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Settling is for Wussies

I used to think that there is always something in life that we have to settle for. How many people do you know that stay at a job they hate? 560 more words

The Dating World and Bumble

The dating world have revolutionized and gone digital. People used to meet their partners through family and friends, but now meeting on the Internet is the new phenomenon. 307 more words


The Rules of Dating (According to Me)

As a newly(ish) single woman, I’ve found myself in a slump dating-wise. After the initial grace period for grief over my failed relationship, friends and family now expect me to get back out into the dating game. 660 more words


What young girls need to know.

Us women have heard from our Mothers what I’m about to tell you.  So my young reader don’t roll your eyes.  I did the same thing when my Mom told me this stuff and let me tell you, she would say, “I didn’t live all these years for nothing” and she was right.   671 more words


Me and my blog

Here is where I’m supposed to tell you about me… I’ve never been great about taking about myself, I think this is what initially put me off online dating. 431 more words


Our Dating World - It's a Strange One

Now that you have learned and understood what you are looking for in a Hufe it’s time to understand the dating world that we live in now. 515 more words

Tinder in NYC vs. Tinder at Home

In my humble opinion, Tinder is less used as a dating app, but more of a form of entertainment. I’ve been so over the entire dating landscape that I’ve been using Tinder as entertainment for myself… to chat and troll with guys that I have (pretty much) no intention of meeting up with. 926 more words