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You do know this is a dating site, right?

I know, dating used to be different for guys. They could see a cute girl at a bar, get her number and they were good to go. 499 more words

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Men in my life who teach me to wait for "my man"...

Happy Sunday. This week, I am inspired by the men God has sent to me over the years who teach me about patience and the value of waiting for “my man”. 457 more words

59. James' Charm School for What-The-F*ck Gays OR "James, Why Are You So Prickly?"

A while back, I was having lunch with my friend Jian Li. I was telling her about a date I had gone on where the guy grabbed my hand and kissed it, and I immediately responded with, “Stop it, stop being nice to me, you don’t even know me.” Jian Li laughed and asked me, “James, why are you so prickly?” I’ve been putting some thought into it. 1,335 more words

The Southern (not so) Gentleman

I appreciate when a guy is a gentleman. Someone who is considerate and has good manners.

I was emailing with a 35 year old financial guy from Plenty of Fish who had just moved back to Miami from the Carolinas. 1,228 more words

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Liars, stop digging yourself a deeper hole.

I have brought up in previous posts how much I dislike liars.

I even have it written in my online dating profile that I don’t like when someone lies on their profile about anything. 352 more words

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The boy who got away...

Happy Sunday.  I recently reconnected with a “boy who got away”.  I was 23, met him in a bar in Hoboken, and he was very kind.  380 more words

Online Dating and Practicing Safety

Sure, online dating can be scary and you want to take certain measures to be as safe as possible

Personally, I email with them for a bit and then talk on the phone before meeting in person. 269 more words

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