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Date #8: Mr. Crossfit

Hot Cross(fit) Buns

According to Mr. C, he was a-
1) 6’0
2) Irish
3) Physio
4) Crossfitter
Unfortunately for him, one of these characteristics was a blatant lie, and I’m not sure how he ever expected to get away with it. 934 more words


Dejavu - Mr. Thanksgiving

Each person has aura. Sometimes we cross paths with someone who reminds us of somebody else. Mr. Thanksgiving left me such a huge impression that I had been thinking about him.. 331 more words


Rendezvous at a conference

I draw clear line between work and life – I never date anyone I meet through work. Imagine that you went to a conference and bumped into a guy you dated who you had no idea that he works as same industry as yours and you didn’t talk anymore. 342 more words


Mr. Priorities

Before my date last night, the guy I was going out with on the 2nd date asked me if I really wanted to meet because he wasn’t looking to waste his time. 384 more words

Dating Stories

Online Dating - Do You Know The Type?

Why is that when you are female and past the age of 30, that the idea of no children and no marriage seems scary? The feminist side of me gets pissed off because this is often not a concern to men because they don’t have that biological clock ticking away like us women and I feel like it is so unfair. 1,472 more words

Some dating resolutions I am trying to stick to...

So, I’ve tried online dating before, and to be honest I never liked it and was never successful.

BUT… apparently it is the way to go. 347 more words

Online Dating

Mr. Summer - End of the Chapter

This may happen probably once or twice a life. It just happened today and I am so glad it happened. It cleared up all my feelings for Mr. 398 more words