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(Not) Opening Up

I woke up at 9am and for once felt refreshed, so I got up straight away. I did manage to say most of the morning prayers at the right time, but not in the right order (I changed the order to say the most important prayers at the right time). 1,070 more words

Living with Loneliness

Why is it that everyone wants to be in a relationship yet they still manage to remain single? After months of Tinder, I decided to hangup my online dating boots forever. 313 more words

Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 6

The heat of the early summer and the salty air had always been a promise of future pleasure, one could actually believe in the possibility of a carefree, beautiful time of sensorial depravity, and Amalia was breathing it all in, focusing only on the sound of her heals on the almost deserted pavement. 484 more words

Choosing to accept. Don't ask, don't tell!

“Sometimes people let the same problem make them miserable for years when they could just say, So what. That’s one of my favorite things to say.  797 more words

Daily Life

They Disappear, The Good Ones

Funny how on Bumble, the ones I get really excited about disappear before I can write to them, as though they have a sudden crisis of confidence. 424 more words

First Time Meet N Greet Conversations

It’s amazing how many people forget to have conversation manners. When we are excited about who we are talking to sometimes we can’t wait to tell them all the things we have to say. 376 more words

Communicate Your Doubts/Assumptions | Fostering A Relationship God’s Way

Beautifully Rewritten Daughter of God,

To the one who is struggling in a personal relationship, blessed one this letter is for you.

You see child, I actually want you to win. 277 more words