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The Rogue's Guide to Shakespeare on Film #26: Strange Brew [Hamlet] (1983)

26. Strange Brew (1983)

Ever since I noticed that Jon Finch, who played the title role in Polanski’s Macbeth, looked like Max Von Sydow, I’ve been suffering from some degree of Sydowmania. 722 more words


Danni Nicholls, Hot Raisin Grapevine @ Bedfords Crypt 12 May 2016

These Grapevine specials in The Crypt are just that, special, intimate and beautiful music nights in a lovely venue. Danni’s visit here last year was particularly memorable with the… 626 more words

Live Music And Dance

Irvine Nightlife Revealed

Where do you go in Irvine when it comes to nightlife? One of the more popular Orange County cities, Irvine may be home to many businesses and schools, but that doesn’t mean the area isn’t alive in the evening. 626 more words

Dave Thomas

5 Canadians working behind cameras in U.S. prime time

Pictured: Dave Thomas and Helen Shaver

Pop Goes The News — There are many Canadians starring in prime time shows on the big U.S. networks — and a bunch of shows that are made in Canada. 556 more words


Top 10 Ways To Unwind In Irvine

There are myriad of ways to unwind around the Irvine area. Whether it is getting outdoors for some exercise, relaxing at one of the city’s better eateries, or just going out for some nightlife on the town, Irvine has many options to help you unwind. 1,334 more words


Best Restaurants In Irvine

Got a hunger for the best restaurants in Irvine? If so, you won’t have to drive too far to wet your appetite. As Irvine continues to grow ( the estimated population a year ago was around 250,000 people), the city continues to grow and add new businesses. 722 more words


Irvine: The New Home Away From Home

When it comes to Irvine, California, regular visitors and locals can tell you that there is much to see and do. A number of corporations have their national or international headquarters located in Irvine, especially in the technology and semiconductor sectors. 770 more words