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The Bad Guys Are Back in Town...

Unless you have been living under a rock or maybe just distracted with Star Wars, the newest set of villains are ganging up together in this August’s… 87 more words

Noteworthy Previews

Suicide Squad: David Ayer and Zack Snyder promise big things of Jared Leto's Joker

If we hadn’t of seen the new trailer that dropped last week, we’d have assumed Suicide Squad director David Ayer’s praise of actor Jared Leto was just another spot of promotion. 94 more words


Here’s a look at the AMAZING new trailers for David Ayer’s Suicide Squad! There was plenty to get excited about with this offering and it has this FANBOY chomping at the bit! 55 more words

DC Comics

Suicide Squad Trailer Breakdown

By: Samar Khan

“I want to assemble a task force for the most dangerous people on the planet.” Normally, such a line would imply that audiences are in for a dark and gritty thriller; … 1,113 more words


DC’s The Dawn of the Justice League Review

There are 3 things I am certain of when it comes to movies right now, 1. Ben Affleck will be a good Batman 2. Suicide Squad will be better than Batman v Superman and 3. 25 more words

Suicide Squad - Trailer

Worst. Heroes. Ever.

See SUICIDE SQUAD in theaters August 5th.

Suicide Squad is an upcoming American superhero film based on the DC Comics antihero team… 61 more words


The Long Hard Wait for Suicide

Wow, in no time, Suicide Squad has jumped from 0-100 on my anticipation radar.  When it was announced I honestly couldn’t have given less of a fuck, but the gradual announcements of the cast (Tom Hardy, Viola Davis, Will Smith in a supporting role, the chick from Wolf of Wall Street as Harley Quinn and Jared Leto as the Joker) made my eyebrows rise in a good way.   678 more words