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Anime Universe: multi

Characters: Marcus, Ken, Agumon

Genre: Family, friendship

Summary: Ken gets a fever after a digimon appears near Marcus home town. Marcus feels guilty at his stupidity as he takes care of Ken. 1,387 more words

Creative Writing

Guided Reading

Teaching Channel: Guided Reading with Jenna: Classroom Management

This clip shows Jenna, a classroom teacher, going through what she has done to set up guided reading in her class. 344 more words

DATS Open House Wednesday September 10

From 10 until 2 there will be an open house at the DATS facility on 86 St, it’s #5610 if you are not familiar with it. 27 more words


Informaion for the Disabled Driver In the City of Edmonton

For a Disabled Parking Placard, you will require an Application form filled out by your doctor which you take into any Registry Office to be issued a Placard; the cost for a placard varies from Registry to Registry.    476 more words

Disabled Adult Transportation Service

I have been using the Disabled Adult Transportation Service since approximately 1984.  Since that time the program has gone through many changes, some good; some not so good.     583 more words