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It would be wonderful if my adult child would take a more forgiving view of my sins as his mother. I hope one day he gains insight, learns compassion and grows in understanding about the importance of forgiveness. 289 more words

3 Tips for Communicating Well

My husband and I just returned from a 5 day trip.  Upon arriving back in our home country and once again having cellphone service, we phoned our parents – mine and then his.   692 more words

In Her Shoes

I’ve often reflected on why things are uncomfortable and strained between my mother-in-law and I and have wondered if there were things that I could have done better.   460 more words

What's In a Name?

Okay, so here’s an idea that popped into my head while on my way to the airport to fly to Chicago. We would be spending the weekend with our older son and …. 395 more words


Homecoming (Part 4)


gets up slightly and raises his voice even higher

You should be the one to talk! Christ, your mother’s had so much botox she can’t even crack a smile, and I bet she couldn’t turn on an oven to save her life. 565 more words

Homecoming (Part 3)



MRS. SETO: Housewife in her early fifties, mother of John Seto.

JOHN SETO: Wall Street banker in his early thirties, son of Mrs. 716 more words

Hope is All that I Have #AtoZChallenge

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness”- Desmond Tutu.

Before I started out on the #AtoZChallenge, at the time I was choosing an appropriate theme, I decided I will write positive things about India. 330 more words

Social Being