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Why did I respond?

Hello Fellow In Laws,

I’m here to share my experiences and let other daughter-in-laws know they are not alone. Today, I will be discussing my reply to my sister-in-law as well as the argument that happen the same night the letter was emailed to me. 715 more words


Analyzing SIL email - The question here: What is family?

Hello Fellow In Laws,

So I have started my analysis of my sister in law’s email. This email is gnarly that for sure, but did anyone notice that she used the word family 35 times. 3,171 more words


Daughter-in-law in Toxic City

Hello, my name is Tiana and I am a member of the infamous daughter-in-law club. I know I’m not alone, but sometimes it sure feels like it. 2,676 more words


Thankful Thursday: Another Grandbaby on the Way!

I am so thankful for my daughter-in-law and the precious baby that she carries. This weekend I will be giving her a baby shower and I am so excited to do this for her. 66 more words

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Discussing 'IN-LAWS'

Today, I realized that one topic that unites all women is “IN-LAWS”. We can have endless discussions and chit chat over it for hours and the best part is that there is never a dearth of incidents and events to explain our plight. 547 more words

Chit Chat

Wedding Plans and Fran the Cow

So, you met Fran in the last post.  She called me the other day to announce that her son and DIL were expecting a child.  What wonderful news!  682 more words


"Practically, what can an introvert DIL do to communicate that she means no disrespect by wanting her own time?"

Patriarchy can’t survive without hierarchy and rigid but complex rules that ensure everybody knows their place. So Indian daughters in law in traditional and patriarchal families may not give their opinion but they are expected to be gregarious extroverts in some situations.  1,820 more words

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