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Good Journalism, 4/19/18

Here is week two in my attempt to collect a smattering of semi-related pieces of good journalism on topics that I think deserve more attention than anything in the regular news cycle. 794 more words

Why We Laugh - Parshat Vayeira 2017

I have some relatives that have a condition. It’s not serious and I doubt it has been categorized by physicians and psychologists as something that requires attention.  1,197 more words


Hindsight revelations

Why did he share David Brooks’ eulogy versus resume virtues? Did he stumble upon the TED talk three years ago? They have never discussed this in person, only by e-mail. 331 more words


The Candy Man & the Houston Mass Murders

This case is close to me because I grew up near Houston, and my grandfather was also the homicide detective in charge of this case. I wanted to share a brief background of the case. 261 more words

Serial Killers

David, David, David …

David Brooks, you are, at least as far as I can tell, a very nice man; you are intelligent; and you have lots of interesting things to say. 219 more words

A Bunch of Good Journalism, 4/11/18

I’ve been reading a lot of random stuff this week. Here are links to some of it.

In my dreams this might become a weekly or semi-weekly feature, though that also requires me to read and collect enough interesting things over the course of a week, and these things will need to be linkable from a blog. 873 more words

On Guilt and Personal Responsibility - Parshat Vayikra 2017

The paranoia, the feeling of distraction, the troubled soul, the tell-tale heart. Over this past year, we’ve discussed confession, repentance, forgiveness. But we’ve rarely spoken of guilt.  1,757 more words