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Adam Scott's Kids Think He's A Washed Up Actor Now That 'Parks And Recreation' Is Ending

Can you believe next week will be the last time we ever see new episodes of Parks and Recreation forever and ever? Of course, being that in the past seven years, almost every actor from the series has seen their careers explode, we’ll still be seeing plenty of the cast, if not in their respective characters. 65 more words


Dave Letterman's Top 10 Things Brian Williams Has Said That May Or May Not Be True

Yesterday, before NBCU announced it was putting Nightly News anchor Brian Williams on ice for six months over his false claims about being on a helicopter shot by an RPG in Iraq in 2003, David Letterman’s CBS late-night show had taped Top 10 Things Brian Williams Has Said That May Or May Not Be True. 116 more words


Watch Steve Carell Read A Scathing Review About The 'True Horror' Of His Early Sitcom Acting

Before he was a Daily Show correspondent, the beloved star of The Office and Anchorman movies, and an Academy Award nominee, Steve Carell was just another struggling actor-comedian. 322 more words


Martin Short Told A Delightful Story About Nick Nolte Getting Drunk During A 'Three Fugitives' Dinner

Martin Short has got a book and a Broadway show to promote, so last night he stopped by the Late Show with David Letterman to talk to Dave about his ongoing projects. 163 more words


David Letterman Tried His Hardest To Get Ryan Reynolds To Reveal His Baby's Name

Reminder: Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively had a baby girl back in December, and no, they won’t tell you what her name is. Now it’s just getting super awkward though. 121 more words


Louis C.K. Says His Disappointed Fans Are 'Miserable Pricks'

In case you missed it, Louis C.K. was on The Late Show with David Letterman talking about “DeflateGate” last night, and among the other topics of conversation were his… 99 more words


Anderson Cooper Thinks A Quart Of Milk Costs $500, Doesn't Know Who Tony Romo Is

Dave Letterman had Kathy Griffin on The Late Show last night — which finally returned from holiday hiatus — where she recalled her experience hosting this year’s CNN New Year’s Eve coverage. 139 more words