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I am a “daughter-in-law.”  Those words served merely as descriptor of my place in my husband’s family and held little more meaning than labeling purposes until now.  321 more words



“Really!! Is that even an excuse? Don’t be over smart. Do what I say!!”, Sheela screamed at her daughter-in-law.

“No amma, please. I said I can’t.”, pleaded Meera. 134 more words

Short Story

“My bahu is prettier than yours” – When marriage turns into a beauty contest

Mashallah! Bohat pyari hy aap ki bahu!

(Mashallah! Your daughter-in-law is very pretty.)

Bahu hy aap ki? Khoobsoorat hy !

(Is she your daughter-in-law? She is beautiful.) 984 more words


Things I Would Like to Tell My Daughter-In-Law

The main reason why I wanted to write this letter is because I do not have a daughter and so many things that I would have told her, I have no one to tell. 1,322 more words

A Quip from the Crop; Auto Correct Failure, #2 Awkward Moments with My Kids

My son and his somewhat new bride-to-be decided on a road trip to a local Navy Harbor that has a Naval Museum but at the time was also hosting, “The World’s Largest Rubber Duck” floating on the bay. 136 more words

A Mother’s Anguish

I am a mother – to a son, a daughter-in-law, a son-in-law and a daughter. Am I a good mother? I like to think so, for my children have turned out well. 596 more words


How We Began

I know that these are written all of the time, and I love them. Personally, I congratulate each and everyone who gets to do this.  This one is my first, but not my last. 1,128 more words