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Is It Time To Try A Court Appointed Girlfriend?

I had some time during Thursday’s visit to the Federal Building, Modern Philosophers, to check out the directory of services offered to the good people of Bangor by the Federal Government. 516 more words


The Dos and Donts of Online Dating

Not long ago, the thought of online dating was considered completely taboo. Anyone who ventured into this space was either desperate, a loser or both in the eyes of others, making conventional dating the only acceptable option. 631 more words



You’re of the ‘right’ age, you keep being harassed because in Nigeria that’s what we do, you are responsible with a fairly decent job, you’ve been for every prayer service and every asoebi train and somehow you just can’t seem to land a date or even if you do, you can’t find your happily ever after. 584 more words


How To Get Back Into Dating After Divorce

It’s possible that like millions of other divorcees across the globe you swore you’d never date again after your divorce – but like anything, time does eventually heal, at least most of the wounds! 104 more words


Tip 2: Crossing The Street

When you cross the street, make sure your date is crossing it with you. Don’t just look both ways and bolt. You don’t have to hold his/her hand, but a simple “let’s go” or “let’s cross” is enough to let them know you’re thinking about them. 82 more words


A Relationship Goal for Millennials

Relationship Goals! It is so easy to get caught up on your social media timeline to see happy couples everywhere. Wow they are so in love and just happy all the time. 474 more words