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Weekend Roundup

This past weekend was a 3-day weekend for me — I took Friday off because I had some dental work done. You’d think since I had 3 days off I would have been uber productive, but I spent most of Friday feeling bleh and watching Breaking Bad with my husband, since it was his school’s spring break. 310 more words



Our shipment of David Austin Bare Root Roses arrived several weeks ago from Texas. We pruned and potted them and they are now spending quality time debriefing and getting acclimated to our Central Oregon climate. 70 more words

A Visit to the Nursery

It is spring and I’ve got roses on my mind!

What a beautiful day it was here in Union City, CA.  The sun was shining and there was not a breeze in the air.  665 more words


Chicken Delinquents

Much bustling and gossiping greeted me and the steaming bowl of grits I carried. I shoved the door to the chicken’s run closed with my foot and slid the brick in place to hold it. 541 more words

Serene: Path Framed By Rambling Roses

My idea of serene… Rosa ‘Phyllis Bide’ grows on a simple framework of pillars and crossbeams on both sides of a path to The Gallery… 138 more words


David Austin's English Roses

Up until the late 19th Century, nursery catalogues listed a huge variety of different rose types from the Species Roses and Old European varieties ( 4,791 more words


English Roses, an update

After having left this space blank for over a year I am jumping on the way-back wagon. These pictures were mostly taken in late May this year. 210 more words