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014: Thoughts on being an Observant human

Hey People,

I stare at people. I stare at places. I stare through the windows of houses I walk by to snoop on their choice of TV show. 532 more words

Zöld szörnyecskék

Még mindig hihetetlen, hogy a kemény négy órából álló napom a leghosszabb :P

Nos, az ébresztőmmel valami gond lehet, mert ma be volt állítva, és nem ébresztett. 734 more words

In the London high-fashion district, supermodels and superstars and even Superman come to learn about EcoMinga's miniature orchids!

A couple of years ago our major UK supporters, the World Land Trust, sent a team of creative professionals– Jonny Lu, Jeremy Valender, and Vava Ribiero–to our Cerro Candelaria Reserve to make a short film about its new species of orchids. 424 more words


Social customs: the awkward British shuffle-hug versus the confident Italian double cheek kiss

Or David Attenborough on cultural greetings.

It is no doubt a common British experience to be the unwitting recipient of the awkward shuffle-hug. This phenomenon is a common occurrence in social situations where a handshake would be too formal, yet a solid hug or kiss on the cheek is not quite appropriate. 287 more words


Sir David Attenborough's Letter

It’s my birthday on Sunday, So when I found a few hand written envelopes in my post box, I had assumed they were all birthday cards. 68 more words

Oh yeah, climate change...

Climate change is flying dangerously close to the gravity of asteroids: world-ending, yes, potentially, at some point, maybe, yes, I’ve heard of that; completely beyond our control of course. 1,555 more words

Climate Change

What a beautiful World

Another beautiful video how our planet can be if we focus on the beauty…




  7 more words