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Dating Men: Choosing Romance or Reality

Do you want Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now?

Your dating approach when meeting a man is best directed at whatever goal you can see yourself accomplishing with this particular man. 681 more words

Dating Tips

EHarmony Drama Queen

A year or so ago, a co-worker signed me up for eHarmony. He was tired of consoling me on a recent breakup and wanted to help me rebound. 482 more words

Online Dating

The 5 Worst First Date Mistakes

The 5 Worst First Date Mistakes

The first date can be a wonderful thing if you put your mind to it. If you go in with the right attitude it may very well lead to a second date and much more from there. 698 more words

Dating Tips

8 Signs You are Self Sabotaging Your Dating Life

It’s Summa summa summa timmmmee and after getting quite a few calls, texts and outright cries for help about men and dating issues I figured I would come out of hiding and help my ladies out. 2,888 more words

The Thought Catalog

A couple of week’s ago I was ecstatic after receiving a message from one of the coordinators at The Thought Catalog. She said one of their staff writers had ran across one of my posts and thought it would be a good fit for their site. 134 more words


Six Tips for Safe Internet Dating

“He seemed like a wonderful guy and after dozens of emails, I finally used my real name. I was comfortable chatting with him and we planned to meet in a few weeks.” Cheryanne is a professional woman who excitedly signed onto the… 275 more words

Interracial Dating

Make Better Choices Girlfriend

It’s true. We’ve all been there. Dating men who were beneath us in terms of socio-economics, but should we really date a broke man? A man that is not able to provide for us? 507 more words