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Bucket List

We spent the weekend in the land of glaciers which are amazing and depressing all at the same time. As you approach the glaciers from the road, you pass signs that say the glacier was here in 1935…1953…etc and the glacier is still nowhere to be found. 78 more words

Waitangi Day

Next to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and International Women’s Day, July 4th has ranked right up there as my favorite holiday. So I was very excited that we were going to be in New Zealand for Waitangi Day. 446 more words

Paris, France

Here’s a photo of Paris. We did some stuff. OK bye.


Ambush - Desecrator (2015)

Author: Dave

Band: Ambush

Album: Desecrator

Label: High Roller Records

Having just formed in 2013, Ambush are a relatively recent heavy metal band from Sweden. Desecrator marks their second full-length album, and is a continuation of the classic style in which they have entrenched themselves with their previous works. 533 more words


Providence Preview: Five Fouls

Editor: Dave Klinger. Photo: Marquette Athletics

We chatted with Providence basketball guru Daniel James to preview tonight’s game against the Friars. It’s called Five Fouls, an article in which we argued which team has the better whatever–coach, star player, team, city, and all that. 18 more words


Amsterdam, Holland

Today we arrived in Amsterdam. We met Flage.

Here are some things we did:

  • Bought bike gear
  • Ate food
  • Red light district

OK, bye!