H. quickly dismisses his three divorces, and announces he’s looking for a  woman who understands him.   314 more words

The Shiny Estate Agent

A few years ago, when I was a humble estate agent, I had a slight ‘daliance’ with another estate agent. He was a complete moron. He couldn’t spell words, he could barely speak words, he had a big shiny moon face (that my friends still rip the shit out of to this day), but somehow I still wanted to bang him. 443 more words

Karaoke Boy

Now as the less experienced blonde, this whole dating malarky is pretty new to me. Karaoke Boy was my third ever Tinder date who came after seeing (then quickly ditching) some slightly odd boy a few times, and then proceeding quickly onwards to claim for my own what my friends described as a ‘bit of a fuckboy’ for Sunday Netflix and bangs. 339 more words

Love in the BOI: Erika & Ray

Meet Erika & Ray.  Ray traveled to Spain to study Spanish, while Erika was in Spain volunteering to show Americans around. Their love for one another & Erika’s love for Boise lead to be a Love in the BOI story.  372 more words

Dating In The BOI

Dating Stories: The Icelandic Horse Lady

I got a Tinder match in Iceland. Not sure why. Maybe because my profile said, “Australian. Not your cousin.”

When we met she said, “Góðan dag.” 515 more words