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Testicle Navigators

Many times over the years I have asked myself the following question and I’ll bet you have too:

“How in the heck did the ancient Polynesians manage to leave their idyllic villages and navigate their rafts thousands of miles over the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii without the benefit of modern conveniences such as Waze, Google Maps and so forth?” 1,018 more words

Dave Barry

Ghost Peppers And Other Things Peripherally-Related to Kitchens

Just to spare you some cognitive dissonance, I feel like I should explain that the feature image for this column has nothing to do with kitchens or Ghost Peppers.  1,088 more words

Dave Barry


“If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” ~Unknown (sometimes attributed to Albert Einstein) 183 more words

For Pastors And Teachers

On Journalism: My College Writing Experience

There’ve been times I’ve wondered if I’d gotten on the newspaper staff in high school (rather than the yearbook) if I would’ve decided to major in journalism (rather than the culinary arts, which was a colossal waste of time). 733 more words

Peter and the Starcatchers - Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson

This book is essentially an origin story for not just Peter Pan, but the other characters in Neverland, as well as the mysterious and magical island itself. 409 more words

Book Nook

Third Annual Lateral Thinking Department Christmas Gift Guide

Well Christmas has come and gone.  Again.  One minute it’s like, July 16th and the next thing you know it’s January 4th.  (Obviously that would be January 4th of the next calendar year since as far as most of us know, time travel hasn’t been invented yet.) 1,606 more words

Dave Barry


“Spiders so large they appear to be wearing the pelts of small mammals.”
― Dave Barry

Spiders that large would make close-up photography much easier. Even so, I suppose there might be a downside…