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What’s one thing adults in India really like to talk about at a family home evening?


If it’s a gathering dominated by men, they’ll rant about the economic crisis in India, and blame the current government for everything, talk about old times when everything was perfect and when you could buy a month’s grocery with a coin that isn’t even minted anymore. 691 more words


Future mothers-in-law: Things not to say to your daughter-in-law

Someone told me that she wants to marry a man whose mother is dead because she wants to escape the wicked mother-in-law palavar AKA Patience Ozokwor Syndrome… 897 more words


Toxic Daughter in Law

Yep. You read the title. Let me express myself again.

Toxic Daughter in Law (noun): a poisonous woman that destroys relationships.

Intense. So am I a toxic daughter in law?  484 more words


It's A Daughter Thing

My seven year old got nineteen out of twenty on an English multiple choice test,  but he was not pleased. ‘My answer is correct, I don’t know why the book says its wrong,’ he complained. 528 more words

Dear husband ...

A letter from a wife to her husband who fails to see her challenges of living with his family and adjusting to a married life. 864 more words

Breaking Silence

I wasn’t expecting my blog post, “The Relative Truth,” to cause so much chaos in my life. Good & bad. I started writing because it was my way to vent. 802 more words


Letter to My Future Daughter-In-Law

Dear Future Daughter-In-Law,

I don’t know you yet, or even if you exist.  But I think about you a lot.  You’ve influenced so many of my parenting choices while raising a son. 472 more words

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