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Davey Von Bohlen Interview

This is an archived interview conducted by Liz in 2007 for Front & Center Rock.

Davey Von Bohlen
23 December 2007
The Social|Orlando, Florida

SR: Say your name and what you do and (what band you’re from). 3,997 more words


[Emo] music is my boyfriend

So – I saw The Promise Ring for the first time in 1997. They were playing in Oakland, California, and I was living in Berkeley (just north of the OAK). 535 more words

The Promise Ring : B is for Bethlehem

Building on yesterday’s post, this is The Promise Ring, which is the band that Davey Von Bohlen started after the demise of Cap’n Jazz. They definitely continued the progress of Emo after what Cap’n Jazz had started, and I actually think that they excelled and did it better than his original band could ever do. 233 more words


Cap'n Jazz : Take On Me

I have posted the original and a different cover of this song. This time, Cap’n Jazz is up. I was one of those people who retroactively discovered Cap’n Jazz, by the way of The Promise Ring. 237 more words


Sunday Music Corner: The Promise Ring is Maritime!

The Promise Ring has reunited!

As some of you may know, The Promise Ring’s  2002’s album Water and Wood is a master piece and one of my all time favorites. 72 more words

Sunday Music Corner

Is this thing on again?

“Hello again”

Yesterday twitter delivered some exciting, if mysterious, news. The band who spearheaded a scene, made some of the best albums of the 90’s and gave me the name for this blog, The Promise Ring, announced themselves on twitter with one simple tweet “hello again”. 673 more words


Human Hearts by Maritime.

Most of my favorite albums require a few good listens to understand the true magic behind them.  It’s just a sign of good songwriting– something that while not instantly tangible can have genuine staying power.  668 more words