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Where the Nones Can Find the Sacrament: Thom's

Al Jazeera America had an opinion piece recently by Nick Street reporting on an experimental spiritual community called “Thom’s”.   It’s named after the doubting disciple of Jesus, Thomas, and they came into being because they had absolutely had it with the traditional religions they grew up with.  339 more words

Universal Sacraments

A TED Talk That Raises More Questions Than It Answers

In this five minute TED talk, commentator David Brooks provides some penetrating insights into the human condition. The contemplative listener will rightly respond to Brooks’s talk by asking, “Well, how does that happen?! 49 more words


Brooks, Shields speak with reason, clarity

If only conservatives and liberals could speak to each other the way these two fellows speak on subjects that have driven the ideologies so far apart. 172 more words

International News

Empowering the Moderates in Iran

Today’s New York Times had a long OpEd by David Brooks that argued it is naive to negotiate with Iran. Brooks warns that, “It could be that Iranian leaders are as apocalyptically motivated, paranoid and dogmatically anti-American as their pronouncements suggest they are.” At least in my reading, Brooks implies that “could” should be replaced by “is.” 439 more words

Rudy talks himself out of relevance

Two of the smarter pundits — one a liberal, the other a conservative — have found common ground on the remarks delivered recently by former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani. 355 more words

Barack Obama

Religious does not equal stupid

A range of people, from David Brooks to Peter Bergen, have responded to the rhetoric associated with the Countering Violent Extremism Summit held in Washington this week. 479 more words