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The Sappiest

For the last few days, I’ve been watching puppies, kittens, and love stories in an attempt to erase the horrors of the weekend. Tonight, I watched… 691 more words


Date When You Are Ready

What makes you want to be in a full and serious relationship?

There are times that you want to be touch, love, care of by someone you love. 696 more words

Being Ugly

I get this question asked more than anything. More than, how are you? More than, is that your dog? More than anything. It made me think that, maybe I’m going about this love thing all wrong. 348 more words

Get in Loser, We’re Prioritizing Self-Care

Finding my peace and comfort in a chaotic world…

I am in a better headspace than I ever thought I would be in. And that is actually weird to say considering the fact that we are living in a pandemic. 515 more words


Quarantine Poetry-Blabbermouth

I want to say more 

Than your name

Or I think it is your name

It comes out a jumbled mess

A mouth full of scrabble tiles… 68 more words


how we kept things under wraps

so here’s a funny story about how kris and i kept a newsroom full of nosy reporters off our scent when we started dating.

we’d been friends since she joined the staff at the old charleston daily mail back in 2002. 712 more words

Why I Have to Disappear from Your Life

This piece was also published in THOUGHT CATALOG

You can also watch this Spoken Word performance of the piece. Hope you guys like it!

Why I have to Disappear from your Life… 684 more words

Sewer Rant