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Encounter #21.2: Brooklyn Babe

App: Hinge

Name: Khalil*

Date Location: Apotheke, Pulqueria, and Le Barricou

Location Review: 3.0 Stars – Atmosphere is cool. It’s one of those hand-crafted cocktail spots and has an apothecary theme. 1,710 more words


Excuse me??? : The Daily Catch 22

Ok…I am going to warn everyone that this post might come across a little bitchy. It’s going to be a bit of a rant but I believe it needs to said. 867 more words

Gone Fishing... Catfishing

Trusting your gut is all well and good but how do you employ that strategy when the very nature of dating, particularly online dating, is that of having to take things at face value? 3,140 more words


Guest Blogger - Gemma from How To Make Friends

Hey guys, Georgie here just to introduce! As promised, I’ve enlisted the help of an incredible fellow blogger Gemma of How To Make Friends blog and more recently the winner of a UK Blog Award! 1,670 more words


Ariana Grande & Mac Miller Are In The Running For Cutest Couple Of 2018

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller have been going strong for years now. When you think of long-lasting Hollywood couples it’s doubtful that Miller and Grande pop into your head, but they should! 474 more words


What is Romance? A closer look at "Love Languages"

I was recently on a date where I posed the question “Do you think you are a romantic person?” Over the next few minutes, the topic quickly changed to a different question, “What is Romance?” I feel by nature, women are traditionally more romantic then men. 429 more words


Boy asks girl to prom by faking his own death and absolutely terrifying her

‘A few minutes after the prank was revealed she was laughing and smiling again.

‘She was more relieved he was not hurt – they are a wonderful couple.’ 460 more words