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Mother in law and the kitchen control

  • Mummy, I will make just khichadi for dinner today.
    Mummy “No but Pappa cannot eat just that. He needs roti subzi”
  • Mummy, tell me how does this dry baigan subzi tastes.
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Marital Kin

It’s been said that nothing changes on the first day of the year,
what horrid solipsism, we’ve enormous world to revere.
New Year’s Day is new beginning in the cycle of our lives, 192 more words


When Christmas doesn't go as planned.

It’s not like I actually “plan” it… it just seems to happen. It’s the same every year. Stay up too late wrapping gifts, make sure Santa has come and gone, get up too early, open gifts, drink coffee, saying thank yous and i love yous….then back to bed for a nap before i have to get started on Christmas dinner. 1,380 more words

When your Mother in Law comes

When your mother in law comes over for the night, and see’s how well you handle the morning rush, and makes a point to compliment you on how well you’re doing, and how amazing the kids behaved, its really an incredible boost. 217 more words


A Venture into Storytelling

Dear poetry friends,

I’ve been dabbling in storytelling, both written and oral, and this month Edible Southwest, an elegant gourmet magazine, picked up a story of mine in their annual storytelling issue. 35 more words

14. The Ugly Baby Deity Longevity

About a year later after they married,  Yu-Wen happened to be in favor of sour food. She became lazy and easy to get tired when doing her daily housework. 979 more words

New Everlasting Blossoms---Unfolding Petals