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Filming the Queens Wings Being Clipped with David Morris in Kinsealy day 1

Today I had planned to film the clipping of the queens wings in the Kinsely apiary, during this process the new beekeepers are brought to the apiary for the first time during their training and show how to inspect the hive and clip the queen wing. 193 more words


Filming Macro Bees with Dave Morris in Ballymun

Today I had arranged to film a short interview with Dave Morris that would explain what would take place during the clipping of the queens wing in Kinsealy. 184 more words

Phase 2

Mirabilis: Spring Issue One – Dave Morris & Leo Hartas

Unfortunately the demise of Mirabilis’ publisher meant the story has stalled with no continuation in sight. The first issue of the next volume which was completed before this disaster is available free online. 134 more words

Graphic Novel

Mirabilis: Winter Volume Two – Dave Morris & Leo Hartas

The excitement and adventure continues but the supernatural elements take a back seat in favour of mystery and romance. We have an Around the World in 80 Days vibe and an almost Tintinesque thriller aspect to things. 128 more words

Graphic Novel

Mirabilis: Winter Volume One – Dave Morris & Leo Hartas

This is a fantastic work that weaves a whimsical and fantastical tale of wonder. Set at the turn of the Twentieth Century a comet sees magic and the supernatural return to England in a “year of wonders.” 145 more words

Graphic Novel

Filming Interview With Dave Morris

On Thursday March 5th I filmed an interview with Dave Morris in the horticulture building on the campus. I had planned to film the interview outdoors, and had arranged for Jonny to capture the audio using a boom, but the weather was extremely windy and dull, this left me no option but to look for an area indoors, even the area where I had originally planned to film the interview was sheltered from the weather there was two shutter doors, which made a rattling noise due to the high wind. 59 more words

Phase 2

Filming Hives in Kinsealy With Dave Morris

On Saturday March 7th I accompanied Dave Morris to the bee hives he takes of for Fingal North Dublin Beekeepers’Association, which are located in Kinsealy. There is a total of three hives at this location, we arrived there at approximately 3:00 pm, this was to be my first attempt at filming bees in a beekeepers suit and using the shoulder rig. 162 more words

Phase 2