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Dave & Josh Plier’s Father’s Day Full Show 2019: Rich ‘Svengoolie’ Koz, Architecture in the Windy City, America’s Top TV Dads, History of Chicago’s Elevated Train

The tradition continues as Dave Plier’s son, Josh, joins him for his annual Father’s Day show to talk about America’s Top TV Dads with listeners, Roger Badesch and Curtis Koch; a celebration of Rich Koz as he celebrates 40 years as ‘Svengoolie’; author Tom Miller about the amazing architecture of Chicago with his new book ’Seeking Chicago’, ‘This is History’ with Dave Schwan and more!


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Clear All Air Lanes for the Big Broadcast! June 16, 1979: Celebrating 40 Years of Rich Koz as ‘Svengoolie’

Chicago’s own Rich Koz celebrates 40 Years since he stepped into the role of Svengoolie… it all happened on June 16, 1979! Dave Plier, Rich Koz, Josh Plier and Executive Producer Jim Roche talked about Rich’s beginnings in television, ‘Son of Svengoolie’, his favorite monstrous films, history of his set and the return of ‘The Three Stooges’ to ME TV.  12 more words

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Seeking Chicago: The Stories Behind the Architecture of the Windy City – One Building at a Time

Dave Plier and his son Josh Plier talk to author Tom Miller about ’Seeking Chicago’ and the stories behind the architecture of the Windy City, one building at a time.



America’s Top TV Dads of All Time: From ‘Father Knows Best’ to ‘Modern Family’

WGN’s Dave Plier, son Josh, Roger, Curtis and listeners break down top TV Dads by decade including Howard Cunningham (‘Happy Days’), Andy Taylor (‘The Andy Griffith Show’), Jim Anderson (‘Father Knows Best’), Mike Brady (‘The Brady Bunch’) and Phil Dunphy (‘Modern Family’). 14 more words

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This is History: Chicago’s Elevated Train System ‘The L’, Chicago’s ‘Don McNeill’s Breakfast Club’ Debuts, First Ground Forces in Vietnam, ‘Late Night With David Letterman’ Ends on NBC

Dave Plier and Dave Schwan talk about the 1868 passing of the 8 hour workday, the every first Father’s Day, the debut of Raggedy Ann & Andy, the premier of Don McNeill’s Breakfast Club in Chicago, the introduction of Chicago’s elevated train system, Captain Video & the Video Rangers, the start of the Vietnam War, the last episode of Late Night with David Letterman. 6 more words


Move over Millennials, Gen Z Has Arrived!

Millennials have become the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, but now they have something to look out for… Generation Z!  Dave (Generation X) & Josh Plier (Generation Z) along with Roger Badesch (Baby Boomer) and Curtis Koch (Millennial) talk about the differences between the generations and how Gen Z is making an impact. 6 more words

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Legalizing Sports Betting In Illinois: Breaking It All Down With Daniel Wallach, U.S. Gaming Law & Sports Betting Attorney

Dave Plier talks with Daniel Wallach, U.S. Gaming Law & Sports Betting Attorney about legalizing sports betting in Illinois, 25 years of federal inaction and rampant illegal sports betting, 11 sports facilities in Illinois that could qualify for a sports betting license based on seating capacity and what it means for gambling revenues in Chicago and across the state. 15 more words

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