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The Fight for the Grandest Continues...

“We don’t have a democracy in this country.  What we have is legal bribery, where politicians must raise so much money to get elected that by the time they do, they’re bought and paid for by the companies and wealthy individuals who financed their campaigns.”   ~ 205 more words

Coffee Table Books - A Brief but Oversized History

Says Zen Scribe, “The answer often depends on who asks the question.” Americans insist that David Brower, an American, invented the coffee table book during the 1960s. 996 more words


Wilderness in the Eternity of the Future

Wilderness in the Eternity of the Future
By Ed Zahniser

*Editor’s note: The following is reprinted from a speech Ed Zahniser gave this past May in Schenectady, NY. 2,222 more words



Thoreau’s Walden, Muir’s Mountains of California, Abbey’s Desert Solitaire, and most recently, Brower’s Let the Mountains Talk, Let the Rivers Run… I’ve been on a kick lately of reading authors’ intimate portrayals of their time in the natural world and the deep sense of place which they receive from wanderings and musings in the wild, and from their activism to save our wilderness. 234 more words


Earth Day inspiration

Get out. Find your hope.
Read the Earth.
It is an extraordinary book: full color, stereo sound, wonderful aromas, the wind.
It is an extraordinary planet.
– David Brower

David Brower

Death: If it’s in the air, it’s everywhere !

Every nation on this earth shares exquisite pattern of its collective conscience; with which it reacts to events, people, their actions and calamities. I have seen and observed this very closely, an American would react differently to a terrorist attack, an European would react far more aggressively to an environmental change than Asians. 727 more words

Religion And Or Dharma