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Chapter 23: But, Why?

Answer: Why the fuck not?

I get asked ALL the time, “Maureen, why are you writing this blog?” and it’s usually followed up with a “all you do is bash dudes” “don’t you feel bad?” or my personal favorite, “what happens when they figure out you’ve written about them?” That last one makes me giggle every single time. 1,143 more words


Chemistry on Tinder

PG 18

Tinder… A mostly shallow app where we swipe on the hopes that there is always something better on the other side…

A couple of years ago, I had a date at 8:30pm with Gijs (not his real name). 3,528 more words


Accepting Heartbreak

Sigh. I didn’t think I wanted to acknowledge what was happening when it was happening. I was in the present moment of getting through and working through the pain and sadness but I don’t think I really acknowledged what I’d lost. 1,130 more words


You Were 'Not Ready For A Relationship' With Me But Then You Started Dating Her

Some people don’t make sense together and that is okay. I should brush off my heartbreak. I should remind myself there are other fish in the sea and I deserve better and a million other cliches — but watching you walk away from me hurt. 474 more words

The Depth of Our Loneliness (poem)

I found this old poem by accident yesterday, excavated from a tattered, 25-year old notebook, written during my single days. I’m happily-married now with two girls (4 and 7) so though the poem is sad, there was a happy ending to the story. 327 more words


Diet Review: Fat Decimator System By Kyle Cooper

Have you heard of the “Fat Decimator System”? Maybe you saw the presentation about it.

Just in case you haven’t, Fat Decimator is the name of a diet that was made by Kyle Cooper. 1,586 more words


Love vs Knowledge

A few weeks ago, the other authors and I performed in a mock GCSE performance of the play ‘Bluestockings’ by Jessica Swale. It focused on both the educational and personal struggles of the first ever female universiry students. 358 more words