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My Two Nights with Hiram Bullock

If you don’t know who Hiram Bullock is that’s OK.  He’s not a name a lot of people will know outside of the musician world. 490 more words

Quality Experiences

Letterman Takes on a Trio of Tough Guys.

Thankfully over the past 50 years television has allowed us to see and hear some of our favorite actors play up their image or just be themselves on late night TV with a comedian playing host. 256 more words

Daily Take

Leave The Desk, Grow a Beard?

Hosts of Late Night, Ditch The Desks and Grow Beards

We can’t quite put a finger on why these guys did not maintain beards while on television but they sure grew them as soon as they retired.   78 more words

Sports & Celebrities

Finally, an intelligent mind returns to the late night TV scene

Without a doubt, the late night television scene has changed.

It’s more interactive now. There’s more action, and less interview time. It caters perfectly to this generation’s limited attention span. 393 more words

Random Thoughts

Ten Reasons to Vote Democrat by Dave Letterman

Are these really from Dave? Sounds like they could be (at one point in his career) but more likely these witty political sayings are probably written by that same internet “ghost” writer who writes all the great whimsical/philosophical thoughts for Andy Rooney (deceased), Bill Cosby (disgraced), Robin Williams (deceased) and others. 360 more words


Watch Chris Gethard Talk About His New Talk Show Set Built Out Of David Letterman's Garbage

Former cable access staple Chris Gethard awesomely landed a new show at Fusion, and one thing that comes with a new show is a brand new set. 115 more words