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Seluruh Daftar Rekaman David Benatar di Internet

INFO: post ini akan terus di update seiring dengan bertambahnya rekaman David Benatar di internet (update terakhir: 22 April 2018).

David Benatar merupakan tokoh sentral dalam gerakan antinatalisme di dunia. 596 more words

David Benatar escreve sobre os Focolitos

“Há um tempo e um lugar para o acabar com os focolitos, mas não é uma recomendação que lhes faça. Era melhor que não chegassem a existir, mas isso não significa que, a partir do momento em que existem, seja melhor deixarem de existir.”


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Today a set of items sewn together by threads firm and flimsy:

  • Some of us read not so much for plot as for style, but what is style?
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We're all going to die but do we need to be reminded? Sam says yes

In Bhutan they say that contemplating death five times a day brings happiness.

5 times a day? That’s a lot. I know because I recently added the app… 1,146 more words


Axiological Asymmetry and Anti-Natalism

I recently listened to a podcast on Sam Harris’ website in which he discusses anti-natalism (the view that it is morally wrong to have children) with David Benatar. 1,126 more words


Non-being Makes Its Appearance

For the past few months I have been gingerly perusing works that, in their own idiosyncratic ways, make the case that human, namely, conscience-oriented, existence is a positive evil. 1,068 more words

Kids: a moral dilemma

I am aware of the nihilistic tendencies of some of my readers and I think they would enjoy reading this essay entitled Kids? Just say no.  635 more words