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Valentine's (ergh)

Never been such a fan of the whole ‘hey, I’ll give you something nice because the calendar told me to and I’ll feel bad otherwise’ day. 126 more words

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Interview with an Author

Another very insightful interview with an author. Never hurts to learn from other writers. Well, the good ones anyway. ;)


Cue snippet:

“I’ve been asked on several occasions where I get the inspiration for my characters, settings and story lines. 46 more words

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The Cuss

Hello, Janrae.

Been thinking about this all week. I’m barely in a good enough place to do it now, but I feel I need to. Otherwise I’ll never get past it. 888 more words

General Blithering

Death Comes Calling

I’m sure the internet has already heard, but my dearest publisher, Janrae Frank, passed away last weekend. We’re all still in mourning, but one of my characters decided to take matters into his own hands.  1,158 more words

Janrae Frank

I have just lost one of the most important people in my life. I intend to blog about her, my experiences with her, some of her stories which she herself shared with the world. 51 more words

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The troubles with KDP Select

The value of using KDP Select has become questionable in many cases. Jennifer Malone has an excellent article on it. Be sure to read the comments. 250 more words

Janrae Frank