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Entry 2

Y’all, I am kicking myself in the butt right now…. I had the perfect moment/opportunity to ask the guy I like to hangout sometime and I didn’t! 267 more words

Let’s Talk About Players

So my last Blog was about my second date. Well this post is going to be about how a guy can go from “Oh my god I like him” to me using the middle finger Emoji 🖕🏻 that’s only after the second date. 551 more words

#TheCatGuy continuation. Part Two

Date number two: Initial excitement:

I am so excited got myself a date number two with the hot guy from POF. We have really hit it off on the first one, so really looking forward to see him again. 1,819 more words


#TheCatGuy + First experience with online dating! Part One

Suffering a big heartache for a couple months after splitting up with my partner, I have decided it is about time to pick myself up and hit the dating arena for the first time ever as my ex partners were from friends circle, uni or workplace and I never went on a date with a stranger before! 1,028 more words


Intro to my blog about online dating experiences.

I have hit the scary 30 years of age and became single just 2 months after dreaded Birthday – I am facing total change of life! 782 more words


Blacklisted from Donatos: A Short Story

Once upon a week ago, my roommates and I took a trip to Donato’s for some birthday festivities. We had been drinking at another bar beforehand, but I have the tolerance of a 60 year old man who has been drinking since they were 12 so I remained unfazed.   323 more words

The Modern Dating World: A Fickle Bitch

Many moons ago, I decided to download Tinder and try my hand at the modern dating world. The usual response I get it “Well, you shouldn’t have used Tinder to find someone. 675 more words