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Unscriptedly single

I recommend that you read ptagirlunscripted post about why she is so dateable. The article made me think what makes a person dateable is highly subjective. 92 more words


Trust Him.

Online dating is something that’s still pretty new and can be scary to a lot of people. I’ve had my fair share of crazy people trying to talk to me on online dating sites and even some crazy dates with online people. 714 more words

Mad Max: The Second Date

“My wife and I are going to ComiCon this weekend.  Matt Smith will be there,” Mr. Blue Eyes said.

Excuse me?!  No wedding ring, no pictures on his desk—but he’s MARRIED?!  1,145 more words


What I Learned pt. 48

  • I found that as I steadily gain more reason I also steadily lose more faith.
  • I disliked the film Lucy because it left that empty feeling in me that occurs when I try to reason the origin of the universe and life itself.
  • 392 more words

"Do you want to be in a porno with me...no?...just sex then... pls"...I give up on online dating

Apart from bumping into my ex, guys who wanted me to dominate them (all 45 years +), a few with weird fetishes and now a guy who works in the industry (porn) wanting me as his partner in the professional sense, or otherwise a few casual encounters I’m now starting ( yes starting), to lose hope in finding someone not normal per say but just balanced…. 96 more words


....and I'm single again.

I am so sick of dating. You get dressed up, fight off the nerves, and go out to a coffee shop or restaurant to meet a stranger. 207 more words


I Don't Want To Face My Fears, I'm Afraid of Them

I married my high school sweetheart, divorced him two years later, and shortly thereafter met my eldest child’s father, whom I left after six months of living with him because the relationship was toxic (addictions are a serious issue). 197 more words