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After watching a six-minute clip of a Vietnamese woman bashing and ripping the pants off her cheating daughter-in-law, who froze on the bed the whole time, while the girl’s husband, a scrawny, useless looking thing, bounced around the room shrieking and swiping at his wife’s lover like a monkey on dope, all I could think of was, so that’s why the girl slept with another man. 306 more words

Daughter's Week.

A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give – Laurel Atherton.

We all love gifts, don’t we? So why not to accept this most precious gift of nature and nurture her with love, care and respect. 247 more words


The Girl With the Pink Hair

The girl with pink hair.  That was not the girl that my MIL had in mind for her son, let
alone her youngest son.  She had plans.   272 more words


Bond with your mother in law

Day 10

Till now you was only a daughter, full of fun, careless, pampered and one & only centre of attraction in family.

Now when you are married and all set to take up responsibility, be assured you have first step right & that is have beautiful & strong bond with your mother in law. 270 more words



What’s one thing adults in India really like to talk about at a family home evening?


If it’s a gathering dominated by men, they’ll rant about the economic crisis in India, and blame the current government for everything, talk about old times when everything was perfect and when you could buy a month’s grocery with a coin that isn’t even minted anymore. 691 more words


Future mothers-in-law: Things not to say to your daughter-in-law

Someone told me that she wants to marry a man whose mother is dead because she wants to escape the wicked mother-in-law palavar AKA Patience Ozokwor Syndrome… 897 more words


Toxic Daughter in Law

Yep. You read the title. Let me express myself again.

Toxic Daughter in Law (noun): a poisonous woman that destroys relationships.

Intense. So am I a toxic daughter in law?  484 more words

Working Mommies