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Sex and The City: Quarantine Edition

Featured Image: My coworker’s cat on a group date over Zoom.

Some of you were lucky enough to go into quarantine with a significant other. Others, like myself, panicked at the idea that not only could we not have random meaningless sex anymore but that even dating was out of the question. 583 more words


Wrong number part three

Wrong number part three
Matt And nicky had been on a few dates. They went out for coffee, a diner date, a picnic, and more. They went to his parent’s house. 2,241 more words

Year 3 Day 337

I know subjectively that everything is okay, but still the remnants of the fall out stay with me through a bleak Monday. This feeling eases but my overall worry remains – what if this is the beginning of the end? 49 more words


Save Yourself

My last year in college I dated this guy and for the most part he had his life together. I remember questioning what my purpose was in the relationship because I couldn’t help him. 340 more words


I Wanna S** You Up

If you’ve been following my blog, then you know that I am sort of dating or have been dating. So I am just pretty interested in the aspects of dating/love/sex during this time and I randomly did a quick Twitter search on the topic of sex on the first date. 542 more words

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The Teaser Kiss

We never made it to the bedroom. There was also not much of anything that happened. I held her hands, and about an hour after her arrival we looked at each other with that quiet pause and I went in for that first kiss. 359 more words

If you are a male without a girlfriend

If you are a male without a girlfriend, and if you think that women have it easy because they don’t have to ask out, then that means you are over privileged . 401 more words