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Mission and Bosch

Below is a brief refelction I wrote a few years ago of David Bosch’s outstanding Transforming Mission – paradigm shifts in theology of mission.

Bosch’s work has been given the highest praise, with such eloquent descriptions as immense, great, comprehensive, magnum opus, summa missiologica and magisterial, among others, for his book Transforming Mission.  5,728 more words


Jesus Needs Men & Women!

We Still Need More Workers!

Today (Sunday) I preached on Matthew 9:35-38, which contains the passage that says, “the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” It’s one of my favorite passages. 342 more words


David Bosch and Lesslie Newbigin on suffering in Paul

A good understanding of suffering in Paul requires us to seek wisdom not only from biblical scholars but also from missiologists and practitioners. Here I will first cite a passage from 2 Corinthians, and then list two excerpts from David Bosch’s… 284 more words

The Meaning of Mission

In a post that goes pretty deep, Jonathan Seitz gets at the meaning of mission. The whole post can be read over here, but I’d like to highlight a couple of paragraphs. 249 more words

Missio Dei

Day 79: Books

Having written many thousands of words and read one or two recently, here are a few books which I have found helpful and/or fascinating (by the way I’ve just uploaded my current dissertation biography to the ‘books’ page on the blog). 457 more words

Why Is There A Need for A "Missionary Church"?

In my own contexts I’ve grown weary of “church as usual”–the notion of coming to church to be entertained by some good (or passable) music, to be inspired by some good (or passable) preaching, to be educated by some good (or passable) Christian education, and to find companionship with others. 228 more words


Exploring the Role of a Canon-Within-the-Canon in Biblical Interpretation, part 5

History, Praxis and Paradigm Shifts
Dunn comments ‘that all Christians have operated with a canon within the canon’.[1] This idea is not controversial today in the light paradigm theory (see below) and it is to be expected that if the Bible is a means of grace it will function within the context of the Church’s diverse needs through the ages. 532 more words