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Mothers and Daughters... in law

My first thought here is wouldn’t this sound better if it were simply Mothers & Daughters?  sigh

(Note to self:  I must remember to find out how to put the emoji that’s laughing and crying at the same time!) 617 more words


{ Jello & My Mother-in-Law }

A few days ago, I wrote the post Moxie & My Mother-in-Law.

I promised some ideas for sweetening your relationship with your mother-in-law. They are listed below. 308 more words

It Wasn't Always This Way

My story did not start off with me having the Monster In Law that some people are cursed with. I met my husband’s mother when he and I were dating and while I knew right away that she could be pushy at times, I felt that I had been one of the lucky ones blessed with sane, loving, welcoming in laws who treated me as they did their own child. 644 more words

Open Letter to my Mother In Law

To the woman that I will call Mother in Law for the rest of her earthly life:

I found it interesting that in recent conversations with your peers, the least mean things that they had to say about you was that you are a “jerkface”, a “horrible person”, have a character that is “a little bit ugly” and “will end up alone”. 812 more words

On being the mother of a married man...

The transition from being your kid’s mom to a MOMM (mother of a married man) can be quite jarring.  You go from being the caretaker, the comforter, the cheerleader, the guider, the counselor, head of your household and breadwinner (for some) to being excluded. 313 more words

Adult Son


I know I am not your daughter

Nor do I expect you to be my mother

I know I am not a part of your family… 199 more words

Lost mommy

Well, after months of thinking of starting a blog, here I am finally initiating a blogpost. It’s a wonder that this took me so long and I won’t be surprised if this is the only post that I write for a while! 532 more words