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Day +34: Moving On

We broke the news in an obscure way on Facebook and in text messages to family. A black picture of nothingness entitled “Dave’s new self portrait.” 507 more words


Just Like A Woman

Winner: Droppin’

Droppin’ just crushed tonight’s game. No one in shouting distance, although the Driver and Rhys can claim they were the best of the rest. 246 more words

Red Dwarf XI 

Confirming the script read through on his Twitter yesterday Robert ‘Kryten’ Llewelyn posted this picture

There’s a number of things I’ve always wanted to see in a red dwarf story. 149 more words


A year in the life of Dave...

It’s been awhile, and a very crazy few months since I had the last chance to update my blog and write something meaningful in here. It’s been a mixed bag in life, I’ve sort of switched professions I went from writing a lot last year and earlier this year to coaching, to now being a photographer. 500 more words


Sacrilege - Six6six (2015)

Author: Dave

Band: Sacrilege

Album: Six6Six

Label: Pure Steel Records

Sacrilege is one of many bands who were active in the British metal scene in the early eighties who have regrouped in recent years to put out new material. 510 more words



I may be the last person to see this movie. That’s a good thing since I can judge this movie removed from the blockbuster hype surrounding it in 2012. 3,010 more words


The Federal Farmer


Three weeks after the convention ends, one of the first of the many letters debating the proposed Constitution appears in published newspapers. The discussion will revolve around whether the Nation should remain as it is, a confederation of thirteen sovereign republics, or if it should move to a single central government. 118 more words