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Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Homophobia and Bigotry

“Book With Gay Character Banned From School Book Fair In Monroe” — This was the Channel 4 Detroit (WDIV) local news story headline that aired on the 6 o’clock news, October 23, 2015 and caught my attention, prompting this article.  1,685 more words

Banned Books

NaNoWriMo 2015, Day 1: 1670

I had lofty goals to start the day. I woke up around 5am (thank you kids!) and figured I could get in an early session before the rest of the kids were up. 325 more words


Tickled pink!

Why do happiness, silliness and joy seem so elusive?  I know when I’m there and I know when I’m not, but HOW I got there or WHY I can’t get there escapes me.  369 more words


5 Reasons Kids Will Cheer for Captain Underpants

The Captain Underpants series is so much more than a tighty-whitey clad superhero tale; it is a chance for kids to relate to characters who are just like them.  66 more words


The NEW Captain Underpants is here!

Great news for fans: the 12th book of the Captain Underpants saga is here! George and Harold have to fend off Mr Meaner’s anti-kid spray, and save the world for themselves and their doubles… 22 more words

Junior Readers (8-11 Years)

The Literary Lair: The Adventures of Captain Underpants

This week on The Literary Lair, I take a look at one of my favorite books from when I was a kid.

Mike Gleason

Farty pants


If you like a bit of a giggle with your kids, here’s a couple of great subject headings that lead you down an amusing byway: 30 more words