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Thank You, to the Mother of My Future Husband

Dearest future mother-in-law,

In just five months, I will walk down the aisle with one of the most amazing humans that I have ever known: your beautiful son. 898 more words


Dear MIL, I married your son and not you.

Every lady has a certain set of expectations from her in-laws and post marriage when they aren’t fulfilled, the expectations turn into a suppressed desire of controlling others. 772 more words


A Christmas Carol

From around the 12th of December, her life is ruled by lists. As a mother of four adult children who all come to spend the Christmas celebrations at home, together with their boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses and children, lists are her lifeline. 703 more words

Popular Culture And Entertainment


With the holidays, I have had time to reflect. I have left quite a bit of the impressions and opinions on others -good and bad, as well as confusing. 748 more words

Working Mommies

Redefined Relations.

“Hon, you will find a mom in her, trust me.” He reassured.

“I want my daughter in law to be my daughter. I want to share everything with her.” Her message read.

The Wicked Mother-In-Law

Very often I have wondered – “Why is it that the mother-in-law is wicked? And how come your own mother is the best in the whole wide world, even if she is somebody else’s mother-in-law? 339 more words

Son has no legal right in parents' house, can stay at their mercy: Delhi high court

A son, irrespective of his marital status, has no legal right to live in the self-acquired house of his parents and can reside there only at their “mercy”, Delhi HC said. 508 more words

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