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Meet Digidestined Higashi

Meet Yoshino Fujieda´s reality 07 counterpart´s son Higashi  !

When DATS was disbanded, Yoshino passed to work as a police officer with Miki, Megumi, and Satsuma. 262 more words

Meet Digidestined Minami

Meet Masaru Daimon´s reality 07 counterpart´s daughter Minami !

She  inherited from her legendary father a fierce spirit, an incredible strength  and  a strong sense of justice. 259 more words

Meet Digidestined North

Although she´s identical to Relena Norstein, so identical that they could be twins…they are not.
She is Kita Norstein, belongs to Reality 07 and Lunamon is her digimon. 82 more words

Fist pals

And after a rocky meeting, in the most animé cliché, Masaru Daimon and Steve Worthington III (a.ka. Piddomon) found out they have more in common than what they thought and ended becoming BFFS. 135 more words

Seniors' Spotlight

Did you know seniors are one of the groups most affected by rising costs?

Seeing seniors return to work after retirement is a sign we are failing to acknowledge seniors issues. 122 more words



Anime Universe: multi

Characters: Marcus, Ken, Agumon

Genre: Family, friendship

Summary: Ken gets a fever after a digimon appears near Marcus home town. Marcus feels guilty at his stupidity as he takes care of Ken. 1,387 more words

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