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In the beginning there was nothing and God said ‘Let there...

In the beginning there was nothing and God said ‘Let there be light’, and there was still nothing but everybody could see it. – Dave Thomas: http://dlvr.it/CGtSLg

Dave Thomas

10 Songs Which Deserve More Fame Than They Actually Have

“I just wanna be alone for sometime.. leave me alone” Feeling low? Need a lift? “I wish those days were back..” Feeling nostalgic? Wanna reminisce? Unconfessed love.. 841 more words

Amanda Seyfried

8 Hugely Successful People Who Didn't Graduate College

Is formal education a necessity? Do you need to go to school if you want to build a successful business?

Most people are brought up to believe that going to school, getting good grades, working really hard and getting a good job are the steps you need to take to become successful. 764 more words


Never Cut Corners...Here is the Best Way!

By Mark Bowser

Have you ever wondered why Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers make their burgers square instead of the standard round? Well, I have heard more than one explanation on this subject.  353 more words

This week we learn about adoption from the executive director of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

Erica and Brennan interview Rita Soronen from the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and discuss upcoming events for High School Survival Guide.  Send in your questions to highschoolpodcast.com to get one of our new t-shirts! 7 more words


A Practical Guide to "Do Weights Make Women Bulky?"

By Dave Thomas
Owner, Performance360

Ladies, stop being afraid. Embrace your inner savage. Lift with the boys. Get strong, get more confident, drop the 10 pound dumbbells and ellipticals, and cut the shit already. 3,124 more words

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STRANGE BREW (1983) - Bob & Doug McKenzie for the big screen

There’s no way you can describe the vibe of “SCTV” (TV series, 1977-84) to anyone who wasn’t in on it to start with. It’s like trying to describe how you felt when you saw the original cast of “Saturday Night Live.” 334 more words