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The Dallas police chief told protesters to apply for police jobs. Now, job applications have tripled.

After Black Lives Matter demonstrations erupted in Dallas three weeks ago, Police Chief David Brown told protesters one way that they could fix problems they see in law enforcement. 545 more words

The Washington Post

The Saint (1997, Phillip Noyce)

The Saint is a delightful mess of a film. Director Noyce toggles between doing a Bond knock-off while a romantic adventure picture. Val Kilmer’s international, high-tech cat burglar falls for one of his marks, Elisabeth Shue’s genius scientist. 626 more words


July 20th 1916

The length of the lists of those who have become casualties in the newspaper this morning is truly horrifying, and now we have heard that… 290 more words

The mansions are going to burn

I have an acquaintance who is a former sheriff who worked in the area between the suburbs and the city.  Over the course of thirty years he saw the city encroach on the suburb and observed affluence and poverty collide.  486 more words


Lights, camera, action and bullshit from elected officials after Dallas shootings

Just wait a damn minute…

Now that police officers, and ostensibly some white people, feel like a normal black person (targeted and at danger every living moment), everyone is a leader and wants to do something about community relations with police. 724 more words


White Girls Don't Trust the Cops Either

In 1991, I was living in Nashville. Like any other week, I spent my time at my apartment, work, or church. Or the car, driving back and forth from those. 577 more words


Excellent Advice From A Police Chief

“What advice would you give young black men to overcome their fear?”

This question was posed by a reporter to Dallas Police Chief, David Brown, in a news conference Monday. 541 more words