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David Brooks -- Donald Trump’s Allure: Ego as Ideology

New York Times — When America is growing and happy, the country is sort of like a sprinter’s track. As Robert H. Wiebe put it in his classic book “The Segmented Society,” when things were going well the diverse country comprised “countless isolated lanes where Americans, singly or in groups, dashed like rows of racers toward their goals.” 58 more words


A Lesson about Gratitude and Grace

His name was Ted.

During a family vacation in Savannah many years ago, I struck up a conversation with him around a hotel swimming pool. 742 more words

Jim Langcuster


Painting by Audrey Mabee

I’m always happy when I find that a nice hotel exceeds my expectations, but I get impatient when it has a lamp or TV which doesn’t work, or I can’t figure out the shower controls or if it considers itself too fancy to put in a coffee machine. 127 more words

I Want to Become a Better Writer

All pretext aside – and I’m always heavy with it when beginning a new writing endeavor (even notebooks, completely for myself, which is frustrating but inescapable) – I’m creating this blog to practice being a better writer. 429 more words

Creative Destruction for Whom?

The West once again seems to be embroiled in debate about the merits of capitalism — only this one, as David Brooks contends in his most recent column, is “both bolder and more intellectually rigorous.” 702 more words

Jim Langcuster

David Brooks: Two Cheers for Capitalism

New York Times — We are clearly heading toward another great debate about the nature of capitalism. Contemporary capitalism’s critics are becoming both bolder and more intellectually rigorous. 77 more words


Virtue and success, part 1

I confess that when David Brooks came to speak at my school one evening last May, I did not attend.  Getting David Brooks was quite a coup, in my estimation: the result of hard work by our Head of School, our Academy of Global Studies, and the World Affairs Council of Dallas.   1,264 more words