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Losing my voice

For a few hours my voice was gone.

The night had been cold, the conversation boisterous and shouty, and when I got home the only sound I could make was that of a bagpipe being stood on by an asthmatic warthog. 769 more words


David Attenborough: The Voice of the Wild

If you’ve ever seen a nature documentary, chances are you’ve learned from British naturalist David Attenborough. Attenborough has narrated, written, and starred in countless movies and television programs about nature across the globe. 371 more words

Otterly Enchanting

Channel NewsAsia just released a 2-episode documentary on Singapore’s wildlife. Titled Wild City, the documentary was filmed over a year and captures a beautiful picture of Singapore’s diminishing, yet gorgeous array of biodiversity. 281 more words


Now on Netflix: Life & Planet Earth – Most people have seen these incredible nature documentaries, as they first aired almost a decade ago, but they are worth a re-watch and still hold up as the greatest films of their kind in existence. 44 more words

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Do Your Best, And Make It Your Bestest

I like nature documentaries. They have nice music and looking at the lions is chill. Living in the city in America, they show me parts of the world that I would never see, because I don’t have the money or wherewithal to travel to Africa. 520 more words


How's Your Bird?


If a tree falls in the forest, does the lyrebird mimic its sound?


Que Sera Sera

Sung by Doris Day, this song was taught in school during Music Class because of its lilting melody and innocent lyrics. Little did I know, it is full of wisdom that I had yet to comprehend. 322 more words