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BOOM! goes the dynamite...

Yesterday was another long day. The late afternoon meeting with the stem cell transplant team at Jewish Hospital in Kenwood started late. The waiting room was uncomfortable. 759 more words


Revivendo inspiração com Dave Grohl

Dois anos atrás tive a felicidade de ser instigado pelo icônico discurso de Dave Grohl no South By Southwest, em que o artista fala sobre a procura de sua própria voz como músico. 71 more words


I Tiptoe To The Bathroom

Dave gets up. Goes to the bathroom. Flushes the toilet. Washes his hands. Washes his face. Shaves his face. Brushes his teeth. Gets his clothes from our closet in the girls’ nursery. 105 more words

Lessons {of The Mothering Variety}

The Breadth of a Human Hair


The Convention Part 8 – The Breadth of a Human Hair


As the Convention prepares to adjourn for the Independence Day holiday, there is a great deal of anger and frustration in the room. 133 more words


Dave Meets UKIP

Guido is very hungover after last night’s Speccie bash. It was very hot and there was a lot of Pimms involved, also an inexplicable number of pretty models there… 135 more words

Guido Fawkes

Halfway point 

Just like every year, this year is flying and without really any warning at all we have reached July… which is the halfway point… so what better time to do a quick list update.  1,180 more words


Dave Kills Mood at Summer Party With Rant About Surveillance

Dave used last night’s champagne fuelled Tory summer ball to go off on one about terrorists and mass surveillance.

Speaking to a 850 strong crowd at a packed Hurlingham Club, Cameron said he was all for Muslims who call out and condemn terror, but argued that he sees it as his mission to tackle any violent ideology. 187 more words

Guido Fawkes