Isabelle Brown - Only Having A Laugh

When a project like Only Having A Laugh comes along, people whose musical taste run counter to trap and hip-hop tend to rejoice.  A project that takes aspects from jazz and soul while still managing to sound fresh through the vocal delivery and incorporation of modern hip-hop elements is something that can be hard to find and even harder to have work over the length of seven tracks.  342 more words

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Juicy J - SHUTDAFUKUP Review

It is safe too say, that Juicy J, one of the founding members of Three 6 Mafia and a pioneer of Trap music, really is one of Hip-Hop’s hardest working machines. 548 more words

Emergency Blog: After Careful Consideration I Am Officially Declaring Lil' Wayne BACK.

Folks. Happy Friyay. We out here still. Weather has been a bit wacky, eh? Yeah, me too. This week has been good to me. I’m down $27 on the week because everybody who gambles is a loser. 1,986 more words

Video | VC - @RotzZach #W2TM

New project will be out January 19th. I recently came across Zero music and one thing I can say is he a hard worker. He dropped a couple projects 2017 and is starting 2018 early with “Better Days” on the way.


Lil' Wayne Still Dedicated

The dedication mixtape series has been monumental to the success of Lil Wayne. His first one, released in 2005 really separated him from the other artists because it showed his work ethic and worth.   194 more words


Lil Wayne fans have had quite a wait for ‘Dedication 6’ – it’s been just over four years since the release of its predecessor ‘Dedication 5’.  55 more words

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