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He said he likes me...

oh, this is a build up to when he said, he likes me…

It was the usual Thursday evening, after all day of hard work watching this famous dragon web series and trying to keep up with the story, crush(distraction),number of houses and their political link and rivalry, who is in love with who and who is lusting on who and sudden mysterious deaths. 808 more words


5 Types of Tinder Woman You Should Avoid As A Man - Part 3

In this post, I will talk about yet another 5 more Tinder women you could avoid. Feel free to view parts 1 & 2 down here: 896 more words

La Delicatesse (2011)

Ever. Save chocolate? That’s how I feel about Audrey Tautou movies. I have this assumption, it’s going to be. Too sweet. Who’s life, is really like that? 184 more words

August 24, 2019(4)

Since you’ve been gone I’ve taken to re-arrangeing the furniture. Like little conversational sets. You know. Ok, is that really weird?


This Is Where I Used To Live

I wrote my first blog post in a while over at Dad Has A Blog, and that got me doing the kind of reflective life pondering that usually leads me to post over here on my (also somewhat abandoned) “regular” blog.  836 more words



photo by Ben Hershey for Unsplash, used with permission


As a jock he’s overrated. He’s insipid and a bore.
He dishes out the dirt on all his dates that’s mainly lore. 53 more words


What really is love?

Everyone says love hurts. Everyone who has had their heart broken by someone they thought was ‘the one.’ I however don’t think that love hurts. Someone who has had their first heartbreak recently may curse me out for writing this. 569 more words