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Ross Douthat Finds 'Ascendant Social Liberalism' Lurking Beneath His Bed

The New York Times’ Resident Sophist Laureate, Ross Douthat, has a long-running argumentative and rhetorical strategy of suggesting, through dark imprecations, that ‘liberalism’ and ‘godlessness’ are to blame for America’s social evils, for they they have produced them by provoking a reaction to their excesses. 619 more words


Thursday Thoughts: How Artists Change the World

David Brooks recently wrote in an article,

“We are often under the illusion that seeing is a very simple thing. You see something, which is taking information in, and then you evaluate, which is the hard part. 

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Middle Class Blues: A Different Narrative

Middle Class Blues: A Different Narrative

By Shlomo Maital

   We are hearing endlessly about the struggling blue collar workers and the oppressed middle class, sinking into debt, losing jobs, struggling to stay afloat. 562 more words

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What Follows American National Identity?

No disrespect is meant by this title.

I’m simply trying to make a critical point about the future of American nationalism.

Some 40-plus years ago when I was an adolescent, American identity perhaps was best expressed in the song, “ 732 more words

The Passing Scene

The Road To Character...

I recently listened to (and would reluctantly recommend) David Brooks’ The Road to Character.    Some of my favorite quotes have been posted on Instagram… 40 more words


The Avalanche of Distrust

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and much of society isolate themselves.


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